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Bahamian Politics Last Updated: May 8, 2017 - 10:37:13 AM

Dr. Minnis: PLP’ Slate of Lies
By The Free National Movement
May 8, 2017 - 9:43:32 AM

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Nassau, Bahamas - Dr. Hubert Minnis, Free National Movement (FNM) Leader, issued the following statement:

“Our embattled Prime Minister has made plenty of baffling statements; however, his claim that I and the FNM are running a campaign of lies demonstrates the PLP’s level of disconnect from reality. The people are well aware of Prime Minister Christie and the PLP’s dishonest ways, over these last five years they have turned corruption into an art form while constantly serving up empty rhetoric and a series of broken promises.”

“It was the PLP back in 2012 making grandiose proclamations that they never followed through on once in power. Remember their hollow pledge that education would be drastically improved under a Christie administration? They’d build new high schools, offer our students state-of-the art education, the list goes on and on. Five years later the Bahamian people have not seen even a single new high school built as more and more of our young people are not getting the proper education they need and deserve.”

“And how can the people forget all their bold promises concerning our economy? It was the Prime Minister who was touting his burdensome VAT tax as the shared sacrifice that would decrease our debt? The people have been paying the onerous VAT tax yet the Government has driven up our debt by an additional $2 billion as their fiscal incompetence has led to our credit being downgraded to junk bond status. Bahamians have suffered through years of zero economic growth, double-digit unemployment and a cabinet full of cronies looking out for themselves chasing contracts of their own at the expense of the people they should be serving.”

“Now to hear our embattled Prime Minister tell it, anyone – including myself – that dares to offer up facts regarding the PLP’s disastrous record is rooting against Bahamians, like the ones employed at Baha Mar. To demand openness and answers is met with a series of political attacks and false statements from the PLP. Their actions have talked down our economy; the outrageous concessions to their Chinese allies with their secret deal on Baha Mar will saddle our country for years to come. The people deserve to know why the PLP’s cronies and their foreign benefactors line their pockets while giving away Bahamian assets during such economic hardships.

“Our corrupt Prime Minister praises his co-conspirators despite their conflicts of interests and violations of Cabinet rules, even though the perpetrators themselves have admitted their conflicts and then act as if they are above the law. But Prime Minister Christie—the nucleus of corruption—hasn’t once held his cabinet accountable.”

“So, we ask Perry Christie, if these criticisms are all lies, then why have the PLP not been able to point to concrete accomplishments that have improved the lives of families and communities across the country? The Bahamian people know better. Their memory has not failed them like our embattled Prime Minister’s has. The fact of the matter is, they can run but they can’t hide from their abysmal record systematically destroying the fabric of our country as they focused on enriching themselves at the people’s expense.”

“Despite years of government corruption comparable to a dictatorship, the FNM knows our Democracy can and will be protected – we simply need to turn the page on the disastrous PLP regime. Our FNM change team will remain dedicated to delivering Bahamians a transparent government that acts accountably. We will invest in education; put Bahamians back to work, restoring safety and prosperity to our beloved Country along the way”.

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