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Bahamian Politics Last Updated: Jul 25, 2016 - 3:59:25 PM
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Bahamian Politics
Dr Minnis: Government can’t decide what to do at the power company - Jul 25, 2016 - 3:56:28 PM

Nassau, Bahamas - Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on the Deputy Prime Minister Brave Davis taking responsibility for the electricity issues at BPL:

“It is no wonder why BPL has been having so many problems recently. Deputy Prime Minister Brave Davis finally admitted last week that the Government should be held responsible for all the issues at BPL because the PLP Government can’t decide what to do at the power company. Just weeks ago, the Prime Minister admitted that it was the Government’s fault for not ordering generators on time to meet the increase in demand for electricity leading to constant power outages in New Providence. The PLP Leadership can’t seem to manage any other aspects of the government so why are they trying to manage BPL? ”
Bahamian Politics
Chairman Collie’s on the New Department of Statistics Report - Jul 24, 2016 - 11:20:27 PM

Sidney Collie, Chairman of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on the new Department of Statistics report on unemployment:

“Does this PLP Government really think Bahamians are truly back to work? What about the 2,000 Bahamians laid off from Baha Mar over a year ago – can you tell them they are working? Are the 5,000 Bahamians that were supposed to have jobs from Baha Mar employed? That is what the PLP Government would have the people believe as they roll out the latest report from the Department of Statistics telling us the unemployment rate is going down...

Bahamian Politics
Dr. Minnis on the Bahamian Unemployment Rate - Jul 22, 2016 - 10:58:18 AM

Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on the IMF’s projection that The Bahamas unemployment rate will increase: “Instead of growing the economy and providing good jobs as they were elected and as they promised to do, the PLP has sat idly by and allowed the Bahamian economy to fail. Baha Mar still sits vacant; an empty hulking testament to the PLP’s many broken promises – this one being their promise of five-thousand good paying jobs. And thanks to the empty rhetoric and broken promises from this PLP Government, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects that The Bahamas unemployment rate will increase to 15.6 percent.”

“The PLP Government continues to fail the Bahamian people at every turn. We continue to receive reports from..."
Bahamian Politics
Minister Daniel Johnson not to seek re-election in Carmichael Constituency - Jul 21, 2016 - 11:00:19 PM

Nassau, Bahamas - Remarks by Hon. Dr. Daniel D. Johnson, Member Of Parliament for Carmichael Constituency at the Monthly Constituency Meeting on 19 July 2016:

Carmichael, being your servant leader, sounding board, messenger, confidant and yes social partner was a joy and privilege that few Bahamians get to enjoy. You reposed your confidence in me to carry your collective aspiration to the halls of Parliament and I did my best to represent your concerns.

We have accomplished much together. The constituency based sports academy and programs allowed for lasting friendships and I have grown as a person and a leader as a result of our relationship...
Bahamian Politics
DNA: Empty on the Economy - Jul 21, 2016 - 5:51:10 PM

The leadership race in the Free National Movement is bringing out the extra in some people. None more extra than that of challenger, FNM Member of Parliament for Long Island, Loretta Butler-Turner, and her empty statements on the economy we read in the Nassau Guardian published on the 20th July 2016

We took note that on the other fold was an opinion editorial written by the former FNM Minister of Finance, Zhivargo Laing, where he asked what exactly is wrong with the economy? It is almost as if they were trying to give you visions of what would happen under Butler-Turner’s leadership. Quite frankly, those visions are more like nightmares!
Bahamian Politics
Pierre Dupuch Questions The Graduate's Motives and Suggests The Graduate is Using Diversionary Tactics to Distract the Public - Jul 21, 2016 - 4:13:27 PM

I have just returned with my family from Exuma where we spent ten days relaxing and admiring the beauty there. If there is anyone who doubts that there is a God, go to Exuma and they will quickly realise that there must be a Supreme Being to have created such beauty and perfection.

On returning, I met a letter to the Editor from The Graduate advising me not to kill the messenger. To take a message seriously, you must know who the message is from. In this case, The Graduate (he/she/it) is not delivering the message. The Graduate (he/she/it) is rendering a personal opinion, not delivering one for somebody else...
Bahamian Politics
DNA: The future of College of The Bahamas - Jul 21, 2016 - 12:07:56 PM

The development of a 21st century Bahamas and the empowerment of future generations of Bahamians will depend heavily on the investment that we, the leaders of today make in the education of our people. For years now, the College of the Bahamas has been the foundation upon which scores of Bahamians have propelled themselves to higher heights. Sadly, the continued expansion of the institution, its overall administration and delays in its long awaited transition to university status have become a cause for concern.

