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BE SEEN, unlike anywhere else through The Bahamas Weekly!
By The Bahamas Weekly News Team
Apr 18, 2014 - 5:45:09 PM

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The Bahamas Weekly provides a venue for you and/or your business to been seen unlike anywhere else on the internet!

As a major hub of information on Events, Entertainment, Sports, Community, News, Arts & Culture, Fashion, with over 20 Columnists, we are the portal for you to be seen. The Bahamas Weekly has fast become THE website to keep your eyes on, as our website is updated continuously throughout the day, and people love to check us often for what's going on throughout The Bahamas.
We average over 7 million hits monthly. Many set  The Bahamas Weekly as their home page to ensure they do not miss a thing!

What is is here to serve the community of The Bahamas. It is our aim to provide positive content whenever possible. We intend to depict the better-side of life in The Bahamas, and share how Bahamians are indeed people helping people. We provide a venue for Bahamians to feel connected to one another no matter what island of this archipelago they live on, or even if they now live abroad. is based from Grand Bahama and started in October 2006 as a national expansion to a Grand Bahama-based website which began in 1997. The Bahamas Weekly is updated throughout the day with fresh content ranging from news, sports, arts and culture, entertainment, events, sales and promotions, interviews, and more. Our weekly E - News Feed (top 70 articles of the week) goes out to over 25,000 persons each Friday reminding our viewers to view our content again and again.

Our content is well saturated in all the search engines like Google so our content is easily found and lives on and on. Our subscribers are Bahamians living in The Bahamas or abroad, as well as anyone with an interest or affiliation to The Bahamas.  We have many international subscribers. Subscribe today! See our left column.

Our content does not go away, but remains on our site, always retrievable through our Search field found on each and every page. Each of our articles is printer-friendly and any article can be individually emailed. The backbone of our site is our up-to-date and extensive Event Calendars for Grand Bahama, New Providence, and the Family Islands. Find out what is going on!

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Let bring you to the WORLD!

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Our Gold Marketing Members, those you see on our left column have the luxury of being seen on each and EVERY page of our website, and currently that is over 32,000 pages!  We don't just put an ad up for you on one obscure page that you have to be "lucky" to find - we expose you on every page!   With your Gold status on The Bahamas Weekly it's like being seen on EACH and EVERY page of a traditional newspaper! BUT a newspaper with over 32,000 pages!

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Weekly News Updates Signup: Let us come to you!  Enter your email address in our SIGNUP area on each page in our left Column where it says, "Subscribe me!". there. Subscribers can now take advantage of our Talking Technology!  Our content increases DAILY. Allow us to send you our Weekly News Updates. Please note that your email address will never be disclosed or sold, but will be held in the strictest confidence.


General Inquiries:  242-352-2988


Letters to the Editor: We encourage anyone to write in their views, but please note, we aim to be a "positive" news source. If you have a gripe,  please offer a solution.  



The Bahamas Weekly's 'Sound of Savings' Promotion!

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