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The Hope Ball seeks submissions for Cancer Survivor Portrait Series
By Grand Bahama Cancer Society
Jul 11, 2014 - 3:59:26 AM

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Sample work from participating artists.

Freeport, Bahamas - This dynamic group of young artists from New Providence share the common principal that combines the values of Health and Wellness with Art and Beauty.  The Grand Bahama community and especially the Grand Bahama Cancer Society is honoured that this diverse group of artists have come together and are using their talents to immortalize our diverse group of cancer survivors in art.

The Cancer Survivor’s Portrait Series will be revealed at the first annual Lavender Affair to be held August 30th, 2014 at Le Chateau on the Green (former Waterworld) and the Grand Bahama community is encouraged to support this worthy cause by attending. Cancer survivor stories and photos are still being accepted for consideration to be included in the series.

Approximately 10 survivors will be selected and their portraits painted by the Salus Project Artists and other independent artists.  Like our survivors our selection of talented artists represent an array of talent and skill often hidden to most Bahamians. This project will give the attendees the chance to view and appreciate the work of our Bahamian artists.
8 Salus Project Artists:

Yutavia George was born in New Providence, Bahamas. She is an Art Education Student at the College of the Bahamas. Her inspiration is drawn from God, music, books, everyday objects and interactions. She is influenced by many diverse artists but drawn to contemporary artists, especially, those that reside in the Bahamas. George has participated in several national and group exhibitions. She is genuinely concerned with exploring mediums and creating concepts which connect to cultural issues in the Bahamas. Most of her works are mixed media instillations and paintings. Above all, George views her works as simple suggestions for further analysis.

June Collie was born in 1986 on the island of New Providence in The Bahamas. A recent graduate of The College of The Bahamas with An Associates of Art, Collie is currently working as a Photographer and Videographer at H.G Christie Ltd. She has been in numerous group shows and national exhibitions. Collie finds new artistic challenges exciting and stimulating and illustrates this through her works. Though Collie is a Successful Photographer and videographer her heart lies in her paintings, where she fuses the use of contemporary ideas with strong traditional techniques.

Born and raised in New Providence, Preston Hanna is a young multi talented, innovative artist whose passion is to inspire and excite his audience. Hanna graduated C.V. Bethel Senior High School, and has recently completed Bachelors of Art in Art Education at the College of the Bahamas. Hanna has competed in several art competitions over the years and participated in numerous national Art exhibitions. Hanna likes to work in different mediums compromising of anything he can get his hands on; from snails in the back yard to object found on the roof. He draws inspiration from family, world issues and international artists. He is motivated by family and friends. He paints on various materials to express his elaborate ideas which give the audience a sense of a rich organic historical background.

Born and raised in New Providence, Charlthorn Strachan is a Graduate of the College of the Bahamas with a Bachelors of Art in Art Education. He enjoys working in acrylic paint and mixed media. Strachan draws inspiration from music, poetry, nature, people and situations. He is inspired by international and national artists and has participated in many group and national exhibitions. Above all, Strachan is inspired by the Bahamian cultural landscape and uses it as a symbol in his works.

Deime Ubani is a 24 year old young female artist coming from a diverse background of Nigerian, Bajan and Bahamian. Traditionally she composes abstract works based on a particular feeling in the present or from a recollection of feeling from her past that is emphasized in her mind. She earned an Associates of Art in 2010. Art has always been a fix hold in her life. She grew up watching family members create art both as a hobby and professionally. Through this environment she was encouraged to create art herself, and so her journey began from a young age. Ubani believes art and studio time will always hold a true artist captive. As a result, she has decided to embrace her gift and continuously develop work.

Participating artists for The Cancer Survivor's Portrait Series - stories are still be accepted.

Allan Wallace is a Bahamian artist who draws inspiration from Michelangelo’s grace and beauty with Salvador Dali’s edge and imagination, as well as his personal experiences. Wallace is motivated by God, family, friends and music. His work can be found in churches, schools, parks and other areas in the Bahamas. He has also participated in a number of solo, group, national and international exhibitions and finds himself thrilled to have new subjects to work from. Wallace enjoys manipulating uncommon mediums but his passion lies in his paintings. Through his work, Wallace mentors a lot of young people, but more importantly, Wallace inspires younger artists to continue working.