The DNA breathed a sigh of relief to finally witness the tabling of legislation to finally make this transition a reality. In his parliamentary contribution, the Minister responsible pledged improvements to the number of courses,services..
Bahamian Politics
Dr. Minnis: PLP’s Secret Deal with the Chinese on Baha Mar - Jul 21, 2016 - 10:04:40 AM

Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on the Prime Minister admitting to the PLP Government engaging in secret meetings and secret deals with the Chinese on Baha Mar:

“Why does it take so much pushing and prodding to get this Government to shed some light on their secret dealings with the Chinese over Baha Mar? During a radio interview this week, the Prime Minister suggested that the end of the Baha Mar saga is ‘imminent’, but he was also forced to admit he is in fact engaging in secret meetings with the Chinese on the opening of Baha Mar. The people want to know what will these secret meetings cost the Bahamian people? ”
Bahamian Politics
Dr. Minnis: The Government's Electricity Failure - Jul 19, 2016 - 4:32:53 PM

Nassau, Bahamas - Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on the Prime Minister admitting to not ordering electrical generators on time:

“Back in elementary school we learn the changing of the seasons. Apparently the PLP leadership missed those simple lessons, because we found out this week from our embattled Prime Minister that his Government was ill prepared for the oncoming summer heat that is affecting so many homes and families. Many of them continue to suffer through power outages because, as the Prime Minister was finally forced to admit, the Government failed to prepare the power generation shortfall due to summer demand...’
Bahamian Politics
Kemp: What a DNA Government would do in light of a Moody’s Downgrade! - Jul 19, 2016 - 11:32:32 AM

The possible Moody’s downgrade of our sovereign credit rating to junk-bond status is real. It’s more than a wake-up call or warning shot, but it is the beginning of the rot and decay of the country we call The Bahamas if we continue on the same trend. In fact, some parts of this country and economy are damaged permanently.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), on the other hand, made their regular Article IV Assessment on The Bahamas just recently and echoed the sentiments of the DNA, repeatedly, on the lack of soundness of this administration’s presentation of the country’s financial prudence and economic policies...
Bahamian Politics
Dr. Minnis on Baha Mar Receiving Electricity with Unpaid Bills - Jul 18, 2016 - 6:02:38 PM

Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on Baha Mar continuing to receive electricity even though they have unpaid electricity bills while Bahamians power is cut in the same circumstances:

The ineptitude of this Government knows no bounds! Baha Mar sits vacant, an empty, hulking structure that laid off 2,000 Bahamians when they went bankrupt, and never delivered on the 5,000 jobs the PLP had originally promised. What’s more, are the countless Bahamian contractors who have been left holding the bag - over $70 million is unpaid for work they’ve already done. It has come to our notice that Baha Mar owes The Bahamas Power and Light Company (BPL) over $26 million in unpaid electric bills – yet it is still receiving electricity while the average Bahamian is having their lights cut off for non payment...
Bahamian Politics
"DNA's Clean Power Project is the Solution to our Energy Crisis" - Jul 18, 2016 - 4:19:34 PM

In the face of well documented equipment failures, mounting financial issues and rolling blackouts, it would appear that the newly constituted Bahamas Power and Light is sadly, out of its depth. The company’s failure to keep the lights on are tell-tale signs of the years of mismanagement of the corporation and by extension the country’s energy sector as well.

Since assuming management control of the corporation formerly known as BEC, Power Secure International, the government’s previously touted savior of the country’s energy sector, has been unable to provide the necessary relief and reliability of services which Bahamians demand. In fact, this summer, like the ones before it, continues to be marred by lengthy outages, load shedding and overall public outrage...
Bahamian Politics
DNA: IMF Tests the Truth of the Government’s Financials - Jul 18, 2016 - 1:25:56 PM

Nothing has substantially changed with the financial administration of this country aside from the government taking in more money without any form of accountability and little to nothing to show for it.

The general public felt that as a result of Value Added Tax being taken into consideration, we would be significantly better off. However, the opposite is true. We are facing a downgrade from Moody’s to junk-bond status, a receding GDP along with no thorough explanation as to why?

