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BASRA Grand Bahama Rescue Reports for July and August, 2011
Sep 9, 2011 - 11:18:23 AM

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Grand Bahama, Bahamas - For the month of August, BASRA had a total of 6 calls, 5 people assisted, 1 rescue boats called out, 1 plane search, 1 assist from USCG, 1 assist from RBDF and marine patrol, 0 commercial assists and 1 assist by Good Samaritan.

The following is there August, 2011 Report:

On August 11th at 10:00am

BASRA received a call from USCG, a sailboat, Lazarus 25 feet in length had left West Palm Wednesday at 1AM to West end arrival 1PM.  They then went and on to the Abacos. BASRA did not reach West end. Weather was severe, winds 20 to 30 MPH. USCG and BTC tried to triangulate cell phone, with this attempt there was no avail. On August 12th the boat arrived at Fox Town Abaco, they reported no problems, and were blown north and bypassed West end.

On August 21st at 6:00PM

BASRA received a Mayday from 41 foot boat off lucayan Water Way broken down Anchored in 12 feet of water. Notified OR & R, they could not get guarantee of payment. At 7:00PM Bradford Marine called a friend who will be taking out a fuel pump and making repairs.

On August 22nd at 9:31PM

Black Beard cruse picked up a mayday from a boat between Nassau and Eleuthra. Called RBDF Nassau and Basra Nassau, This was eventually passed to RBDF.

On August 24th at 2:30PM

BASRA received a call from Mrs. Murry that Crawfish boat Patches, Capt. Raugh Murry is overdue and hurricane Irene is approaching. BASRA then called Old Bahama Bay, Freeport Harbour, Great harbor Cay and Bimini to each put out a call. At 7:00PM Mrs. Murry called, the boat is going into west end.

On August 24th at 5:00PM

BASRA received a call from Sophie Higgs McLean’s town that a fishing boat 50 feet coming from Carters Cay to Dover sound had not arrived. On August 25th Sophie reported boat made into Lucayan water Way safely.

On August 25th at 1:00PM

Mark Asbury and Gary Simmons made a flight to the Abacos to assess damage after Hurricane Irene, no heavy damage spotted and both airports are re-open.

On August 26th at 4:30PM

BASRA received a call from police control that a 14 year old girl swimming off Xanadu is missing. Launched Rescue 1 with Capt. Gary Simmons, and crew Tom Christian Jonnie and Rick. BASRA Rescue immediately notified Justin Snisky and d’Von Archer for beach assistance.  A jet ski was on site searching and people walking the waters. Tom Christian swam in to the Beach from Rescue 1 and got a report from the police and family as to where she was last seen. The Report was that she, her brother and a friend were swimming from the west parking lot area to the jetty, the brother had came in first at the boat mooring (buoy anchored just a few feet off shore) and the friend came in second and lost site of the girl. A man on the beach  at the boat reported that he saw her at the mooring then she went down and did not come back up. The waves were 3 to 4 feet and the waters were milky and unable to see. The rescue boat and Jet Ski combed the area. 7:00PM we organized and human chain and walked in the water as far and deep as we could we then swam and walked from the beach to the tip of the jetty on both sides as snorkelers swam the entrance area, however no luck. We decided to halt the search because of darkness and resume at low tide around 1AM. RBPF called USCG to assist in the search. On August 27th at 4:30 Am the USCG Hilo thinks they spotted something in the water, BASRA divers were sent out but still found nothing. At 7:30AM the missing female’s body washed ashore.  

Here is the BASRA July 2011 Report:

For the month of July, BASRA had a total of 15 calls, 33 people assisted, 3 rescue boats called out, 2 plane searches, 3 assist from the USCG, 2 assist from RBDF, 5 commercial assists and 4 assists by good Samaritans.  

On July 3rd at 10:10PM

BASRA Rescue received a call from OBAT that a sailor off the USS Vicksburg has the bends and needs a decompression chamber. Contacted Dave and Peter Muller who has a chamber, put them in touch with the USS Vicksburg. 10:54PM sailor is stable and returning to ship.

On July 4th at 8:27AM

Basra Rescue received a call from d’Von Archer;  that he received a call from Ellie at Elnet Maritime that the chef on the Orient Sunshine, 30 miles out ETA to GB was 11:45AM had is thumb cut off and needs a evac. Called USCG Dist. 7, they would not launch a rescue helicopter for a cut off thumb. Arranged for transport to hospital when boat arrives at Freeport.

On July 4th at 10:20AM

BASRA Rescue received a Mayday call from a 23 foot Hydro sport, single engine, 2 POB , 2 miles off Freeport Harbour is broken down. Call Brian Collin to assist, ETA 30 min. 11:00AM got engine started, called Brian to return. 11:20AM broken down again, Brian returning. Located boat behind Sea Escape, stayed with him until he got the engine running and stayed in touch until vessel was underway.

On July 5th at 6:07PM

BASRA Rescue received a Mayday from vessel NE of Mangrove Cay, contact intermittent with at ship forwarding to Old Bahama Bay. 6:30PM OR & R going out to assist.

