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(VIDEO) Bahamian attorney Maurice Glinton discusses the significance and misunderstandings of the Hawksbill Creek agreement (Part 1)
By The Bahamas Weekly News Team
May 10, 2012 - 2:54:32 PM

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Freeport, Grand Bahama Island - The Bahamas Weekly is pleased to present herewith an engaging  interview with Grand Bahama attorney-at-law, Maurice Glinton as he discusses the Hawksbill Creek Agreement signed August 1st, 1955; the agreement has a 99-year lifespan that expires in 2054. The Hawksbill Creek Agreement was made between the Government of the Bahamas and Mr Wallace Groves to establish a city and free trade zone on Grand Bahama Island

Glinton says, "it was designed to expand the economic base of The Bahamas...

It antecedes the first written agreement in this country. The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) was given control, administratively and developmentally of two aspects which feature under this agreement. One was the area called the Port Project...confined to a geographically limited area and also the development aspect of this area." The government contributed valuable real estate at $1 per acre. In doing so, GBPA agreed to establish and entity and area of enterprising which would all be the subject of a trust. The trust aspect of this agreement has never been fully appreciated."

Glinton also presents background information on Freeport Power, and how it operated under the umbrella of the Port Authority. "Only the Port Authority had the right to construct and operate utilities. The electricity which was produced, all with duty-free imported fuels, was confined for usage in the Port area, nowhere else. It was not supposed to be a profit centre."

He goes on to talk about the local government stating, "this whole process of local government which was established here, it's all illegal...but we do things without thinking, without reflecting. It looked good politically, but under the Hawskbill Creek Agreement, it's a violation. The Hawksbill Creek Agreement provides for local government, within the Port area."

Fred Sturrup of The Freeport News wrote the following about Glinton in June 2010, "
He is one of the more esteemed members of his profession in the entire British Commonwealth of Nations.

There is absolutely no doubt that Maurice Glinton, Attorney-at-Law, has made a refreshing difference in Grand Bahama since he became a resident some 30 years ago. He has added sophistication and professionalism to the Bahamas Bar and his presence greatly enhances the legal fraternity in Grand Bahama. It is said in some circles that Glinton operates at another level, beyond that of the really good lawyer. This barrister is a joy to behold at work, arguing and presenting cases. Over the years, Glinton has been a strong advocate for educating the masses from a legal perspective.

Once, he was a constant letter writer to the print media. His material went to great lengths to bring clarity to legal matters for the ordinary citizens, the average readers of newspapers. It was a vital role he played and he took it as an obligation to structure his schedule to be able to make that contribution on a regular basis. In recent years, the letter writing has not been as steady, but Maurice Glinton Esquire always remained ready and willing to pass on legal explanations to those seeking the same.

He has gone his merry way, dictated by nothing other than his convictions and his knowledge of the law.

Glinton is a soldier for change, based on the law and at times he has been the lone warrior for justice, making his points on the essence of the law. In a sense he could be called a legal maverick. When you deal with Maurice Glinton, you get the ultimate professional and that's it, no affiliations and no attachments, just the man and the law as he understands it.

The learned gentlemen was always somewhat of a loner in any event. In his early life, when he became the high school sprint champion at Government High School, he was underestimated. He was not from an affluent family background and was not expected to achieve very much. He dug deep however, and there he was at the finish of the prestigious national century event, striding beyond the field.

He was a sports champion then and today he is a champion of the people.

The general public has little knowledge of the many legal causes he champions.

He is well-suited for his role because of a distinguished background.

Glinton read law at Cambridge University (St. John's College). He is a barrister of Gray's Inn (London) and was called to the Bahamas Bar in 1980. He didn't enter the practice of law right away. After graduating from Government High, he enrolled at the University of Maine as an undergraduate student. For a while he continued to run track and did rather well, establishing sprint marks.

The emphasis however was on academics. At Maine, he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Economics. The completion of graduate studies in International Relations followed at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and he earned a Master's Degree.

As aforementioned, he has penned lots of legal material for the public to peruse and digest. Many of his articles on aspects of Constitutional Law and Law Reform have been published.

His focus has been "Judicial Independence, the Governmental Role of the Judiciary in Constitutional Development and Fundamental Rights Adjudication in The Bahamas."

Yes, he is quite different.

He is known for his special brand of legal work at home and abroad.

Without a doubt, he is a plus factor, for the entire Commonwealth of The Bahamas, but particularly for Grand Bahama." (SOURCE)


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