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Bahamian Politics Last Updated: Feb 21, 2017 - 5:32:00 PM
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Bahamian Politics
Supreme Court denies legal challenge to Boundaries Commission Report - Feb 21, 2017 - 5:29:55 PM

The Bahamas Supreme Court ruled today that the 2017 Constituency Boundaries Commission Report which passed in the Lower House on Wednesday, 15thFebruary 2017 meets all legal requirements, and in doing so, denied the petitioners’ challenge.

The work of the boundaries commission, a joint and bipartisan political effort, is intense and at times contentious in nature. In recent times, governments led by both major political organizations have been more transparent and responsible in this exercise which is essential to the electoral process...
Bahamian Politics
Minnis remarks at launch for FNM candidate Darren Henfield, North Abaco - Feb 19, 2017 - 6:21:02 PM

It is always good to be here in North Abaco, which includes the good people of Grand Cay to Coopers Town, Crown Haven, Dundas Town and Fox Town.

We are here tonight to officially launch Darren Henfield.

Last night we officially launched James Albury. We are going to win South Abaco and we are going to take back North Abaco.

Twin delivery is on the way.  As an obstetrician /gynecologist I need your help with these deliveries.   Abaco will you help me?
Bahamian Politics
DNA Leaders attend Haitian President Inauguration - Feb 19, 2017 - 10:46:50 AM

Members of the Leadership team of the Democratic National Alliance had the recent opportunity to travel to Haiti for the Inauguration of the country’s newly minted President Jovenel Moïse who was elected to the post after a prolonged and tumultuous electoral process.

Over the past many decades, the Bahamas has had its own, often tumultuous relationship with Haiti. In fact, the Illegal migration of Haitian Nationals to the Bahamas remains one of this country’s most pressing issues. It’s an issue which has been exacerbated by growing turmoil for Haitians in their own country and a lack of political will in the Bahamas to fully address this very nuanced issue...
Bahamian Politics
Kirkland Bodie: "Good riddance & take your Carnival with you" - Feb 18, 2017 - 10:55:52 PM

Did the Cabinet of the Bahamas happen to sit under a bunch of coconut trees and were consequently hit on their heads by Andros-sized coconuts?  Maybe that would explain why the Minister of Tourism said that the government is planning to fund another one of those failed events called, Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival 2017.  I guess the third time will be the charm?

I could’ve sworn that the country’s credit rating was downgraded to junk status, for some reason or the other?  They are the Cabinet, it happened on their watch, yet they are carrying on with this silly foreign festival, again.  One reason for the downgrade was wasteful spending...
Bahamian Politics
Sidney Collie on the Impending Election - Feb 17, 2017 - 10:02:59 AM

Sidney Collie, Chairman of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on the impending General Election:
“The PLP has spent months gerrymandering the new constituencies while missing numerous constitutional and self-imposed deadlines, but now it is the time for the final action.  While the FNM will continue to speak out against the improper gerrymandering we are also prepared to continue our fight to remove this inept PLP on the ground.  It is time for the embattled Prime Minister to immediately set forth a timeline for the next General Election...
Bahamian Politics
Pintard denies connection with ‘We Care Bahamas’ - Feb 14, 2017 - 10:47:20 PM

Neither I or my team in Marco City and by extension the Free National Movement produced, commissioned or endorsed the fliers entitled Marco City Needs Mike Pintard. On Saturday night it was brought to my attention that fliers were circulating endorsing me for Marco City while launching attacks on several public figures. I read the flier sent to me and then proceeded to signed into the face book page identified at the bottom of the flier and read one more. I immediately became concerned and bothered on several levels. 0.

While our MC team believes that I’m the best option for Marco City at this time we are not arrogant enough to believe that this long established constituency which has had numerous effective MPs (including Pleasant Bridgewater) NEEDS me. I would, no doubt, be an asset to the community but I am not its savior. The Magic will return to Freeport as we work in partnership with other stakeholders to dramatically improve the condition of our people who are suffering now. I will lead a coalition of citizens and agencies to revitalize Marco City.
Bahamian Politics
Minnis responds to PM Christie's comments on crime - Feb 14, 2017 - 7:16:49 PM

Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement in response to the Prime Minister’s statement that The Bahamas is the “wild, wild west” due to the crime epidemic:

“The tragic, brazen crime outbreak must spark a sense of urgency from this Government. They must take immediate action to bring order and safety to our communities. For the Prime Minister to be dismissive -- referring to our country as ‘the Wild, Wild West’-- shows an appalling lack of leadership, all but ignoring the growing crime epidemic. A basic function of government is to protect the Bahamian people from the criminal elements that would wreak havoc in our communities. This cannot stand; the FNM will not allow it.”
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Minister Griffin remarks Joint Public Meeting of Yamacraw And Elizabeth - Feb 14, 2017 - 4:42:28 PM

Jeremiah 29:11 (New King James Version) says:

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

We have come together tonight at a crossroads in our national development; at a time when the country is finally moving forward.  We have worked so hard, all of us, my Bahamian brothers and sisters, to get to this moment.  We have known long days and dark nights.  We have had a lot of obstacles in our path.  Yet we ARE turning the corner, we are seeing light.  More Bahamians are finding the work they need to sustain their families.  More of our young people are finding the opportunities they need to be their best selves. But the changes haven’t happened quickly enough – there are too many homes and too many communities where things are still too hard...
Bahamian Politics
Branville McCartney Statement on Labour - Feb 14, 2017 - 1:40:15 PM

The People of this country is a reflection of the diverse groups that make up The Bahamas. We recognize, therefore, that while criminal laws are not being upheld, so are the country’s labour rights. Foreign employers, who feel entitled in their treatment of Bahamian workers, usually mimic the continued disrespect shown to the Bahamian worker by their government.

A government of the people will take a hands-on approach to our workers welfare. The workers of this nation should not be asked to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, unless they first be given boots WITH STRAPS. For far too long, they have struggled to prove themselves as upwardly mobile...
Bahamian Politics
Roberts responds to Media Comments Attributed to Dionisio D’aguilar - Feb 13, 2017 - 11:35:30 PM

With so many important issues facing this country, I am loathe to respond to media comments attributed to FNM candidate Dionisio D’Aguilar. While I regard his comments as unfortunate and at odds with reality and the facts, I make a few observations at the invitation of the press and for the record.

The record PLP’s record of empowering Bahamians from all walks of life is legendary. Our major beneficiaries of our policy of Bahamianization and our economic policy are our white brothers and sisters who comprise much of the merchant class. That is a fact...
Bahamian Politics
Dr. Minnis: Murderous Start to the New Year - Feb 13, 2017 - 2:44:48 PM

Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement:

“February is off to a tragic start for the Bahamian people -- 13 murders in 13 days.  For so many this goes way beyond politics – we need action now to stop this growing crime epidemic.  It saddens us that the PLP’s initial response is to launch political attacks, instead of working towards real solutions.  Baseless political attacks will not end the senseless violence.  Baseless political attacks will not heal our communities.  And the PLP’s baseless political attacks offer cold comfort to the families whose lives have been turned upside down by these crimes...

Bahamian Politics
Sidney Collie: PLP’s Desperation - Feb 13, 2017 - 9:45:17 AM

Sidney Collie, Chairman of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement "PLP’s desperation in the lead up to the upcoming General Election:"
“Desperation – that is the only word to describe the embattled Prime Minister and his PLP leading to the upcoming General Election.  They are willing to say and do anything they can to try and save their hold on power.  The PLP spent months gerrymandering the constituencies while missing numerous constitutional and self-imposed deadlines and now we see the results of these actions...
Bahamian Politics
Marvin Dames on wave of weekend killings - Feb 13, 2017 - 12:54:59 AM

As Bahamians woke up to begin their day on Sunday morning, the news of even more killings on the streets of our capital, once again horrified Bahamians.

Since Friday night, there have been five murders on New Providence, all of them involving firearms; all of them carried out in public.

In addition to the murders, there were multiple shootings, including the shooting of two police officers by a shotgun-wielding assailant...
Bahamian Politics
DNA: Grand Bahama is left out once again - Feb 10, 2017 - 1:23:32 PM

At a time when the island of Grand Bahama can least afford it, it has recently been announced in the press that the Norwegian Sky will be dropping Grand Bahama from its schedule and going to Cuba instead. The ship will still call on Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay, but Grand Bahama is left out once again. This bad news comes on the heels of the largest hotel property on the island closing its doors and with the only casino around doing the same. The closure of these businesses alone has left hundreds of Grand Bahamians unemployed and by extension has affected many other people negatively.

