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EARTHCARE joins with Earth Successor, Qiantang River Waterkeeper, and Waterkeepers Bahamas to plant mangroves to reach Sustainable Development Goals
By Gail Woon, Founder of EARTHCARE
Aug 13, 2019 - 10:56:09 AM

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Earth Successor Volunteer from China plants mangroves on Grand Bahama

Early on the morning of August 3rd, EARTHCARE Eco Kids and Volunteers joined with Earth Successor, Qiantang River Waterkeeper, and Waterkeepers Bahamas to plant mangroves in order to Drawdown Climate Change. It was a wonderful morning of caring for the earth and fellowship. Cultures joined together in a common cause, caring for our Mother Earth. Sustainable Development Goals 13 Climate Action, 15 Life on Land and 17 Partnerships for the Goals were achieved during this project. This visit and collaboration was sponsored by Save The Bays, who is an advocate for stronger environmental laws and enforcement of those laws in The Bahamas.

Gail Woon, EARTHCARE Founder observed, “We at EARTHCARE are elated to welcome our volunteers from Earth Successor, Qiantang River Waterkeeper, and Waterkeepers Bahamas today to join in today’s mangrove planting exercise.  The entire planet is facing the Climate Crisis now.  Mangroves are important carbon sinks and one of the most important ecosystems on the planet.  Mangrove habitats and seagrass beds absorb large quantities of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it, in turn decreasing the effects of climate change.  Mangroves are fish nurseries, protect us from storms and build land.”

Qiantang River Waterkeeper and Earth Successor planting mangroves on Grand Bahama Island

Joe Darville, Waterkeepers Bahamas explained to the eager group the mechanics of successful mangrove planting with the help from translator, Wu Yiwen, a middle school student of Beijing National Day School.  “We have had experience, both EARTHCARE, and Waterkeepers, planting mangroves in different areas.  We just did a project in Bimini and about 80% of the mangroves are surviving, a good survival rate.  Mangroves adjust to the environment so if this mangrove propagule (seedling) did not find a place with a lot of soil it would stay small and look at it closely, it already has baby propagules.  They will grow and the plant will drop them and hopefully the ocean will take them somewhere where they will also grow.  Isn’t that amazing?!”         

The contingent from China was made up of 25 persons, which resulted in a total of 45 Volunteers who planted 300 Mangroves.  Hao Xin, Executive Director of Qiantang River Waterkeeper and Wu Yiwen, Beijing National Day School presented an elated EARTHCARE Founder, Gail Woon, with a beautiful, genuine silk scarf from China in appreciation for the Mangrove Planting partnership.

Even the liittlest Earth Successor planted mangroves

Gail Woon, Founder of EARTHCARE added, “These Wetlands are valuable marine nurseries for young fish, mollusks, invertebrates and crustaceans, serving as the first home for our fish, lobster, crab and conch.  Healthy, intact mangrove forests have been proven to save lives.  After the devastating tsunami of 2004 in the Indo Pacific, scientists proved that in the areas where mangrove stands were intact there was little to no loss of life.  However, on the coastal stands where the mangrove forests were destroyed and replaced with hotels, there was catastrophic loss of life.

The prop roots of the Red Mangrove plants build land.  These prop roots catch the sediment brought in by the ocean currents increasing land mass.   Today, we planted mangroves at Queens Cove in the wetland, in an area that had new mangroves already growing to ensure that the newly planted mangroves have the right conditions necessary to thrive.  EARTHCARE is blessed to be able to partner with Earth Successor, Qiantang River Waterkeeper, and Waterkeepers Bahamas today in order to meet Sustainable Development Goals.” 

45 Volunteers from China and The Bahamas joined forces to plant mangroves to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals

Joe Darville, Waterkeeper Bahamas and Shakada Hutson, EARTHCARE Eco Kid plant mangroves together

Chinese & Bahamian students come together for a common cause to Drawdown Climate Change

Hao Xin, Executive Director, Qiantang River Waterkeeper, Joe Darville, Waterkeeper Bahamas & Gail Woon, Founder, EARTHCARE

Shakada Hutson, EARTHCARE Eco Kid planting mangroves alongside groups from China and The Bahamas

Earth Successor Volunteer from China plants mangroves on Grand Bahama

Planting mangroves, a joint project between The Bahamas and China

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