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Bahamian Politics Last Updated: Jul 28, 2015 - 2:40:43 PM
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Bahamian Politics
Bahamas Opposition Leader's Remarks at Law Enforcement Officers Appreciation Service‏ - Jul 28, 2015 - 1:29:46 PM

Nassau, Bahamas -
Remarks by Hon. Dr Hubert A. Minnis, M.P. Appreciation Thanksgiving Service for Law Enforcement Officers under the Auspices of the Bain Grant’s Town Advancement Association 3:00 p.m., Sunday, July 26, 2015 at St. John’s Native Baptist Church, Meeting Street

It is a real pleasure to be here today and I thank Rev. C.B. Moss and members of the Bain and Grant’s Town Advancement Association for the opportunity. It is always the right time to worship and offer thanks and praise to our creator. Furthermore, I can’t think of a better time than now, to show appreciation for you, our law enforcement officers...
Bahamian Politics
Roberts: D’Aguilar is a part of the problem in the Baha Mar saga - Jul 27, 2015 - 10:38:42 PM

Nassau, Bahamas -  Statement by Bradley B. Roberts, National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party:

Ever since Baha Mar filed for bankruptcy on the 29th June 2015, Diosinio D'Aguilar, the Baha Mar Board member and personal friend of developer Sarkis Izmerlian has been in the media with some opinion or the other, but nothing he has said to date has been helpful to a successful negotiated settlement of this contractual dispute.

This evening on NB 12 was yet another example of his ill informed commentary...
Bahamian Politics
Bahamas opposition FNM leader addresses residents of Bain & Grants Town - Jul 27, 2015 - 11:53:21 AM

Dr. Hubert Minnis Opposition Leader's mada an address in Bains Town & Grants Town, Centerville & Englerston last Thursday evening at Stephen Dillett Primary School. His topic was, "Transformation of the Inner City."

Dr. Hubert Minnis returned home and said that he was happy to be at the Stephen Dillett Primary School. It was at Stephen Dillett where he worked with his mother selling lunches as a young boy...
Bahamian Politics
Hon. Ryan Pinder on the FATCA Bill - Jul 22, 2015 - 6:29:27 PM

Nassau, Bahamas - The following are Remarks by Hon. L. Ryan Pinder, Member of Parliament for Elizabeth on the FATCA Bill, delivered on July 22nd, 2015:

I rise on behalf of the constituents of Elizabeth to contribute to the debate on the Bahamas and United States of America Foreign Account Tax Compliance Agreement Bill, 2015. 

Today we debate a necessary piece of legislation in order to continue the mandate in the financial services industry to continue the Bahamas as a jurisdiction which is satisfying all of the international mandates of best practices, but doing so in a fashion that differentiates the Bahamas as a world leader, and in a manner where legitimate financial confidentiality is preserved as best as possible...

Bahamian Politics
Bahamas Opposition Leader National Address on Baha Mar - Jul 21, 2015 - 11:53:33 PM

Nassau, Bahamas - The following is a National Address by the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis, MP on Baha Mar delivered on Sunday, July 19th, 2015:

It is appropriate for me, to address the nation this evening, to express the DEEP CONCERN of Bahamians, OVER THE FAILURE OF THE PARTIES TO the Baha Mar resort project, to REACH A SATISFACTORY AGREEMENT, that would ensure the timely completion and successful opening and operation of the $3.5 billion dollar Baha Mar mega resort project on cable beach...
Bahamian Politics
DNA Leader on Baha Mar: "Things fall apart!" - Jul 20, 2015 - 7:17:01 PM

After weeks of selling the country false hope about the future of the Baha Mar property, Bahamians everywhere are now reading the writing on the wall. According to media reports, the government’s most recent attempts to broker a consensual agreement between Baha Mar’s stakeholders has failed miserably and now, weeks after the company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in Delaware, things have seemingly fallen apart altogether.

On Thursday night, for the first time since the company began experiencing difficulties, Mr. Christie through a national address sought to lay out the “facts” concerning Baha Mar for the public, this despite numerous calls from the Democratic National Alliance and others for him to be transparent about the issues plaguing the development. In his address, Mr. Christie seemed to lay the blame for failed talks completely at the feet of Baha Mar’s CEO who, according to the PM, while asking for...
Bahamian Politics
Bradley B. Roberts: Minnis still clueless and out of his depth - Jul 20, 2015 - 10:10:10 AM

Nassau, Bahamas -  Statement by Bradley B. Roberts, National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party:
The Progressive Liberal Party is amused by the FNM Leader and the inaccurate and sloppily repetitive content on the events surrounding Baha Mar during his televised address on Sunday evening.

