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Budget Communication by Minister Desmond Bannister (June 17, 2020)
Jun 22, 2020 - 5:15:33 PM

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 Mr. Speaker, this weekend we set a time aside to honour fathers. Please permit me, to wish all fathers, and father figures in this place and throughout the country Father’s Day blessings in advance; and in particular one Horatio David Bannister, a very special father. I pray that all of our fathers will strive to provide love, acceptance and stability in the lives of their children, and be positive mentors in the lives of those in their sphere of influence. 

     Happy Father’s Day. 

 Mr. Speaker, in following my own advice on a personal note I want to say to my daughter Danielle how happy I am that you are home out of the hospital and out of danger.

 You have faced more medical challenges in your life than anyone that I know, including surgery as a baby but you have overcome every single one with resilience and an incredible focus on achieving your goals; and you will overcome this one also because God has a special purpose for your life. He has made you face adversity to make you strong. You are going to make a difference in this country . . . . .in this world, and in the lives of countless numbers of people around the world. I truly believe that, and I know that in your own quiet determination you know that you have a very special future of service and dedication; and just as your resilience inspires me as your father to NEVER EVER give in, one day you will inspire millions as you live God’s purpose for your life. 

 Secondly, Mr. Speaker, I take this opportunity to wish my Godchild Zachary Tyler Bernard Young a belated happy

birthday. It must be exciting to finally be a teenager Zachary.  Before I move on Mr. Speaker, let me publicly commend my two Parliamentary sons, and I hope that the members for Long Island and Central Grand Bahama will forgive me for fondly referring to them in that manner. As always, Sir, I proudly watched both of their contributions this week, and, as always Mr. Speaker I was left indelibly impressed by the mastery which they both exhibited as they spoke. I’m so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work closely with both of them, to share with them and to learn from them.  

 Mr. Speaker, everyday . . . every single day I give thanks that the residents of Carmichael chose me to represent them.

 I can say without credible contradiction that there is no better community . . . . no more peaceful community  . . . .no more caring community. . . . .no more supportive community anywhere than the Carmichael community; and everyday Sir, I give thanks for the law abiding Carmichael community.

 You see, Mr. Speaker, when the Prime Minister issued stay at home Orders, Carmichael complied. People stayed at home.

They obeyed the law. There was peace in the streets of

Carmichael. Mr. Speaker, Carmichael understood the danger that we all faced from the coronavirus pandemic, and chose to stay safe. I’m proud of the discipline that the Carmichael community displayed. I’m proud of our response to this deadly pandemic. I’m honoured that such a mature and responsible community chose me to represent them.

     Thank you Carmichael.

 Mr. Speaker, the pandemic has ushered in come difficult times. So many people have been challenged. . . . buying food, paying rent. . . . paying utilities , paying mortgages. It has been tough. In response to the widespread need we have tried to do our best in Carmichael. Our team has walked door to door in Carmichael, and continues to do so as I speak. To date, Sir we have distributed 1,000 care packages. To date we have distributed over 8,000 masks, many of them Bahamian made along with Bahamian made hand sanitizers and food vouchers valued in excess of $30,000 redeemable at our local community food store. So, Mr. Speaker, through the entire ordeal, we are supporting and sustaining local businesses.  

 So far we have covered Emerald Gardens; Cyclops Gardens, Flamingo Gardens, Belair, several streets off Carmichael Road; and portions of Golden Gates #2. We have another 1,000 bags and 8,000 masks along with hand sanitizers and food vouchers that we will distribute throughout Golden Gates #2, Silver Gates,

Cowpen Road, St. Vincent Road, and Faith Avenue. So to those Carmichael residents who have not seen our team yet, I have to ask you to be patient, as the rain has held them back, and they also have to practice appropriate social distancing protocols. But we will be coming because we care. 

 Mr. Speaker, leading up to this budget debate my team did not allow me to be on the street with them. They were concerned that the threat of infection could have prevented me from making this contribution, but once I finish here tonight, Sir, they have no legitimate reason to stop me and so I ask for

Carmichael constituents to look out for me on your street soon. 

 Mr. Speaker, the bible says in every thing give thanks; and so before I move on please permit me to give thanks. 

 First, Sir, thanks to the people of Carmichael for being law abiding. By staying at home during the lockdown you have saved countless lives.

 Secondly, Sir, I say thank you to my supportive friends and the caring business people who have donated to our relief efforts in Carmichael. Each of you has made a difference in many many lives.

 Thirdly, Sir, I want to thank my team for walking the streets day after day to bring some relief to Carmichael residents. Unlike others, you have done it without fanfare, and without excluding anyone.

 Fourth, Sir, I want to thank a very special group of caring Bahamians who provided us with locally made masks. It all started when a true Bahamian patriot called me. Bishop Albert Hepburn from United Christian Cathedral in Flamingo Gardens called to say that his daughters saw me in Parliament and did not like the mask that I was wearing. Mr. Speaker, those ladies made me some beautiful masks. Thanks to all of them for caring, especially Jenny, who I understand was the seamstress. In this regard Mr. Speaker I want to also thank:

  1.     Jackie Hield from Doubloon Drive, who sent me a beautiful mask;
  2.     Shana who also sent me some beautiful masks;
  3.     Kizzy from Belair who made a few hundred masks for us; and
  4.     Donna Demeritte from Fairview Heights who also made a few hundred masks ...to continue see attached

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