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Doctor Tyrone Bartlett releases new metaphysical book
By Felicity Darville
Jun 27, 2019 - 12:34:30 PM

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A new book called "The Key to Light", described as an “inner life guide on the road to enlightenment” will be revealed at a special book launch event at the Yoga Retreat.

Dr. Tyrone Bartlett, a family physician of 35 years, is also known outside of the medical field for his work as the recording artist "Plati Dread" with a collection of singles, an album, and numerous music videos to his credit. His practice incorporates a blend of eastern philosophy and traditional western medicine to deliver a holistic brand of health care.

The Key to Light It started as a book of poems four years ago. Bartlett kept a diary of poetry that mapped the changes he experienced over the past 30 years. Some of the topics he explored were of a spiritual nature that reflected the metaphysical path his life had taken. He then created a glossary to explain the unfamiliar content that the reader may encounter, and that glossary became a text book.


Bartlett shares a bit of his personal journey that led to the book's publication: "Obviously, one does not embark on such a journey without being pushed out of your comfort zone by challenges, hardships and tragedy. My life has seen all of it, and my response to each experience was to search for an answer as to why it was necessary for anyone to suffer. I had intuitively determined from an early age that everyone is entitled to a happy ending regardless of their circumstances, and all it require is perspective. Your point of view can transform a closet into a castle, so I recognised that happiness was based on your ability to adjust your frame of reference and see the brighter side of every dark situation.  That outlook allowed me to keep an open mind which was useful when I started to look for answers to the really important questions like" 'Who or what is God? What is the soul? What is my true place and purpose in the Universe?' Through that journey, I was led to the conclusion that all challenges were energetically designed to take you on a path that inexorably leads to God. Not in the anthropomorphic sense, but from the perspective of an all- inclusive whole, a singular consciousness from which all things are but an expression we call creation. It was such a relief to arrive at that awareness. It completely released me from victimhood and blame, and it set me on a path to share that knowledge with anyone who would ask. I don’t believe you should disturb anyone’s self-concept unless you are invited to."

The first half of his book is called “Key Notes”. It explores the 'fundamentals of the metaphysical journey into the inner life'. It includes chapters on consciousness, dimensions, the aura, chakras and most importantly, the Ascension. The second half of the book is called “The Path”. It describes the advancement of human consciousness in seven stages; from the awakening, to the search, confrontation, attunement, setback, recovery and ultimately Enlightenment.

"As a Bahamian I have always found it difficult to escape the intense scrutiny that an island consciousness imposes upon you by virtue of the closed boundary and insulated mentality," Bartlett shared.
"Conformity is almost forced upon you if you want to coexist harmoniously with your neighbour. So to embark on a personal journey that departed from the traditional religious pathways required some courage and conviction when I began thirty years ago. Back then, information was hard to find because the internet had not yet come into existence. Nowadays, knowledge like what’s contained in my book has moved from the fringe of acceptance to the mainstream. Strangely though, the island insularity has managed to keep such incursions into our collective consciousness at bay and we are strangely out of step with global trends that are moving with remarkable acceleration. The local traditional mindset is incredibly resilient, so my book is definitely an outlier in that regard."

The official book release will take place at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Saturday, July 6 from 8 to 9pm. Metaphysical poetry and songs taken from the book will be shared to offer an experiential description of the journey along the path to his enlightenment. The Key to Light can be found at local book stores including Logos and Book World and Stationers. It is also available for purchase online in paper back form on Amazon, as well as in eBook on Amazon and Google Play.

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