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Community : Grand Bahama
Invest Grand Bahama leads delegation to #1 Call Centre event in North America - Jul 17, 2016 - 4:24:08 PM

Week of 27th June, 2016 – Las Vegas, Nevada – The Invest Grand Bahama Unit of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited lead a delegation, comprised of executives of itelBPO Solutions, to the 17th Annual Call Centre Week, which represents the industry’s largest conference and exposition in North America.  The companies joined forces to represent the Ultra-NearShore solution in terms of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), as exemplified by itelBPO’s call centre presence in Freeport, Grand Bahama. According to Derek Newbold, Senior Business Development Manager at GBPA, Call Centre Week 2016 provided an exceptional opportunity to showcase the Island of Grand Bahama with its close proximity to the US mainland, great cultural affinity with North America, strong education and professionalism, and competitive price-point, which makes for an unparalleled new offering in the call centre industry.
Community : Grand Bahama
Sarah St. George's remarks at GB Chamber Luncheon: 'Freeport not Fee port' - Jul 17, 2016 - 3:13:48 PM

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island -  On Friday July 15th 2016 Ms. Sarah St. George, Vice Chairman of The Grand Bahama Port Authority addressed the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce, TheBahamasWeekly.com is pleased to provide herewith the text of Ms St. George's presentation. The audio of her presentation in its entirety is located HERE.

"... And per the filing, I’d like to announce that we and GBPC have just successfully completed the Renewable Energy Rider (RER) so within a few weeks, customers will be able to sign up to a Buy-All-Sell-All Renewable generation programme, and use their own solar or even wind power. This accords with stated National Policy..."
Community : Grand Bahama
BTVI Grand Bahama graduates encouraged to be ethical - Jul 5, 2016 - 10:17:10 AM

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama - Friday, July 1st 2016 etched a mark of conclusion on the academic canvas of The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institution’s (BTVI) graduates in Grand Bahama.

The graduating class was commended by the institution’s first president, Dr. Robert W. Robertson, for persevering and completing the course through hardships and pressing circumstances. He mandated to the class of 43 that “[They] are the ones who are expected to play an instrumental role in solving the challenges and issues within [their] respective disciplines...

News : Bahamas Information Services Updates
Bevans Honoured for Contribution to Local Government - Jul 5, 2016 - 9:56:27 AM

HUNTERS, Grand Bahama – Wilfred Bevans, a resident of Hunters, Grand Bahama, was honoured Saturday for his participation in the growth and development of Local Government.

A building contractor and active participant in the affairs of his community, Mr. Bevans was saluted for more than 20 years of service in the local government system.

He was first elected to Local Government in 1996 and served as the first Chairman of the Pinder’s Point Township, and a Councilor for the West Grand Bahama Local Government District...
Community : Grand Bahama
Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology Graduates in Pursuit of Greatness Through Education and Knowledge - Jul 5, 2016 - 5:13:23 AM

Achieving greatness through education and knowledge is the quest of the 2016 graduating class of the Bahamas Institute of Business and Technology (BIBT), who was urged Sunday to pursue and embrace knowledge and wisdom for the advancement of their lives, their country and their communities.

The Institute, established in 2009, launched Commencement Week for its 63 graduates on Sunday afternoon with a Baccalaureate Thanksgiving Service held at the St. Paul’s Methodist Church.

Frederick McAlpine, guest speaker at the thanksgiving service, stressed to the graduates the importance of the active pursuit of knowledge.
Community : Grand Bahama
Swimming Skills Critical as The Bahamas Prepares for Active 2016 Storm Season - Jun 30, 2016 - 5:14:18 PM

On September 27, 2015, Hurricane Joaquin rose up out of the Atlantic Ocean without warning, decimating the southern and central Bahamas as it rapidly intensified from a strong tropical storm to a powerful Category 4 hurricane in a mere 39 hours. One of the most devastating storms to hit the country in more than two centuries, flooding from storm surge and torrential rainfall left hundreds of Bahamians trapped without shelter, power or food. Swimming to safety was their only option.

Now, just four weeks into the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season and with four named storms already on the books, meteorologists are predicting an even more active storm season than last year...
Community : Grand Bahama
Lucaya International School receives Wildlife Habitat Certification - Jun 25, 2016 - 1:39:13 PM

To help reconnect today’s students to the outdoors, the National Wildlife Federation assists schools in developing outdoor classrooms where educators and students learn how to attract and support local wildlife.

These wildlife habitats become places where students not only learn about wildlife species and ecosystems, but they also hone their academic skills and nurture their innate curiosity and creativity.

