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Bahamian Politics Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017 - 9:50:56 AM

Leader of Opposition Brave Davis on BahaMar Documents Unsealing
By The Progressive Liberal Party
Jun 26, 2017 - 6:59:27 AM

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Nassau, Bahamas - Statement From The Leader Of The Opposition Hon. Philip DavisRegarding The Un-Sealing Of The Bahamar Court Documents June 25th, 2017

“The FNM Cannot Be Trusted”

Last week, with great fanfare, Prime Minister Minnis announced in the House of Assembly that the BahaMar deal had been unsealed. However he did not have the
courage to own up to the facts of the deal, which he left to the Attorney-General, Carl Bethel, QC.

The Attorney-General revealed that there is nothing out of the ordinary about the
BahaMar Agreement.

He recommended that the government honour the lawful contracts of the previous

He said there was nothing unconscionable about the deal.

And he said there was no basis to go back on the arrangements.

He even conceded that the Heads of Agreement, already released by the Christie
Administration, was the only part of the deal that should be in the public domain, as the remainder of the terms were commercially sensitive, and should remain sealed for the time being.

This is not only a breathtaking climbdown by the FNM government, but an
admission of the lies and the campaign of deceit which they have waged against the Progressive Liberal Party and the Bahamian people.

They say it’s the people’s time, but how can we trust these people?

For almost two years, the FNM told the Bahamian people that the BahaMar deal
was not real.

And then last August, under the PLP government, the deal was accepted by the
Supreme Court.

For almost two years the FNM told the Bahamian people that Bahamian employees,
contractors and franchisees, who were owed millions of dollars by the failed developer Sarkis Izmirlian, for almost two years the FNM told the Bahamian people that they would not be paid.

And then, by last November, Bahamians were paid what they were owed.
For almost two years the FNM told the Bahamian people that the development
would never open, and then BahaMar opened in April.

And, in desperation, the FNM spent almost a year, saying day after day, week after
week, that there was something illegal or unethical in the BahaMar documents sealed in the Supreme Court.

And now they casually admit it was all a lie.

How can Bahamians trust the FNM?

We know from the Budget and the debate which followed, that the FNM
government has no vision, no policies and no plans.

We know that already the divisions which have torn the party apart over the past
five years, are resurfacing.

And we already hear whispers of the rising tide of panic in the government, because of the hundreds of casual promises made, many of which cannot be kept.
As has been expressed in so many countries this past year, we in the PLP have
heard the people’s desire for change, and are already listening and introducing the
reforms necessary to bring about that change.

We have offered to be constructive partners with the government, and yet they have chosen to squander their political honeymoon on a fruitless witchhunt, which has led them down the path of telling even more lies within the privileged walls of parliament.

The saga of BahaMar tells it all.

They have appointed a Minister of Tourism who, by his very job, has a
fundamental conflict of interest in BahaMar. The success of BahaMar speaks directly to his failure!

And they have a foreign supporter in Sarkis Izmirlian, who was given the seat of
honour at the swearing-in of the Prime Minister, and whose failure is also highlighted by the success of BahaMar!

What did the FNM promise Mr. Izmirlian to secure his support during the election?
Why has the FNM been so determined to pursue the lies about BahaMar?

As we pointed out during the debate, the FNM budget was an exercise in
disappointment, offering tax reliefs and concessions to their rich friends and backers, and nothing to help the ordinary Bahamian.

We cannot trust a government which cynically lies to the Bahamian people, and
when confronted with the evidence of the truth, merely shrugs and carries on.
The Prime Minister must apologise to the country.

He must rid himself of those Ministers who already have extensive conflicts of
interest. Rather than waste time victimising ordinary Bahamians who have worked
honestly in the people’s interest, he should focus on delivering the change which he so rashly promised.

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