He is obviously clueless and disengaged as every other arm chair politician in our country. If in fact the Leader of the FNM actually cared about the Bahamian people and met with the Prime Minister when invited, he may have been able to intelligently discuss the Baha Mar issue and avoid his disjointed, embarrassing and incessant babbling that he attempted to pass off as a national address...
Bahamian Politics
DNA Leader: PLP Commitment to Mediocrity - Jul 16, 2015 - 11:51:46 AM

I noted with interest the statement prepared by the passport office in response to the concerns which I raised regarding inefficiencies at the office.

It is clear the officials within that government department completely missed the point. This third world mindset is exactly the issue plaguing countless government agencies and public sector departments. Rather than accept responsibility for the obvious shortfalls the statement resorts to blaming the public.

While I understand the need to put measures in place to deal with individuals whom the statement describes as negligent or persons...
Bahamian Politics
DNA Leader: BTC’s Russian Roulette - Jul 15, 2015 - 11:14:10 AM

The government’s announcement of cellular liberalization has so far failed to usher in any of the benefits that Bahamians were promised. In fact, by all accounts liberalization has stalled entirely with the government failing yet again to meet its own self-imposed deadlines.

What the Christie administration has succeeded in doing however, is ushering in new levels of uncertainty for scores of employees at BTC, who since March of this year, have been forced into a game of Russian Roulette with management as they wait for the company to pull the trigger and effectively end their employment.

Bahamian Politics
FNM MP Hubert Chipman on 'Unreasonable delays in passport process' - Jul 14, 2015 - 5:32:54 PM

I read with dismay the recent release by Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Passport Office issued on July 10, 2015. It unfortunately "advised that those who need to have passports within 48 hours of the application after the 1st of July can with the payment of a fee of 200 dollars plus VAT obtain the passport on an emergency basis".

Additionally, this update by officials comes on the heels of the Minister of Foreign Affairs advising House at the time of the budget debate that the wait for passports is twelve weeks from the date of the application.

Bahamian Politics
A First World Vision for Passport Production - Jul 13, 2015 - 4:48:28 PM

Bahamians applying to get their passports renewed over the last several weeks have been subject to incredibly long lines and even longer wait times in getting their documents processed. During a recent budget communication, Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell estimated a wait time of 12 weeks. This, during the busy summer travel season where scores of families hoping to take their vacations outside of the Bahamas and where countless more new and returning college students require their travel documents as they prepare for their studies abroad this Fall.

According to a recent statement from government officials, that 12 week deadline has been extended, and deadlines given to applicants voided and pushed back as the government attempts to deal with an application backlog of some 6500 cases...
Bahamian Politics
DNA: Paradise Lost? 42 Years of Independence - Jul 10, 2015 - 10:51:28 AM

Today, the country marks its 42nd year as an independent nation. More than four decades ago our forefathers fought and agitated for the freedoms we now enjoy. The freedom to vote in democratic elections and the right to own a piece of this great nation we call home. These freedoms while fundamentally important to our continued growth and development, are for the most part, taken for granted by many Bahamians.

Since breaking the bonds of colonial rule in 1973, our small island chain has made many strides but we have also faced many challenges. Today’s Bahamas is a far cry from the strong independent nation that our forefathers envisioned. Former US President Franklin Roosevelt once famously said...
Bahamian Politics
Bradley Roberts: PLP happy for residents of Marathon - Jul 8, 2015 - 9:12:26 PM

Nassau, Bahamas -  Statement by Bradley B. Roberts, National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party:
In the wake of the positive report from the Marathon community health investigation that revealed no indication of current exposure to or long-term risks to the health and safety of the residents of Marathon, the PLP is happy for the good people of Marathon and thanks them for their patience and cooperation during the fairly comprehensive health screening process.

Some 223 persons were screened and all of the test results came back negative for exposure to the harmful chemicals contained in motor gasoline
Bahamian Politics
DNA: Baha Mar Employees Blindsided by the PLP - Jul 6, 2015 - 7:50:08 PM

Following the announcement of Bahamar’s bankruptcy filing, the Christie administration made a huge spectacle of itself, proclaiming its ignorance of the developer’s plans, its concern for the future of the property and more importantly the more than 2000 Bahamian workers whose employment now hangs in the balance. In response to the shocking move, the government, through its State Minister of Legal Affairs Damien Gomez – and without solicitation – announced plans to pay “each and every” employee of Bahamar. The government failed to indicate how Bahamar employees will be paid in the future.

