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Courtney McIntosh - Just a Small Island Girl Living in a Fashion World
By Nyvia Weathersby
May 10, 2013 - 2:32:45 PM

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Island gal and designer, Courtney McIntosh

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island - Dreams and aspirations can sometimes feel like overwhelming obstacles when living on a small Island, and choosing fashion as a career can seem a bit risky. Aside from the fact that many creative and successful talents stream from small communities, the process of finding the limelight can be a bit tricky.

Bahamian Designer, Courtney McIntosh, on the other hand, has not only found her place in the fashion world but also continues to create swimwear pieces that has the whole Caribbean buzzing.

“I knew I wanted to design at the age of 14. I was thinking about careers and the path I wanted my life to take, and I asked my sister what she thought, and she said I should be a designer. I had already been dressing family members and friends for years. It was clear to everyone, but me,” McIntosh stated.

Attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, McIntosh took a bit of a different direction in the early stages of her design approach. First designing urban menswear, Mcintosh didn’t focus on her swim line, Zathhu Inc., until she completed her college degree. After just a year from returning home, McIntosh won the title of The NextGen Designer Award at the Islands of the World Fashion Week in 2012.

Designs by Courtney McIntosh

“It was a learning experience and a pivotal role in my journey. It taught me valuable life lessons and gave me a sense that I’m on the right track,” states McIntosh.

Working on her 2013-2014 collection, McIntosh proclaims that her creativity is pushing her outside of her comfort zone.  “The things I love about the fashion industry is that it constantly changes and evolves. I am very into abstract art and installation art at the moment, so that definitely will play a part in upcoming projects,” stated McIntosh.

McIntosh's upcoming collection, Lolita, is inspired by the rebirth of artistic expressionism. Hoping for both longevity and sustainability, McIntosh looks forward to building a brand that holds value and shows her cultural roots.

“In some ways I feel restricted, being from a small Island. It's definitely a challenge, but someone has to pave the way. I feel as though our time will come. We are confined by our own limitations. You have to take charge of your own life,” McIntosh proclaims.

A bout the Author:  Nyvia Weathersby is a Los Angeles based fashion journalist and stylist, who has worked with such publications and fashion houses as Vogue Magazine, VIBE Magazine, Runway Magazine, Rodarte, Mega Growth and Hautelook. See her blog:

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