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Pyramids in The Bahamas?
By Felicity Ingraham
Oct 20, 2013 - 6:42:20 AM

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Dr. David Imhotep
On the heels of the abolishment of the Discovery Day holiday commemorating Christopher Columbus in the Bahamas, an internationally-known expert in African history has his sights set on the Bahamas, and will be exploring the waters to prove that there are pyramids in the Bahamian ocean.

Dr. David Imhotep is the first person to hold a Ph.D. with a specialization in African history.  He has traveled the world researching for the past 31 years searching for relevant, interesting evidence of the African presence; most recently, his travels have led him to the Bahamian archipelago.  

Author of "The First Americans Were Africans... Documented Evidence", Imhotep says: "In every grade school in the Americas, our children were taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America. In the 1980s that was amended to the statement that “He Brought Two Worlds Together.” Amazingly, there is now new cutting-edge evidence that Africans discovered the Americas 54,508 years before the Indians appeared."

This evidence has led him to explore throughout North and South America, not leaving out the Caribbean.  The Bahamas became a poignant part of Imhotep's research, considering that: "Ten thousand years ago, there was no Rome or Greece, nor was there a Peking or Shanghai. But there was an Egyptian Empire that was a part of an 'Ancient African, Antediluvian, World Wide, Megalithic, Maritime, Civilization' that was spread around the world before the flood".

Mysteries researchers Dr. Greg Little and his wife Dr Lora Little, who for the past ten years have been investigating archaeological features in the Bahamas,  announced the discovery of a potential new underwater site 30 miles south of the Bahaman Island of Bimini this past November. It sits close to the edge of the Great Bahama Bank in 20 feet of water.

The site is made up of thousands of stone blocks, many rectilinear in shape, others columnar, which are spread out in a tear shape across an area estimated to be 530 feet in length and 130 feet in width. The stones are regularly 8 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet in size and regular weigh three to four tons a piece. At the top of the stone strewn structure are large flat stones like those seen on the summits of pyramids in Central and South America, according to the Littles.

There are many other sites just off the coast of many Bahamian Islands. The architecture in some sites is megalithic--that is very large stone similar to those if Egypt’s pyramids that fir so close together that a razor blade can not slice between. Just off of Andros and the island of Bimini is the Bimini Road, which is a breakwater and pier. Both sites are made with the same architecture. 

With the understanding that before the last ice age, the Bahama Bank stood up to 400 feet above the surface of the water, Imhotep sees the real possibility that Ancient Africans built pyramids on Bahamian soil.  

This theory is in keeping with the convictions of many who believe the great lost city of Atlantis sank in the waters of the Northern Bahamas.  But about 10,000 years ago, our planet got a lot warmer. Giant glaciers melted, so global sea level jumped by hundreds of feet. Most of Great Bahama Bank was covered up -- but not by much. Most of the waters atop the bank are no more than 30 or 40 feet deep.

Knowing that Africans travelled around the world tens of thousands of years before other races, Imhotep sees it as perfectly possible that the structures the Littles saw were ancient pyramids, as they have been discovered in many places around the world, outside of Africa.  

"You may be sure that the Bahamas was a part of that international, maritime, trading partnership," said Imhotep.  "There are many sites in the Bahamas--above and below the waves--that contain structures and relics that can still be seen today!"

His latest research, set to begin in The Bahamas, will ultimately increase the value and historical significance of the country.

"So, let us get together and make every Bahamian even more proud of their ancestors than they already are now. These Africans were great navigators, ship builders, astronomers, architects, scientists, entrepreneurs and so on. This will give your children even greater feelings of self-esteem and start them dreaming about their potential."

Dr. Imhotep will be in Nassau in
January, 2014 and will host a lecture on his theory at Akhepran International Academy on Bernard Road, Nassau, Bahamas.  More info coming soon... He can be reached at: david.imhotep@gmail.com

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