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Video interview with Angelika Christie, Transformation Coach, Speaker, Author
By The Bahamas Weekly News Team
Sep 29, 2014 - 4:18:12 AM

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Transformation Coach, Speaker, Author; Angelika Christie N.D RMT C.H.T. from mackeymedia on Vimeo.

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island - The Bahamas Weekly presents a video interview with Angelika Christie,
who is a doctor of Naturopathy, life transformation coach, speaker, and a published author. In this interview she expresses her vision for Grand Bahama, which  can provide another source of revenue for the island aside from industry and mainstream tourism. Her vision is towards the island becoming a wellness destination where persons from all across the planet could converge for rest, rejuvenation, education, wellness and personal healing.

Below, we have provided the transcript of the contents of the interview, enjoy!

Angelika: My name is Angelika Christie. I’ve lived on the island of Grand Bahama for almost 36 years. It has been a long time and people still remember me as the ‘Lady from Precious Kids.’ I opened that business two years after I came to the island. These children that I clothed in the cutest little store in town are now in their early thirties. They want to create a life for themselves that is worth who they really are, especially the young women. I see such an incredible push for entrepreneurship because having a job and looking for employment on Grand Bahama is challenging.

TheBahamasWeekly.com: Because you’ve been here for 35 years, you’ve seen some heavy highs for Freeport?

Angelika: Yes, in the beginning. The first 5 years when the Princess Country Club and Tower were open, we had a very vibrant economy. We had a lot of Europeans come here and we had vintage car races and international road races. A lot of events happened here that brought people to our beautiful island.

TheBahamasWeekly.com: What do you see that has attributed to the down turn? You look around the world and even here in Nassau it is overflowing.

Angelika: I don’t know because it doesn’t make any sense. Our island, Grand Bahama, is probably one of the most beautiful islands in the Bahamas. Even though, there is tropical beauty on many other islands, because we are the most northern Island, we don’t really have such a tropical feel because the fauna is not as lush here. But we do have an infrastructure that is absolutely incredible. So we have everything we need to have a vibrant economy. When we drive out of Freeport for example direction East to East End, you feel as if you are on a different, a family island.

We have both, endless beaches and incredible infrastructure. We have fresh water, like its been said that a million people can live here without running out of water. We have something so unique here on this island that I believe Grand Bahama is a sleeping Beauty, actually, a giant waiting to wake up.

TheBahamasWeekly.com: What then has put this island to sleep? You mentioned that in the early years it was widely awake

Angelika: I do not know what put this island to sleep and I do not want to get into political opinions.

TheBahamasWeekly.com: Not from a political standpoint because you are talking about wellness and I want it from that context.

Angelika: You see I had a dream over 20yrs ago and I have voiced that dream on many occasions. The dream is that Grand Bahama Island is the perfect place for medical and wellness tourism. Meaning that we can have facilities here to bring people to wellness.  And then we have incredibly beautiful open spaces, where smaller facilities can come up and facilitate someone who has had a medical treatment stay for another month to just get well.

We have so many people here who can assist in wellness. Massage therapists, Reiki…  I brought Reiki to Grand Bahama 25 years ago.
Then there is Nutrition; we have a farm that produces natural and organic produce. We have so much here that supports wellness, so when people come here from busy cities to our island, they can really renew their body, mind and spirit and have an experience that is not only life transforming, but also creating a memory that they want to come back and experience again.
We haven’t really done anything to facilitate that vision on our island. It has either been industry or tourism, and the tourism concentrates on cruise ships. That’s not the tourism that will bring us wealth or make a mark in the world. Grand Bahama can become a Mecca, a place to go and be healed, feel inspired by the incredible beauty of clear oceans and endless beaches.  Actually, most of the wild dolphins that tourists swim with in Bimini come from Grand Bahama, and not just Bimini. 

UNEXSO provides a great dolphin experience and we have excellent excursions including the famous Garden of the Groves. There are so many things we have to offer, but it’s not really advertised fully, so people can understand the amazing treasure we offer… that can be life changing. In today’s world, people are stressed out in the cities; they are looking for places, an oasis, that can help them become distressed and focused on who they are, and become healthy again.

TheBahamasWeekly.com: And you have a plan that will start the ball rolling as far as getting focus onto Grand Bahama as a wellness center?

Angelika: Yes, for the last 2 yrs. especially the last year. I’ve traveled a lot and met a lot of affluent people and become apart of high- end masterminds. I have access to extensive clientele who actually look for places to bring their people to a place to create a memory. They can even teach what they teach in an environment that not only solidifies the teaching but is also an add- on that enriches the experience of how they will feel afterwards. The memories they will bring back, the life changing experiences that we can facilitate because of our environment, our tropical exotic environment.

