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Register for BodyTalk in Nassau June 4th - 8th
May 29, 2009 - 9:30:26 AM

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Nassau, The Bahamas - Learn what Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Nurses, Reiki Masters, Teachers and Students around the world are learning with amazing results.

The BodyTalk System comes to Atlantis on Paradise Island with a 4-day intensive from June 5th to 8th. Attend a FREE lecture on June 4th at 7pm with workshop instructor Jeanne Ellis

First 10 students to register are eligible to win a Free 'Swim with the Dolphins'.

 34 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available.

REGISTER NOW  at www.bodytalkcenterofpalmbeach.com, tel 561 706 2834

Your Body’s Talking………………Are You Listening?
by Jeanne Ellis

Have you ever wished you could get well without medication or surgery, or help someone else do so? Although prescription drugs and surgery have saved countless lives, many people spend years popping pills which only hide the symptoms, and have surgery which could have been avoided. A breakthrough non-invasive, scientifically based energy healthcare system called the BodyTalk System is being taught in Nassau for the first time. My name is Jeanne Ellis of Palm Beach, Florida, and it is a privilege to share the BodyTalk System with you. On April 19th the first ACCESS class was held at Academia, and eighteen students walked away with simple tools to improve the quality of their lives and that of their loved ones. ACCESS teaches the basics of the BodyTalk System.

Less than two weeks after the class, one of the students said, “I enjoyed the ACCESS seminar and I have been using it on myself ever since. I'd been having problems with my neck and head while sleeping. I'd wake up with terrible headaches and stiff neck that would go away once I got up and moved around. I get this way every now and again and would usually have to go for acupuncture and massage. Ever since I began practicing ACCESS, all that has disappeared. I no longer worry before I go to sleep if I'll wake up with a headache. I do it on rising and any stiffness in my joints disappears. I look forward to learning more in the future!”

The BodyTalk System, developed by Dr John Veltheim, literally follows the body’s guidance directly to the place that needs attention. Your body has its own intelligence which coordinates thousands of simultaneously occurring functions, organizing the organs, endocrines, and other major systems. You don't run your body, this intelligence does. A BodyTalk Practitioner can communicate with this innate wisdom and “remind” the body what needs to happen in order to heal. The body also knows when it is no longer able to heal on its own, and can alert a practitioner when medical attention is needed.

Another student of the first ACCESS class said, “when at work on the computer I find myself tensing up, especially my neck and shoulders. I stop and practice my cortices and switching, and within seconds I find peace and tranquility".

I discovered the BodyTalk System in 1996 and have been dedicated to sharing this wisdom ever since. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified NeuroMuscular Therapist and Reiki Master, I was only able to provide temporary relief for my clients prior to learning BodyTalk. But, I wanted to do more. I knew there were other areas not being addressed, such as digestive issues, fears and phobias, emotions, endocrine imbalances, belief systems and many other possibly sub-conscious issues that needed attention for the client to truly heal and most importantly, have a long lasting result. But HOW? There are 100,000 chemical reactions every second, 20 million red blood cells alone replaced every second, 40 billion bits of information processed in the brain every second. “ I had never heard of the BodyTalk System before I attended a demonstration one night at a Florida State Massage Association meeting.

Then it happened. I saw a man from the International BodyTalk Association call a lady up that had pain in her shoulder and could not lift her arm without severe pain. I then saw the man use her hand to ask questions, and then very lightly tapped on her head and heart/thymus complex, This all happened in just a few minutes. He then asked her to raise her arm and she did so with no pain and had almost full range of motion. I was astounded and amazed as it usually took me at least three, hour long sessions with NeuroMuscular Therapy for a client to have this much improvement. This led me to taking the BodyTalk System workshop, which was out of town, as I could hardly wait to learn how this worked. When I got back home, the first person I worked on had amazing results. She was severely depressed, did not even want to leave the house and her husband was beside himself and didn’t know what to do anymore to help her. Previously she was a well known artist but now had no joy for living or painting anymore. Within one BodyTalk session she was no longer depressed and had started painting again. Her husband needless to say, was overjoyed.

The BodyTalk System integrates well with all other modalities including Western Medicine. Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Psychologists, and people who just want to help their family and loved ones are becoming Certified BodyTalk Practitioners. It has grown quickly in the last twelve years because of good results, and is now taught in over 30 countries around the world. ACCESS is being taught to school children with amazing results on grades, attention spans, behaviour and overall health of entire schools.

There will be a free introduction lecture and demo in Nassau on June 4th, and I will teach modules one and two of the BodyTalk System on June 5th - 8th. For more information on the Bodytalk system and upcoming seminars in Nassau and other international classes, visit www.bodytalkcenterofpalmbeach.com , or call 561 706 2834. email jeanne@bodytalkcenterofpalmbeach.com .

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