The Grand Bahamian economy is poised to lose millions of dollars as a result of the Norwegian Sky pulling out. My question is what are the leaders of the governing Progressive Liberal Party doing to stop the economic bleeding in Grand Bahama? How long will the residents of this island have to suffer and struggle in this way before getting some relief?
Bahamian Politics
K. Peter Turnquest on Cruise Lines Leaving The Bahamas - Feb 8, 2017 - 5:36:15 PM

K. Peter Turnquest, Deputy Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM) and MP for East Grand Bahama, issued the following statement on Cruise Lines leaving The Bahamas for other Caribbean countries:

“Incredibly, our economy continues on a death spiral. For nearly five years this inept PLP Government has dragged our economy, specifically our tourism industry, into the garbage. There are constant reminders every week of more hotels and resorts closing, more workers being laid off, and now we have cruise lines leaving our beautiful waters for other countries. On Tuesday, the Norwegian Cruise Line announced that they would be swapping its regularly scheduled stops in Nassau and Freeport for Havana, Cuba...
Bahamian Politics
Dr. Minnis on the Boundaries Commission Report - Feb 7, 2017 - 9:50:48 PM

Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on the Boundaries Commission Report:

“After missing numerous constitutional and self-imposed deadlines the PLP’s Boundaries Commission finally submitted their report to Government House on Monday.  The PLP has spent many months gerrymandering the constituencies to try and save their political futures.  Now it is long past time for the report to be tabled in Parliament by the Prime Minister...
Bahamian Politics
Dr. Minnis’ statement on "The Bahamas Crime Epidemic" - Feb 7, 2017 - 12:11:18 AM

Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on The Bahamas crime epidemic:

“The PLP continues to try and ignore the crime epidemic that has plagued our country these past five years but it is not going anywhere, and the problem must be addressed immediately instead of making more excuses.  In just over a month into this new-year we have already seen 19 murders, with five killings taking place in the past four days.  And now, we learn that The Bahamas tops the region on crime’s economic cost according to a new Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) report.”

“The PLP’s failure to address the crime epidemic plaguing our country has cost us $434 million, which is almost 5 percent of our annual GDP.  This is a cost of over $1000 per person each year.  With an already struggling economy we nee...
Bahamian Politics
Jeffrey Lloyd, FNM South Beach candidate's response to Minister Fitzgerald - Feb 6, 2017 - 11:40:39 PM

I am grateful to my friend, The Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald, Minister of Education, Science & Technology for his kind invitation to come and review the Education Plan, 2030.

However, May I remind the good Minister that his Party, the PLP, promised  to double the investment in education, a promise that, though noble of intention, has fallen woefully short of its lofty objective.

It is regrettable that after nearly five years since that promise was made, the PLP Government has not only failed to double investment in education, but will not come close to meeting that lofty objective. Here’s why...
Bahamian Politics
Fitzgerald responds to Jeffrey Lloyd - Feb 5, 2017 - 7:46:25 PM

The other night, FNM candidate Jeff Lloyd made several suggestions in a political speech for improving education in The Bahamas. While there is always room for improvement, and the work at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is far from finished, I think if Mr. Lloyd does his homework, he’ll be pleased to find out that many of the changes he’s proposing are already well underway.

When PLP came to office in 2012, schools and students had been neglected and underfunded.

But over the last five years, we have dramatically increased both investment and innovation, and we are now on the right path forward...
Bahamian Politics
DNA Leader: "You cannot trust the PLP!" - Feb 5, 2017 - 7:03:37 PM

This present PLP administration cannot compare to any past administrations when it comes down to misrepresenting the truth to the Bahamian people.

Last week we saw the PLP continue with their untruths.

It was revealed that the Prime Minister and his cabinet blatantly and intentionally mislead the Bahamian people in December 2016 at a press conference held in the cabinet office with the revelation that Baha Mar was sold. Last week the President of Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Ltd., in contradiction of the Prime Minister’s pronouncement in December 2016, stated that the sale for Baha Mar was NOT completed but they had promised the Bahamian government that they would open in April 2017, notwithstanding there NOT being a closing on the property. Bear in mind that April would be just weeks before the general elections. In the meantime...
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