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Bahamian Politics Last Updated: Nov 25, 2019 - 9:43:02 AM

DNA: PM should stop using marijuana to deflect
By Omar B. Smith, National Chairman Democratic National Alliance
Nov 24, 2019 - 10:33:35 PM

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  •     FNM and PLP never campaigned on marijuana
  •     PM using marijuana to deflect from government’s failures
  •     Government cannot distract from borrowing of $1.157B
  •     Why the sudden high on marijuana?
  •     DNA is the only party with vision and plans for The Bahamas
The Prime Minister has continued the old tactic of deflection whenever his government is called out on national issues.

In recent times, Dr. Minnis has used the marijuana debate to take attention away from the FNM administration's devious plans. The first time Dr. Minnis said he now supports the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana and medicinal marijuana to deflect from the announcement that they are in the process of borrowing $650 million for BPL that the Bahamian people will have to pay back in higher light bills.

The spin masters and advisors of the PM thought it worked the first time. Hence, they have asked him to make another statement that he now supports the expunging of criminal records of those convicted of possession of small amounts of marijuana. This time, it is to deflect from the announcement that the government is about to borrow another $507 million dollars, the deficit will hit $678 million and national debt will climb to $9.5 billion despite hurting the Bahamian people with 12% VAT.

Bahamians see this for what it is - another attempt to grab a headline and distract us from their disastrous governance. The Leader of the PLP has also just recently discovered his support for the decriminalization of marijuana. The FNM and PLP are grasping for straws while the  Bahamian people suffer.

Neither of the two Parties campaigned on marijuana. Where was the FNM, PLP, Dr. Minnis and Brave Davis when the DNA put forward this proposal prior to the last general election? Why are both men suddenly high on marijuana? They were all against the idea and mocked the DNA because they lacked vision and did not care about young Bahamians whose lives had been ruined by the policies of the PLP and FNM. We say to them: get a life, we see right through your games.

As for Dr. Minnis and the FNM, stop the pandering, let the Marijuana Commission complete its work and get back to governing. You cannot deflect from the additional $1.157 billion you want to place on our backs. We encourage the Prime Minister to review our Party’s recommendations to steer us out of this fiscal disaster we find ourselves in.

Omar B. Smith


Democratic National Alliance

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