Bain Town Revival: "Celebration of Love", July 24th
By Kimberly King-Burns
Jul 24, 2010 - 12:37:08 PM


Nassau, Bahamas - The entire community is invited to a "Celebration of Love" on Saturday, July 24th at George Brown Park in Bain Town.

Enjoy activities from 11am to 12 midnight, starting with Booth Workshops from 11am to 4pm and Inspirational Talks and Concert from 4pm to 12 midnight.

The event is co-founded by Van Brown and Franco Charles. Van Brown is a Bahamian actor and community activist and is one of the stars of the Bahamian film, Children of God; and Franco Charles is A gifted teacher, preacher, information entrepreneur, motivator and Author of Empowered To Serve and Empowered Leadership.

There will be food and refreshments; bouncing castle; basketball shootout; face painting; raffles; spelling competition; games and more!


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Van Brown. I am a native of the Bahamas currently living in Los Angeles. Recently I was back in my hometown for the opening of the Bahamas Film Festival where the movie I acted in called “Children of God” kicked off the show. I was thrilled to be home for such an event but became greatly distraught at all the negative images I encountered while there. I was quickly reminded of the fact that I grew up in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Nassau but most importantly I became aware of my ability to make a difference. 

I realize that my community of Bain and Grants Town is filled with beautiful people; some of whom lack discipline, positive role models and in some instances hope. Most of us are from low-income families and lack the skills, drive and resources necessary to tunnel our way out of our present situations.

This realization has spurned in me a strong desire to change that.   I believe that by having “one of their own” demonstrate that through hard work, commitment, dedication and integrity they can improve their lives and foster in their spirits a ray of hope and more importantly the ability to dream.

The passion to assist people in need arose in my early years while observing my parents helping others even when they themselves needed assistance. And so in honor of my parents and especially in memory of my late father Sidney “BUBBA” Brown it is our intention to reach out to our community through an event we have lovingly named 'Celebration of Love.’ 

 The purpose of Celebration of Love is to foster the missing ingredient that seems to be lacking in the community and this ingredient is “LOVE.” A host of volunteers and myself will go into this impoverished area I once called home; an area where my family still resides and where my roots are buried in an effort to   overwhelm them with love through   the sharing of our resources, experiences, and talents- teaching them about self control, awareness, responsibility, pride and community service. I feel that by sharing ourselves with them they in-turn will revert to once again sharing with each other.

The purpose of this letter is to seek your assistance in terms of possibly repainting the park, making available portable potties, possibly blocking of thirty feet of each side of George Brown Park to make room for more activities and to have nurses available to provide health screenings and pressure checks.

 As my team and I will be bringing a lot of items for the event, we also would like your assistance in possibly having the customs duty reduced or possibly even an exemption on these items listed below- the cost of which is approximately $2,000. I hope to have the exact amount to you in a timely fashion; once all the donations have been collected. The items are as follow:

1.    Professional costumes such as fireman, nurses, doctor, astronaut, policeman, diver, army and air force which the children can wear to take pictures in and also to show career choices.

2. Kids Prizes: bicycles, hula hoops, dolls, action figures, balloons, art         supplies, face painting materials, jump ropes, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, nets, tennis balls, beach balls, bubble machines, water gun machines, candies

3. Award plaques, DVD players, watches, cameras, films, Celebration of Love T-Shirt

We are indeed proud to inform you that Scotia bank has signed on as our official corporate sponsor as well as The Nygard Family and will have Ms Bianca Nygard in attendance. For the entertainment we have secured international soul recording artist Ms Lauren Evans as well as various local talents such as Mr. Ricardo Forbes. The national youth ambassador Ms Sacha Armbrister along with Recess Bahamas will also be in attendance. Also in addition, we are happy to announce that Island FM Eddie Carter and Robin Hood will be on board. We hope to have your assistance and more importantly your presence.  

Thank you in advance for all your help

Best Regards, 


Van Brown

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