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Bahamian Politics Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018 - 7:43:13 PM

Statement by the Progressive Liberal Party Nassau Guardian editor confused and delusional
Feb 7, 2018 - 11:39:07 AM

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This morning (7 February) the editor of the Nassau Guardian continued with the usual practice of parroting the false and discredited propaganda that has become synonymous with the FNM.

If the Nassau Guardian is unable to produce one shred of evidence in support of their wild, dishonest, reckless and delusional claims of PLP greed, scandal and corruption, then the editor should just give it a rest. It is embarrassing for a so called newspaper of note to continuously hold brief for a political party, especially when the opinions expressed in its editorial page are at odds with the facts and the party whose propaganda they are parroting has publicly admitted on multiple occasions that they are in fact a pack of liars.

I point out again to the Nassau Guardian's editor that Sidney Collie and Peter Turnquest have openly admitted that the FNM repeatedly lied to the Bahamian people on any number of issues, therefore based on the facts they are the ones with the credibility problem so parroting their drivel has to automatically call the Guardian's credibility into question. But then again in this country among some delusional people, facts be damned as it only gets in the way of a good tall slimy tale and smear campaign.

On the issue of greed, there is only one politician who openly admitted that his personal wealth grew by more than $100 million in a few short years based largely on accrued benefits from government largesse and he is a card carrying senior member of the FNM. Not my words - his words.

On the issue of scandal after scandal - the politicians convicted in the courts for the crimes of fraud, bribery and illegal ammunition possession  in both The Bahamas and Florida are all members of the FNM. Further, there is a tax cheat on the front bench and the back bench of the FNM. I also note that no PLP had to resign in disgrace as National Chairman and Senator for their involvement in a murder for hire plot.

I admonish and lecture the editor to speak truth to power, produce supporting evidence for all reckless claims and become a good and close friend of the truth and facts as facts do matter. Dishonest emotional outbursts in clear contravention of incontrovertible facts are embarrassing and unbecoming of the supposed gate keepers of the truth that is the Fourth Estate.

I admonish and lecture the editor yet again that these wild claims against the PLP have been tested and to date have come up short. The forensic audits conducted of the accounts at the BPL and WSC have discovered and revealed instances of fraud and theft by reason of employment and not the lying politically driven crap and drivel the editor is running on with. Again editor, the facts do matter. 

As for the principled stand PLPs and Bahamians of goodwill have taken in support of Glenys Hanna-Martin, we warn that the Guardian's editor, the Speaker of the House nor the FNM will silence us. We will continue to be a voice of dissent in opposition to wrongdoing, tyranny and the fundamental abuse of power given by the people.

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