We have the facilities here to allow that to happen. I have been talking to and continue to talk to people with Yoga Institutes and they are looking for Retreats to bring people to have these experiences. I have been talking to women who are in the business of empowering women worldwide. That is actually my own focus as I believe that women are the pillars of a new consciousness, a consciousness that is sustainable and that doesn’t compete or kill but rather brings us together.

Dave: What leads you to that conclusion?

Angelika: That women are the pillars of a new consciousness?  You see. Politics and greed has been in the hands of men throughout a long period of time; but there is a movement. Women have been put on the backburner for too long, to support the children and husbands and that’s fine. Yet something that is growing in women today that goes beyond that. There is a special gift that women have, a gift that I would like to support, the gift of bringing communities together so they can thrive. To thrive in a sustainable world that doesn’t come from greed thinking of how much can I get out.  A new consciousness that supports the community and children and grandchildren so they can have a world that they can live in, and that is not destroyed. I believe women carry that seed within them and we see them stepping up more and more in the business-world and in their communities.

TheBahamasWeekly.com: off mike you mentioned that as far as bringing in the international community you have those who are seeking that holistic wellness, that you also see some type of awakening of consciousness of women here, can you tie that in for us?

Angelika: yes, of course, there is and has been a very common that when you are down in an economy for an extended period of time, but there are glimpses that something may change and it doesn’t change… then there is an attitude that its not going to happen. So there is an overall depression here, a depression of emotions and a depression of expectations and a negative mind. And nothing good can happen from there.

So, what my passion my mission and vision is, is to empower especially women and young entrepreneurs to first of all change their mind. To have a higher expectation of themselves but then also to live up to that, which means getting the right training, get the right mindset.  I would love to offer that facility, and that’s why I have opened my office again, especially for coaching.

I used to have Radiant Health Center where I offered alternative medicine and nutrition and many other supported treatments were apart of this. But I believe that the mind is number 1 to become aware of what is needed first and if you don’t have the right mindset and if you feel overwhelmed and in doubts and fears and anxieties… nothing can happen; no health, no success, nothing at all because it’s all stuck.

That’s where I want to come in, I want to empower especially women, but all entrepreneurs, to get the right mindset and then use the tools that are available and apply them. I believe that there is a sequence in everything, you see it in nature; there is a particular sequence.  And the sequence I have developed according to natural law, I’m very confident that this is the right sequence and I call it the “4 Pillar Prosperity System. 
Your Spirit first, which is your spirituality; you need to be grounded in knowing who you really are and your Soul- Self.  Your spiritual Self… (and this has nothing to do with religion,) your Soul- Self is your true self and it is fearless and it’s not overwhelmed or in doubts. Why? Because it knows exactly who you are and it is your greatest collaborator. So we need to put that in place first: know who you are spiritually.

The next pillar is your physical body – take care of this body that your soul has chosen to inhabit for this lifetime for a purpose. When you are aligned with your Soul Self then you understand your physical body so much better and you can love it and you don’t feel that this is wrong or that is wrong, or I’m too this or I’m too that. Just love your body and see the amazing miracle that it is and how it gives you to experience this world and do what you need to do in this lifetime.

When those two are aligned, these two pillars, we can step out into the community and be seen for who we are and it will be authentic and effortless.

When you know who you are then others will see you for who you are as well.  Because we know that we are electricity, we are energy, we are constantly sending out vibrations, we are like a radio station always sending out what we feel and what we think. All of these are waves and frequencies that we send out. We attract exactly what we send out.  It’s almost like a calling out. If you always think about “oh my God I’m not good enough, I’m too old, I’m not smart enough”, you send this out and attract exactly what you say and it comes back to you.  So nothing can change if we believe that, so we have to change our beliefs because every human being is unique and capable and is here for a particular purpose.  So, that’s the third pillar. 

The fourth pillar is, of course we all want to have financial freedom, and many people think that this is what they have to go for first.  This however, will never work, you will be on a roller coaster and trying to get something financially and get this money for whatever, and yet it does not really fill you.

Why?  It does not bring you happiness either when the other pillars are not in place then financial freedom will not happen.  However, if all the other pillars are in alignment, then you will attract the right persons to yourself, you will attract the right opportunities, you will know what you want.  And you will also be able to find and understand the greatest gift that is within you; your special gift that you actually came here to give to others. Maybe you came here to be a teacher, a mentor for somebody else. Maybe it’s not even all about you, maybe it’s about others that you came into this lifetime with, to affect them in a positive way.