To meet the criteria for certification the students had to create a Wildlife Habitat that provides a number of specific elements for each of the followings habitat essentials...
Community : Grand Bahama
400m of ocean bottom cleaned by Grand Bahama citizens - Jun 20, 2016 - 11:47:20 AM

“On June 11th, EARTHCARE, along with concerned citizens/volunteers cleaned a quarter (1/4) mile or four hundred (400) meters of ocean bottom at Coral Beach, the site of the BASRA Marathon this summer,” said Gail Woon, Founder of EARTHCARE and a Director of Save The Bays. The objective of the event was to rid the seafloor of trash/marine debris. Trash bags and refreshments were provided. Volunteers snorkeled to remove trash and it was bagged ashore. All members of the public were invited to the event.”

“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans,” said Jacques-Yves Cousteau, famous ocean science/media pioneer. His words have unfortunately proved true today as evidenced by the state of our Bahamian beaches and the world’s coastlines...

News : Bahamas Information Services Updates
Sir Randol Fawkes Labour Day Parade in Grand Bahama‏ - Jun 7, 2016 - 11:32:14 AM

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama - Scenes from the Sir Randol Fawkes Labour Day Parade in Grand Bahama.

During the celebration of the Sir Randol Fawkes Labour Day Parade on Friday, June 3, Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, the Hon. Fred Mitchell were on island to participate in the annual march. Minister for Grand Bahama, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville also participated in the march...
Community : Grand Bahama
Grand Bahama 'Buddy Walk' marks 5 years of raising awareness - Jun 2, 2016 - 2:12:04 PM

Freeport, Grand Bahama - Last month  marked the 5th year that the Grand Bahama community has hit the pavement to raise awareness for those living in our community with Down Syndrome (DS). Blessed with another beautiful morning, walkers came out in high spirits to be a buddy to those living with DS in our community. Joining this year's walk was a group of visiting French tourists who meet a parent whose child has DS, while vacationing in Freeport.  This year’s walk under the theme of “the UP side of DOWN Syndrome”, like the previous walks before promotes the mandate to accept, include and encourage those with Down Syndrome...
Community : Grand Bahama
Grand Bahama Humane Society June Events 2016 - May 30, 2016 - 12:07:06 AM

Freeport Grand Bahama Island - The Grand Bahama Humane Society has a busy month of events planned for June 2016. There are three planned and all completely different from one another.  All events are in aid of our dogs and cats as always!

Firstly, there's a Pub Quiz/Trivia night, being held at the Garden of the Groves on Saturday 4th June.  The restaurant and bar will be open at 6.30pm and the quiz starts at 8.00pm - $5 per person.  A prize for the winning team
News : Bahamas Information Services Updates
Sandra Edgecombe Reading Literacy Programme Officially Launched in Grand Bahama - May 26, 2016 - 2:20:19 PM

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama - The Sandra Edgecombe Reading Literacy Programme was described as potentially “life changing” by Minister for Grand Bahama, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville, during an official launch of the programme at the Ministry of Education in the C.A. Smith Complex on Monday, May 23, 2016.

The programme he feels will help with literacy for the young and old in the community. He thanked the organizers for giving the "greatest gift" of being able to read and write. "It will be an essential component for our growth and development to be able to understand the issues and to be able to contribute effectively in the community...”
Community : Grand Bahama
HIV / AIDS survivor, Kevin Thompson Delancy congratulated on Bahamian Icon award nomination - May 25, 2016 - 11:07:35 PM

HIV/AIDS advocate, humanitarian, philanthropist and motivational speaker Kevin Thompson Delancy was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 21. Life was difficult for Kevin as it relates to discrimination and stigma coupled with no medication at the time. Therefore, there was no choice but to move abroad. In 1995 was one of his lowest years where he was diagnosed with full bloom AIDS, PCP pneumonia, not being able to walk for a period of time, and lost temporary sight in his right eye.
This motivated Kevin to dedicate his life’s mission to promote HIV/AIDS and personal awareness. Kevin has spent the last 27 years living abroad being active in HIV/AIDS work...
Grand Bahama Sailing Club Commemorates 10th Anniversary with Sloppy Sloop Regatta‏ - May 25, 2016 - 3:54:57 PM

The Grand Bahama Sailing Club is celebrating its 10th year anniversary and has decided to commemorate this milestone on May 28th 2016 with the Sloppy Sloop Regatta. The Regatta is a boat race consisting entirely with homemade rafts designed with recyclable materials.  Teams will have an opportunity to scull, paddle, row or sail their "sloops" through a ¼ mile course at the GB Sailing club, to be eligible to win the most coveted prizes such as the Diving Conch Trophy, the Ting 'em Trophy and the Conchy Joe Trophy, along with other awards and prizes.