As per usual though, the government has dropped the ball, with this latest blunder resulting in even more distress for already challenged Bahamar employees. Despite making an announcement on Friday...
Bahamian Politics
FNM Press Conference Statement after Baha Mar Bankruptcy Announcement - Jul 2, 2015 - 9:44:32 PM

The FNM is deeply concerned with developments at Baha Mar. We are especially concerned for the 2000 plus employees of the Resort whose continued employment is in jeopardy. And we are concerned for all the Bahamian contractors engaged by the developers who have no idea when Baha Mar will be in a position to make good on monies owed to them for work completed and continuing up to a few days ago.

The FNM is alarmed that the project agreement originally negotiated by Christie and rescued from disarray by the last FNM Government is now unravelling before our eyes.

Prime Minister Perry Christie and his Government appear clueless as to their next move. They were caught flatfooted and in the dark...
Bahamian Politics
Roberts: Minnis does not care about Baha Mar workers - Jul 2, 2015 - 9:25:34 PM

Nassau, Bahamas - The following are remarks by Bradley B. Roberts, National Chairman, Progressive Liberal Party:

Three days after being publicly invited to a briefing by the Prime Minister on the critically important issue of Baha Mar and its impact on the economy and Bahamian workers, Minnis remains a no show.  

The government has petitioned the Supreme Court in the public interest and national sovereignty, but Minnis remains a no show, hidden in the tall grasses pretending to care about the impacted workers when his actions indicate clearly that he is hoping to use the Baha Mar bankruptcy filing and the uncertainty facing thousands...
Bahamian Politics
DNA: PLP Government Lost, as the Day is Long - Jul 2, 2015 - 4:25:07 PM

We read with great interest the statement by the PLP government yesterday that the filing for Bankruptcy by Bahamar was unexpected…a surprise to the Government of the Bahamas. If the PLP government is truthful in this statement, it begs the question why was the government not aware? From all recent reports by this government, there was constant communication with the Prime Minister and Izmirilian and the Chinese. Indeed this government touted for the past three years that Bahamar was going to be the saviour of our economy and, hence, one would have believed that this government would have been intimately involved in every aspect of Bahamar’s development. At least this is what a sensible government would have done, knowing the ramifications if the project failed. Certainly with all the so-called governmental experience of our good Prime Minister this should have been a foregone conclusion.
Bahamian Politics
DNA: Bahamians Duped on BTC - Jun 30, 2015 - 6:43:54 PM

In the months after taking office, this Christie administration made a public spectacle of its efforts to reclaim “controlling interest” in BTC. Negotiations between the government and the principals of Cable and Wireless communications dragged on for months and at the conclusion of those talks, Mr. Christie and his cabinet boasted about the landmark deal which he promised would make the government an equal shareholder with Cable and Wireless and ultimately result in major benefits for Bahamians.

Unfortunately, WE HAVE BEEN DUPED! That new arrangement inked with Cable and Wireless was not worth the paper it was written on! When it was all said and done, the government was only ...
Bahamian Politics
DNA Leader: Baha Mar’s new chapter - Jun 30, 2015 - 2:45:04 AM

After three separate delays, public wrangling with the lead contractor and a rumor mill, which has spawned weeks of media and public speculation and uncertainty, the future of the 3.5 billion dollar Baha Mar property has been revealed. The highly touted developed tapped by this Christie administration as the savior of the country’s economy has found itself floundering amid rough economic seas of its own as hotel developer Sarkis Izmirlian announced plans to file for voluntary bankruptcy.

According to published reports, the company’s board of directors has determined that the Chapter 11 filing is the best path to provide the company with a viable capital structure to complete the project citing the financial consequences of the repeated delays by the general contractor, and the resulting loss of revenue as major factors in that decision...

News : Bahamas Information Services Updates
Hon. Keith Bell 2015/2016 Bahamas Budget Communication - Jun 26, 2015 - 10:26:31 AM

Senator The Honourable Keith R. Bell Minister of State in The Ministry Of National Security Budget Debate before The Senate on Wednesday, 24th June, 2015:


Madam President, Honourable Members, Good Morning. I rise today in full support of this Budget and the compendium of Bills, in the midst of much debate and discourse on this government and its work and the continued strength and vitality of the great Progressive Liberal Party. We see debates within, debates outside, and we have parted ways with some...
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