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Entertainment Last Updated: Feb 13, 2017 - 1:45:37 AM

Anwar releases "So Sexy" official music video from his upcoming album "I am Junka-Pop-Roc"
By The Bahamas Weekly News Team
Jan 12, 2017 - 3:19:10 PM

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Nassau, Bahamas - Former lead singer for the Bahamen and son of the late great Bahamian entertainer Tony Seymour Sr.,  Anwar has just released his newest music video for the single, "So Sexy" from his up and coming album, "I am Junka-Pop-Roc."  

The Bahamas Weekly has been monitoring the artist and entrepreneur's career over the years and caught up with Anwar recently to discuss his latest projects.

Q. Anwar it's been a while since we've heard from you, what have you been up to?

A. I've been living! A lot of times we live our lives entertaining others and never really enjoy life as entertainers. Over the last few years I have realized a dream of becoming a club owner. I was blessed to have opened and owned over the past three years, Club SBL, BahamaBay Sports Bar, and Cocomos Restaurant and Lounge, all of which are in Nassau. Much thanks to all the spring break groups that brought thousands of spring breakers to my clubs!  IS Tours, Grad Week, STS Travel, Student City, Grad City S- Trips and a special thank you to Stuart Chason and Eddie (Bahamas) Davis. This year I will be opening my new luxury pub called "Beers and Wings" where you will be able to get the widest selection of draft beers on the island some of which have not been introduced to this region.

"I'm really excited about my new album called, "I am Junka-Pop-Roc."  My team and I just shot the video in Havana Cuba directed by famed director X La Rosa who has worked with the likes of Pitbull and other phenomenal Cuban artists. This will be some of my best work thus far featuring artists such as Jah Cure, Double A and a list of other stars from around the World.

Q. What made you want to shoot the first video in Havana Cuba ?

A. Why wouldn't I ? When you talk about Cuba and how the market has just opened up to America! It only makes sense to be a part of this great synergy. I know a lot of great artists such as JayZ and Beyonce are looking at shooting there ...It's a new market .. It's a beautiful country and the people are very warm and inviting ... I'm about starting trends not following them. So I did that ... Now on to the next ...

Q. What do you think about Bahamian music and where it is today?

A. Interesting question. I think you must know from whence you came in order to know where you're going. We live in a society today where we have a ton of award shows honoring people that just came into the game and the real Heroes are being forgotten. Like bird man's catch phrase "put respect on my name," that inspired me to put my own money up, direct and produce and write a music video that shows images and mentions the great fathers and mothers of Bahamian music. This video is called "Toast to the Best." It was not created for retail, it's free! This is rare! People today don't create for the sole purpose of inspiring, expecting nothing in return. This was done for free so that our young Bahamians and generations to come can know where Bahamian music started.

Candid photos of some of Anwar's clubs in the Bahamas. Bottom right Anwar is seen (center) in the studio with X La Rosa director of the "So Sexy" video shot in Cuba, and with Double A (right) who is the featured raggaeton artist.

Q. What do you think about the entertainment industry as it relates to hotels and casinos in the Bahamas ?

A. I've been blessed to have the opportunity to headline casinos here in The Bahamas not just as the lead singer of the Bahamen, but also as a solo artist. Being a resident of the United States of America I have had the opportunity to headline casinos from the east coast to the west coast, all the way to the Mississippi boats. The knowledge that I have gained has inspired me to write a how-to guide titled "How to revitalize an entertainment economy where tourism is the # 1 commodity." This will be out at the end of 2017. Every up-and-coming artist should measure what they charge to entertain by: 1. The cost to put the show on i.e., equipment , transportation , your overall look for the shows and staff; 2. The way you are treated ...Is this hotel offering you a contract a number of days etc.

"What I have seen here in The Bahamas today is very scary. Even though our economy is not in the best shape we have access to so much more which virtually makes the cons obsolete. By this I mean we have access to the Internet, and much more tourists as they are coming in via cruise and air daily. Back in the 60's musicians didn't have nearly as many tourist to entertain as we do today and they made a lot more than musicians make today! Why is this so? Musicians knew their value and their worth! By taking a gig for a quick $50 you are devaluing the worth of all musicians driving down the average cost. At the end of the day when it's all said and done you want to walk away from this game with much more than memories ... If you don't you've repeated the cycle of so many musicians who have gold and platinum plaques but no money behind it. These musicians have performed in our hotels and Casino's and now have nothing because they didn't value there self worth and the hotel has moved on leaving them broke,when if they had negotiated as explained above they would be in a better space to start over.

"I can say this respectfully because I went through this with my dad... My father Tony Seymour Sr. was the first Bahamian to receive a gold record selling over 1 million records, for the song titled "Pretty Blue Eyes." I am the youngest of my dads' kids. I was 11 when my father was murdered, and we buried him with nothing. However, the greatest gift he could give to me was knowledge. And this I give to you. Know your value and know your worth!"

Q. What can we expect from you for the upcoming year?

A. Just to recap "I am Junka- Pop- Roc" will be out summer 2017.  The first single "So Sexy" is available for online purchase on Apple Music and iTunes ... You can see the official music video on YouTube ... More music, more videos I have a great band that I just formed called BOB Boys of the Bahamas. I'd like to shout out to Matt my MD, Mansa, Desmond and Kristen ... Very talented group of guys you will be seeing them on tour with me this summer. Look out for Wings and Beers and my how-to guide book.

"Lastly just living and loving ... The people that inspire me to get up everyday and hustle hard, like my son Armani, my two daughters London and Toni, and great friends that make it possible to do what I do: Apryl, J, Leon, Fast Eddie, Jones, Ivan, Matthew Malriat my white brother lol, and the whole AR branding team. Lastly to anyone who came to see an Anwar show, bought an Anwar Cd, or supported any of my endeavors, I thank you because I strive to be the true definition of an entrepreneur and it's because of you I can say, especially in a Country where we do not support our own as we should, Thank you!

Find Anwar on FACEBOOK at:

Anwar M Rolle

Anwar can be reached at

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