The Regatta is a full day event, filled with exciting  pool games, water sports and endless activities; starting the day at 1pm and 'sailing' through the afternoon. The new Director of the club, Ross Darmody...
Community : Grand Bahama
Save The Bays YEA Volunteers Pour 400+ Hours into Grand Bahama YMCA Facelift - May 25, 2016 - 1:02:47 PM

They worked sometimes well into the night, and more than a few times until midnight but when they were done a group of eight volunteers with Save The Bays had transformed the auditorium of the Grand Bahama YMCA into a modern, bright and cheery performance arena – a conversion that was called breathtaking and included a room dedicated to the star-studded athletes who but the Grand in Grand Bahama.

“It was a makeover worthy of HGTV,” said Save The Bays Chairman and YMCA Vice President and Program Director Joe Darville. “The Property Brothers have nothing on our volunteers who really gave it their all – and then some.”

YMCA Executive Director Karen Johnson called transformation of the space “breathtaking.”
Community : Grand Bahama
EARTHCARE Eco Kids plant in mangroves and tour the Aquaponics facility - May 24, 2016 - 2:05:23 PM

EARTHCARE staged a Mangrove planting event by the EARTHCARE Eco Kids and toured the Aquaponics facility at the Garden of the Groves on Grand Bahama on Saturday, May 21st, 2016. Students from Martin Town Primary, Sunland Baptist Academy, Freeport Primary, Freeport Gospel Chapel School, Freeport Bible Academy, St. Georges High School, Bishop Michael Eldon School, and Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Academy attended.

Gail Woon, Founder of EARTHCARE and a Director of Save The Bays observed, “Climate change is quite possibly one of the most pressing issues of our time. Today’s mangrove planting exercise reiterates to our students the importance of mangroves as carbon sinks, i.e. they absorb excess carbon dioxide produced by man’s polluting activities...
Community : Grand Bahama
GBPA Partnership to Boost Employability of Grand Bahama Graduates‏ - May 23, 2016 - 10:14:36 AM

Freeport Grand Bahama - Executives of The Grand Bahama Port Authority Limited (GBPA) have partnered with the local Call Centre operator, Island Outsourcers, a subsidiary of iTelBPO Solutions out of Jamaica, to prepare hundreds of future Grand Bahama graduates for employment and future careers in the island’s Call Center & Business Processing Outsourcing industry.

The initiative referred to as the ‘Contact Center Education Initiative’ was introduced last week Thursday during the final school year meeting of the Grand Bahama Principal’s Association  at Freeport Gospel Chapel School...
Community : Grand Bahama
Walk for Equality for All set for Grand Bahama on May 21st - May 20, 2016 - 4:30:08 PM

Freeport, Grand Bahama - "Join us for a walk for Equality for All" on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 at 9am.

Please join us as we peacefully march to support the four constitutional amendments to be voted on in the National Referendum on June 7th. 

We invite you to bring your family, friends and neighbours to join hands together to support equality for women and men in our Constitution...
Community : Grand Bahama
St. Paul's Methodist College Benefit Concert - 29th May 2016‏ - May 20, 2016 - 2:10:02 AM

Freeport, Bahamas - St. Paul's Methodist College presents "Let There Be Praise!" Benefit Concert.

The Grand Bahama Chorale & The Grand Bahama Youth Choir and Other Artists
Date: 29 May 2016  Time: 5 p.m...
News : Bahamas Information Services Updates
Seniors Enjoy Their 21st Annual Luncheon in Eight Mile Rock - May 15, 2016 - 10:03:11 AM

EIGHT MILE ROCK, Grand Bahama - After 21 years Dr. M. R. Kavala, along with his family, continues to give back to the senior citizens of Grand Bahama. On Thursday, May 12, Dr. Kavala hosted his 21st Annual Luncheon for Senior Citizens on the grounds of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Bartlett Hill, Eight Mile Rock.
Joining in the celebration was the Member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini and, the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe, who saluted Dr. Kavala, saying “Dr. Kavala is a special man, he does not have to do what he is doing.” He continued by saying that through these luncheons Dr. Kavala is showing that in life you must give, and love and Dr. Kavala has demonstrated unconditional love for senior citizens...
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