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Arts & Culture Last Updated: Nov 4, 2021 - 7:33:13 PM

Unbox Bahamian Artistry and Live Your Best 'LifestIsle'
By Kandice Eldon
Nov 4, 2021 - 2:05:22 PM

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Meet LifestIsle’s creative founder and CEO Ms. Blaire Evans

Small Business Entrepreneur Creates Artisan Treasure Chest

Nassau, The Bahamas – Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially those with nice decorative wrapping paper on it. Now, what’s inside is the true draw which often piques curiosity, wonder and excitement. What could be better than opening a box each quarter with captivating, authentically Bahamian inspired items to proudly display on your coffee table, wall, or even goodies to fill your belly?   

Birthed during the COVID-19 pandemic, LifestIsle, an island inspired small business, brings smiles to the faces of each customer who opens their signature, ‘all tings’ Bahamian gift box.  

“While in quarantine last year, I noticed everyday a new business would appear on social media, with furloughs and lockdowns requiring Bahamians to utilize their hobbies and skills for extra money or simply to pass the time. I was in awe of the great ideas and products I saw, and wondered, ‘how I could share them with others through my own business venture?’,” explains LifestIsle’s creative founder and CEO Ms. Blaire Evans.

“I always wanted a Bahamian lifestyle blog, and to have a business that would make a positive impact on the community, but something always felt missing. But, in late 2020, I decided to combine these ideas into one, and LifestIsle was born. The name brings together the “isle” or “island” lifestyle prominently showcased through the brand.”

The LifestIsle’s Winter '21 collection box

Blaire, the 2014 Queen’s College Valedictorian and 2018 Magna Cum Laude Finance graduate from the University of South Florida is now a Risk Consultant at a local accounting firm. While heavily left brained, Blaire found a way to balance her analytical and creative side which, she attests mainly focuses on gastronomy. As a foodie, she is passionate about all things related to it and shares her love of culinary delights throughout her Instagram blog @bigeyebites.

“While my degree and day job are in the business field, I equally enjoy my creative pursuits, like music and design. Growing up, I spent a lot of time at family members’ small businesses, so being an entrepreneur always felt like a no brainer. If my friends could describe me, they would say that I’m organized, open-minded, passionate, and enjoy taking the lead,” she explains.

As an entrepreneur, Blaire understands the economic impact small businesses play in The Bahamas and the importance of continuous support by the community for their success.

“Small businesses preserve and create new culture, employ local workers, and tend to support other local, small businesses in the process, whether it be suppliers, delivery companies, etc. I believe small businesses supporting each other is imperative to strengthen the economy, but also in creating community and spreading awareness on why they’re so important. When I was brainstorming this business idea, I realized that we all have different ideas, skills and strengths, so it made sense to use my skills in design, marketing and finance combined with the unique products already in the marketplace to create something new,” Blaire explains.  

The Treasure Chest supports local Bahamian small business owners

Customers who join the online LifestIsle hub, will experience exquisite offerings, which directly benefit small business owners. “When someone receives a LifestIsle box, I want them to firstly feel a sense of nostalgia from the artistic depictions of Bahamian culture on the outside of the box,” she says. This season’s box design was inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas, Bahamian style, which brings together many elements of our culture and tradition, and was designed by a local graphic designer and artist.”

The Winter ‘21 box will showcase unique treasures whether it be home decor, self-care, clothing, accessories, art and crafts or food and drink. This season, LifestIsle is partnering with Relish Socks, Graywick Candles, Bahama Bliss Crafts and Karen Diane Art.  

“There is such a feeling of Bahamian pride when you know you are buying a product made with love from someone home grown.  As a customer, you can rest assured that your money is tangibly supporting five or six Bahamian creators, who could be a friend, family member, neighbor or simply, a fellow Bahamian,” she expressed.
For Blaire, her ultimate goal and desire for the business is to drive the ‘buy local’ culture in The Bahamas utilizing subscription boxes and e-commerce platforms. Additionally, she envisions the LifestIsle boxes will be integrated as a toursim product found in hotels and vacation rentals. 

“I believe our boxes truly represent Bahamian culture and would be a great token to leave visitors with a real sense of what The Bahamas is and what we have to offer. To me, there is no greater feeling than buying something you like which also supports a great cause,” says Blaire with a smile.  

For information on the Winter 21’ LifestIsle box and the treasure chest visit, www.lifestisle.com | FB@LifestIsle | IG@thelifestisle

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