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Former M.P. Pierre Dupuch comments on rumours of an FNM Coup.
By Pierre V. L. Dupuch - Former M.P
Apr 9, 2018 - 12:08:21 PM

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A short while ago it was said that I was starting and spreading rumours about Hubert Ingraham being a part of a coup to challenge Dr. Hubert Minnis for leadership.

For Hubert Ingraham to believe that, he must be living in a fool's world, and suffering from delusions of grandeur to think that I would have the time or interest in starting any rumours about him. I was merely commenting on a rumour about a possible vote of no confidence in Dr. Minnis and him being replaced as Prime Minister.

It all started when someone phoned me to say that there was soon to be a vote of no confidence in the present Prime Minister and he was to be replaced by someone else.

I said at the time I thought it was stupid and impossible. I further said that the present government should stop the backbiting, act like grownups and start governing, and watching out for this country rather than themselves.

I was later asked to appear on the Steve McKinney show when a possible vote of no confidence in Dr. Minnis was discussed. I was asked why I thought a vote of no confidence would not work. I explained that if a vote were taken, Dr. Minnis would have several days to either step down or call another election. It is obvious that the present members would not want an election.

Then we turn to the Bahamas Constitution, which says that the LEADER of the Party THAT has the majority of seats in the House becomes the Prime Minister.

So Dr. Minnis would have to be replaced as Leader of the Party at a convention.

So in order to replace him at a convention a potential leader would have to be chosen from the Members of the House. Which Member of the present House can beat Dr. Minnis at a convention? I would say none.

So that means that a person outside the House who could possibly beat him at a convention would have to be found. It was suggested on several occasions to both Mr. McKinney and myself that Hubert Ingraham was the man. Although I did not believe that Ingraham could win, I agreed he would have a better chance than anyone else at being successful.

So that presents another problem. Hubert Ingraham is not a member of the House. The only way to solve that problem would be for somebody to resign.

And now that brings up another question. Which seat would guarantee the FNM a win in a bye-election? The answer to that is obvious, St. Anne's. That means Brent Symonette would have to resign.

Now having won a bye-election, a convention could be forced and if Dr. Minnis loses then the new leader of the FNM would be Prime Minister.

Frankly, I think the whole thing is foolhardy and stupid. It is time that the Members of the House ... all of them ... remember that the people put them there to serve the country, not themselves.

My advice to all of them is to smarten up and fly right, the Bahamian people are not as foolish as some may think.

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