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Bahamian Politics Last Updated: Apr 12, 2017 - 11:57:58 PM

Dr. Hubert Minnis’ Statement on the PLP’s Record of Failure
By The Free National Movement
Apr 12, 2017 - 11:00:34 PM

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Dr. Hubert Minnis, Free National Movement (FNM) Leader, issued the following statement regarding the PLP’s record of failure:

“Our embattled Prime Minister continues on his candor tour, this time admitting what the people already knew, that this ‘PLP Government is not perfect’.  The Bahamian people would simply settle for competence from his inept, corrupt Government!  But the embattled Prime Minister and his PLP cronies run about the country blissfully ignorant of the reality that so many families are suffering under this long, five-year, PLP rule.”

“As the people struggle, Perry Christie has the audacity to cite ‘accomplishments’ of his failing regime.  Going so far as to claim his administration’s phantom investments in education and non-existent improvement of the Family Islands are record setting?  Tell that to our poor school children forced to sit in dilapidated schools as this PLP Government has failed to construct one new high school, or the countless kids that have given up on school altogether.  And if the embattled Prime Minister spent any time actually talking to the people on the Family Islands he would know ‘improvement’ is the last word they use to describe the PLP’s callous neglect.”

“Christie calls on all of us to ‘look at the PLP’s record’, and we do the same.  It is an abysmal record of  FAILURE; rampant corruption, a series of credit rating downgrades – taking and leveling us to junk bond status, and a series of broken promises and empty rhetoric filled with pronouncements that have laid our country low.”  

“Our embattled Prime Minister just does not get it; even as those around him abandon his clueless charade.  Just yesterday his own Deputy Prime Minister was interviewed on Darold Miller Live, where he spoke of the dismal PLP failures. He openly admitted that high unemployment in Grand Bahama continues, revealing that there have been no net jobs added in Grand Bahama since Hurricane Matthew.”

“It is only Christie himself that stands stubborn in the face of reality.  Refusing to own up to his considerable failures and indifference to the hardships he has caused the Bahamian people.  He shows everyday what we have been saying all along – that the PLP cannot fix the problems when they choose to ignore them. Bahamians can’t afford another five years of his disastrous, incompetent leadership.  The perfect solution for our country is to send our embattled Prime Minister off into retirement where he belongs so a new day can dawn on our Island.”

“The FNM’s reforms will promote investment in all of our communities. We believe in removing the obstacles that stand in the way of local businesses and leveling the playing field so that Bahamians can enjoy a higher standard of living, which we all deserve. We know that quality education is a key to that and will make fixing our education system a top priority.  Together we can turn the page on these last five years because now it’s the peoples’ time.”

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