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Another Bahamian designer joins Mission Catwalk
By Robbin Whachell
Sep 27, 2018 - 3:49:31 PM


Following in the footsteps of well-known Bahamian fashion designers David Rolle and Theodore Elyett, twenty-eight year old, Keywonah Beneby has embarked on an exciting season of Mission Catwalk (Season 6) — the Celebrity Edition.

With filming complete, the former model turned designer has been hosting viewing parties in Nassau of the weekly episodes that run on Youtube and Facebook.

Mission Catwalk is a reality series aimed at discovering and developing talented Caribbean fashion designers for the International market.  Their Facebook page states that, "Mission Catwalk nurtures contestants through challenges aimed at honing creative skills."

While most of the designers are from Jamaica, where the show is based, a Bahamian stands a great chance, and Bahamians who participated previously did very well.

Theodore Elyett won in 2013, and in 2015, David Rolle walked away with the title.

Keywonah describes her style as, "The girl that wants to look good, but it's kind of on a budget," creating comfortable but stylish designs fit for the Caribbean island life.

She made her break in the fashion industry in the Bahamas at the age of 19 as a model. Self-taught, in 2014 she debuted her collection called, Monarchy as an emerging designer, and  her finale piece was later featured in Vogue Italia online.  She has been a stage coordinator for fashion shows, and has styled fashion editorials for Profiles98 magazine.

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