On July 11th at 5:44PM

BASRA Rescue received a call from airport control tower that a plane on route to Bimini has spotted a boat on fire 28 miles from Freeport at a heading of 252. Launched rescue I, Gary Capt. ETA 45 minutes. Peter Scogin in his plane was flying over area, spotted people in the water, boat totally engulfed. Location 26.22.034 – 79.03.278. notified RBDF and Marine patrol. 6:20PM called Obat, 5 people in water clinging to coolers, 2 with vests. 6:22PM Call from Winters marine patrol. Discovery sun in area and headed that way. Peter Scogin stayed over scene until discovery arrived. 6:38PM Discovery on site launching life boat. 6:40PM Report back to RBDF and Marine. 6:50PM Freeport Harbour relayed info from discovery that we have 1 Cuban, 3 Jamaican and 2 Haitians. 7:20PM Rescue I on scene, was decided that discovery take them to Fort Lauderdale, some had burns. 7:30PM Notified RBDF, Marine Patrol and Obat. 8:43 Obat reported that a cutter will intercept and remove people before reaching Florida.

On July 11th at 8:48PM

BASRA Rescue received a call from West end police that they got a call from a boat which was  1 mile behind Sandy Cay and was broken down.  At 9:10PM BASRA called another BASRA Volunteer from  West end for assistance, no one was available. At 9:35PM Called Nathan moody, he and the police are going out, they left at 10:00PM. A Call from Mrs. Gibson came in that the boat is a 17 foot whaler, center console 3 to 4 POB. BASRA then notified Nathan. At  11:00PM  A call from Mrs. Gibson came in again that they can see a boat circling but it is too far away. BASRA then tried to reach rescue boat but got no contact, texted both on board with the updated info. At 11:48PM boat under tow 8 miles out.  They then Called Mrs. Gibson at 2:00AM to state their in safe.

On July 13th at 12:30PM

BASRA Rescue received a Mayday call from 78 foot motor yacht Lady Joe, man bitten by shark, arm almost severed. Location N26.30.193 – W78.36.910 at shark junction. Called Gary and he responded. Called 911 for ambulance. Man brought into Port Lucaya. They reported they were diving when a glass bottom boat came up and started chumming the water which put the sharks into a feeding frenzy. The Tour boat was asked many times to leave, but to no avail. The diver was taken to the hospital, but no report of condition.

On July 15th at 1:38AM

Call from Obat, receiving DSC alert no. 30843300 for vessel SmiteLoire. Called Freeport Harbour, vessel in harbor will notify. All is cleared.

On July 17th at 8:00AM

BASRA Rescue received a Call from Troy Albury Guana Cay, he received a call from motor yacht Sea Ya, 43 foot 3.5 draft aground at Great Sail Cay. Called OR & R, responding. OR & R Got to Mangrove Cay and received a call from vessel that they were underway.

On July 17th at 11:00PM

BASRA Rescue received a Call from Dennis Knowles Hope town Abaco that a 60 foot troller has broken loose during a storm and crashing into dock at Lovers Quarters. Called Chis Prewitt in Hope Town and he responded and report boat under control.

On July 18th at 12:42AM

BASRA Rescue received a Call from Obat, receiving an E-Perb alert for vessel Patchy Fog at N27.004.96 -W78.16.00, 4 POB, 2 adults and two children, boat is aground. At 1:00AM BASRA called RBDF. BASRA then called Grand Cay police to call out on VHF 16, but there was no reply. Basra Nassau called, boat is anchored and ok until morning. 6:48AM OR & R responding for Sea Tow.  

On July 18th at 2:00PM

BASRA Rescue received a Call from family that Alrick Rolle on a 21 foot Rebalo, white hard T top, single Johnson engine, 5 POB,  left Running Mon Marina the evening of July 17th at 5PM for ginger bread grounds and was due back this morning (July 18th). At 2:20Pm BASRA called control tower for any plane to keep an eye out, Marine Patrol, & Obat. BASRA then called Freeport Harbour control to put a call out; to which they got a reply that the boat was 20 miles SE of Freeport and broken down. At 3:30PM launched Mark Albury to search and launched Rescue I toward the area. Plane search of the area did not locate vessel. 6:00PM extended search and found them SW of Freeport and under tow. They had not reported back that they were safe and Basra once again received no contribution for plane and boat costs.

On July 19th at 3:15PM

BASRA Rescue received a Call from RBDF, that they received a call of an overdue vessel 46 foot sail FL1229PB Benatao, green/white haul, white sail, yellow dingy and Kayak, Capt. Dave Lehner, left Florida July 13th for The Bahamas this was then reported that they left Little Harbour to Great Sail Cay and reported engine problems.  Unable to locate.

On July 21st at 7:30PM

BASRA Rescue received a Call from Mark Albury that Archy Mcbride in a 16 foot boat going to Nurse rocks/Hall point is overdue. Launched plane with Dr. Horsfall and Colin Rose, no boat located. 11:30PM Mark Albury called to say they were home safe.

On July 23rd at 2:30PM

BASRA Rescue received a Call from Freeport Harbour, freighter talking to boat (All-In) out of gas at N26.15.981 –W 78.32.356, 4 POB. Vessel is approx. 24 to 30 foot. Called OR&R (Ocean Rescue & Recovery) they are going out at 3:40PM. 3:45PM call from Carnival Sensation, report boat is white/red hull,  this info was forwarded to Gary at OR&R.  

BASRA is a vital non-profit organization. To support or find more information go to their website: http://basragrandbahama.com/

BASRA Grand Bahama reminds you to Boat Safe; please make sure you have the proper equipment on board before you leave the dock.

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