So that’s the whole journey. And your financial freedom can be pretty easy when you have everything in place, when your mindset is correct, when you know who you are, you have the courage that didn’t come naturally before and you will attract the right people into your life. I believe this so strongly, because I have experienced this myself

TheBahamasWeekly.com: So go ahead and provide us with a summary of the 4 pillars?

: ok the first pillar, and it needs to be in that sequence, 1) your spiritually- you need to know who you are as a spiritual being and align yourself with that and then you become fearless.

TheBahamasWeekly.com: And how do you do that?

Angelika: That’s part of my program

TheBahamasWeekly.com: You will tell us more of the program to commence all of that?

Angelika: the second is your physical body. When you know who u are spiritually then you can appreciate your physical body much more.  You then also know (and I will teach you) how to become still and listen to what your body is telling you.  You have to become still to understand what your soul is telling you too – that’s the first.  There must be stillness to understanding the language of your body; what the body is communicating with you since each and every cell in your body is intelligent. There is a tremendous amount of intelligence in your body. Nobody, not any person outside yourself, not even the smartest doctor knows more (or even close) about what your body knows, its needs. You just need to understand it.

Third pillar, your social standing i.e. being able to step out into the world, from your family, to the community and out into the world to be seen for who you really are. Only then will you attract the people you need to bring into (and that you want to bring into) your life- and financial freedom will come to you.

When those 4 pillars are in place then you will discover the greatest gift that is still within you. 

The worst thing is when you are on your deathbed and you have all these regrets because you know that you held back, that there was something that you were supposed to give, a gift that you came into this lifetime with to share, maybe to live from. Yet you may have always thought that you were not good enough, or it was too scary, or that you feel that you didn’t have the opportunity.

But when you go through these four pillars you know who you are and you also have the confidence; you become fearless. Confidence is one of those things today that is really lacking more and more. I see this in so many people who have lost confidence in so much, even in themselves. Competition has grown, but this does not mean that you are in competition with somebody else.  It’s only an idea; it’s an illusion. There is no real competition.  Why? Because there is only one of everybody, and everybody is so unique.  When you are authentic, then there is no competition.  You know Dave the truth is always simple.   You peel away illusions like you peel an onion. Peel away at all of the false beliefs, the assumptions, the pre-programmed subconscious mind that has stored all of this clutter…like: “You should do this, you shouldn’t do this etc.” These are all things we have taken on since childhood, and believed it at some point and they are covering up who we really are at the core of our being. 

My specialty is to peel away at these layers of false beliefs, illusions, assumptions, so that you can come to the core of who you really are and then you can blossom and then you can know who you are and will see that you have no competition.

TheBahamasWeekly.com: and tell us about your programs that take us through these four pillars and how to reach you and all of that?

: yes my office, which is kind of new, is in the V.I.P. Centre building. It’s the Envirologic and V.I.P. Services Building.  It’s on #6 West Atlantic Drive. I have an office in there and a conference room for group coaching.

I invite anybody who would like to find out if coaching will be right for them.  Everybody who is successful today has either mentors or coaches.  Coaching is really important if you want to become successful in anything.  We are usually too close to ourselves to see the pitfalls and what we need in order to reach our goal. So yes, I do one- on- one coaching.  I like group coaching because the group dynamic is always incredible because we learn from each other; we mirror each other. So I open it up for people to contact me and even offer a free 15-minute consultation so we can see if we are right for each other.

I also would like to reach out to young entrepreneurs who need help, maybe to get the right mind frame or to understand what is the right next step, or what they have to put into place first. I would love to create a platform for young entrepreneurs to come together and brainstorm, kind of like a mastermind. We could meet in my conference room for that, since it is available to me.  My office phone is 352-1010 and the email is radiantangel@me.com

it’s really my personal email.  My professional one is: angelika@angelikachristie.com   but use my private on since most people misspell my name.

TheBahamasWeekly.com: this has been great and we look forward to your plans coming into fruition. You mentioned Jenny Craig and some other people you are working with to bring yoga as part of the wellness program.

Angelika: Retreats, business Retreats and wellness Retreats. Mastermind Retreats, high- end Retreats to this island. I think I have all of the people in place here. We do have the resources, we do have the infrastructure and I want to be the facilitator to bring this to our island.

TheBahamasWeekly.com: And some of our women from here will be able to be apart of this

Angelika: absolutely! So we need to get ready for that. Grand Bahama get ready because will be known around the world as a spot for excellence, and wellness and life transformation Retreats.


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