Case in point as outlined in the IMF’s recent Article IV assessment: In, 2014 this administration doubled the average primary deficit recorded between the years 2005 to 2012 from 1.7% to 3.1%, they have got it back to 1.7%...
Bahamian Politics
Roberts: The FNM remains adamant about attacking The Bahamas - Jul 18, 2016 - 7:45:21 AM

Nassau, Bahamas - The following is a press statement by Bradley B. Roberts National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party:

It is now not only Brent Symonette but practically the entire leadership of the FNM who would NOT deny themselves any opportunity to attack The Bahamas and its people.

This type of irresponsible behavior and abject failure of the FNM to stand up for Bahamians and this country that is sure to take The Bahamas back more than fifty years...
Bahamian Politics
Bahamas opposition (FNM) chairman's statement on the IMF’s deficit projections - Jul 17, 2016 - 8:44:36 PM

Nassau, Bahamas - Sidney Collie, Chairman of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on the IMF’s warning that the PLP Government’s deficit projection is too low:

“Once again the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is warning the PLP Government that they are too optimistic with their budget projections and we are far worse off than this Government would have us believe.  The latest IMF report warns that our deficit will be around $100 million higher than the PLP forecast for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.  The PLP tells us the deficit problem is fixed but nothing could be further from the truth...
Bahamian Politics
Bahamas opposition leader's remarks at FNM Grand Bahama re-election leadership launch - Jul 17, 2016 - 1:49:07 PM

While I appreciate the foreign investor it’s time to empower Bahamians!!! We will ensure that Bahamians IN GRAND BAHAMA WILL have access to financing to give wings to their ideas and drive their businesses. Grand Bahamians are some of the most intelligent, creative and talented people and we will ensure they have the tools to succeed. The FNM under my leadership will

Provide targeted incentives designed to promote an ownership society.

Eliminate VAT on bread basket items. 

We watched as communities in Grand Bahama, became the breeding grounds for criminality, unacceptable social behavior and limited economic activity...

Bahamian Politics
Dr. Minnis on the Central Bank’s Report on Baha Mar - Jul 15, 2016 - 1:50:18 PM

Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on the Central Bank’s new report that blames our economic problems on the Baha Mar debacle:

“The Central Bank of The Bahamas confirmed what many of us already know – the continued failure of this Government to get Baha Mar open and operating is hurting our economy. Their report noted many economic failings, including a real GDP decrease of 1.7 percent, and placed the blame squarely on the Baha Mar debacle. It’s been over a year since Baha Mar went bankrupt yet in that time this Government has only offered up more empty rhetoric and a series of broken promises...
Bahamian Politics
FNM leader's statement on Minister Nottage’s comments on U.S. crime warning - Jul 15, 2016 - 11:18:05 AM

Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement regarding Minister Nottage’s dismissal of the latest foreign government crime warning:

“According to this Government there is no crime problem. Tell that to the people who live in fear in their neighbourhoods as the murder rate hits record highs year after year. Tell that to the sexual assault victims that have had their lives forever changed. It’s sad and disappointing when a foreign government recognizes this about The Bahamas and warns their people, but our own Minister calls their crime warning ‘wrong’ and ‘unfair’...
Bahamian Politics
Roberts: Brent Symonette exposes party division with latest gaff - Jul 14, 2016 - 11:09:30 AM

Nassau, Bahamas - The following is a press statement by Bradley B. Roberts National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party:

Concerning comments in the media attributed to Brent Symonette about the recent travel advisory, I make the following observations.

Brent  Symonette  seems only to find his  voice  when  it is to  attack  the  best  interests  of the  Bahamas and on this issue he should keep his advice to himself.

He is uniquely disqualified in this matter. He has  never  been  a young  black male nor  the  parent  of  one and  the  anxieties  that  youngsters  and  their parents  face in the  face  of  official  racial  prejudice...
Bahamian Politics
Dr. Minnis Statement on the U.S. Crime Warning - Jul 14, 2016 - 5:05:29 AM

Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Government issuing a crime warning for The Bahamas:

“The warning signs are everywhere, yet this Government continues to ignore them. Before it was the Canadian Government, today it’s the U.S. Government that is issuing a travel warning to their citizens about The Bahamas. This is the second warning this year the U.S. has issued to American travellers. The root cause of all these problems is crime. Our people don’t need a travel warning from a foreign government to know their communities and neighbourhoods have been gripped by crime. The murder rate has hit historic levels these past four years. Sexual
assaults are ripping apart lives. Yet to hear this PLP Government tell it, according to them everything is fine, and there is nothing ‘unusual’ regarding crime in our Commonwealth.”
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