Edrin Symonette has been painting and interested in art from a very young age. He has always enjoyed sketching and drawing cartoon characters. After transitioning into his AA program at COB he became even more exposed to various techniques and practices in the art world. Therefore, art has always been a means of communication for him. Symonette is in a constant search of inspiration and has recently become interested in more contemporary practices. He is an art teacher at C. H. Reeves Junior High School, where he inspires his students to use new techniques that break the “mould” of what is considered traditional Bahamian art. In his recent works he attempts to explore the obvious and usual. Everyday people and objects are distorted and re-proportioned to fit in his interpretations. Symonette knows his pieces evoke a sense of understanding and appreciation of the world.

Kevvanna Hall was born in Freeport, Grand Bahama and moved to Nassau, Bahamas to attend the College of the Bahamas in 2003. From the age of three to present, she has always been an artist; her medium being dance. She uses her body as a paintbrush and the dance floor as her canvas; creating beautiful art from inner feelings. Kevvanna has always been a role model passing on her talent as a dance instructor to kids as well as adults. She is also a member of the REACH program and volunteers her services to kids with autism.  Ms. Hall currently participates in a performance art show called “Dream in Color” at Sandals Royal Hotel, which is a collaboration of dance and visual art. This inspired her to explore another avenue for her creativity through the visual arts. She then picked up her first paint brush and the rest was history. Ms. Hall is one to keep an eye on in the future. She states that “painting relaxes and excites me at the same time. I’m like a sponge eager to learn and experiment. So what am I going to try next?”

2 Independent Artists:

17 year old Andrew Knowles is a Bahamian artist on the rise to greatness, who attends Saint Anne’s Anglican School. "I am on my way to the eleventh grade looking forward to graduating and becoming a professional artist in this beautiful land we call the Bahamas, but my life wasn’t always like this. I had to climb a long hard and pain ladder of success to get where I am today. I was born and raised in the constituency of Bain Town. My family and I were dirt poor and couldn’t afford anything. My mother was struggling and had no other alternative but to place me and my 6 siblings into the Nazareth center orphanage where I resided from age 7- 13. Through all of these tragic moments I look to art as a way of getting away from everything. After 6 years in the Nazareth center, I got too old to stay there and was place in the Elizabeth Estates children’s home where I reside today.  Thanks to my artistic skills and God’s grace I was able to receive a scholarship to Saint Anne’s School.  All of these achievements have shown me that all is not lost and there is still hope in my life despite all the odds.  I will continue striving to do my best and become the best Portrait artist this nation has ever seen."

Alisa Streather-Robinson
lives in Grand Bahama Island.  "Having a talent for visual art has always been a strong component in many decisions throughout my life. Art was my only elective choice in high school, and became even more important when I went off to study for college. I attended the Art Institute of Atlanta, and then continued my education at the College of the Bahamas, prior to becoming a Commercial Art Instructor and Art Examiner in the public school system.  I love to draw portraits, especially of young people engaged in various activities, such as Junkanoo, hop scotch and swimming. I enjoy exploring other subjects when creating and use much of the local flora and fauna, and undersea life as my inspiration. Working in a variety of mediums helps me to explore and challenge myself in different techniques and styles of art. I work in colour pencils, soft pastels, oil pastels, acrylic & oil paint on canvas or board, and oil on silk."  Alisa's work has been displayed in Grand Bahama and in New Providence, including the National Gallery of the Bahamas. Her work is owned by collectors throughout the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the United States, and Europe.

Stories can be submitted by email to  hopeballcommittee.gbcs@gmail.com   or via out facebook page Hope Ball Committee.  Stories should not exceed 100 words but it's understood if your desire to tell your story exceeds this mark.

Cancer Survivors of Grand Bahama encouraged to tell their stories

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