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News : Local Last Updated: Oct 18, 2017 - 1:40:46 PM
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News : Local
‘Tremendous Response’ to Commonwealth Bank’s Spanish Wells Opening - Jun 17, 2017 - 5:28:24 AM

Commonwealth Bank staffers knew the opening of their newest branch on the island of Spanish Wells in North Eleuthera on June 6 was off to a strong start when they heard the voices.

“We were so surprised,” said Michelle Fox, Assistant Manager, Credit and senior officer at Spanish Wells branch. “We opened the doors to welcome the crowd that had already gathered and when they saw the balloons and all the decorations everyone started singing “Happy Birthday to Commonwealth Bank”!! The response every day since has been tremendous, people coming in to open accounts and processing other transactions.”

Commonwealth Bank’s presence represented the first time the island that prides itself on community-owned enterprises including a food store and fuel station has been home to an all Bahamian-owned and operated bank...
News : Local
Civil Society Groups: "Amend and Enact FOIA" - Jun 16, 2017 - 1:39:12 PM

Following remarks from the Attorney General declaring Freedom of Information a priority but expressing uncertainty about the bill’s status and future, a group of civil society organizations (CSOs) and private industry groups is pressing the new administration to highlight the amendment and full enactment of Freedom of Information. The group urges the government to look to the timely enactment of FOIA but also to take this opportunity to make revisions that strengthen the Bill.

The groups are a part of a caucus of CSOs and private industry groups representing over 100,000 Bahamians who comprised the central advocacy engine that pressed for amendments to the Freedom of Information Bill, aiming for legislation that better empowered the people and held government officials and departments accountable...
News : Local
Defence Force Rangers Installation Ceremony - Jun 15, 2017 - 10:30:40 AM

It was a celebration of the achievements of brilliant young people.as 408 Defence Force Rangers, both male and female took the challenge to set the standard of excellence in discipline, dedication and determination. They all were successful in being officially inducted into the Rangers program over the past several weeks.

The installation ceremony for the nation’s builders took place on several Family Islands. On the island of Abaco, 31 students graduated from the program. From Grand Bahama, 80 students completed the program, and 38 students from North Andros were successful. The final ceremony took place in New Providence on Saturday June 10th at the Defence Force’s Coral Harbour Base, where 259 students including 9 from the Berry Islands graduated into the program...
News : Local
Home Grown Education Trumps International Exposure - Jun 14, 2017 - 11:57:02 AM

Academic and career goals were well in hand for Jerchoyae Moxey. Just a week after graduating from Kingsway Academy in 2015 she was on an airplane travelling to the University of Tasmania where she had been accepted into the Marine and Antarctic Sciences Bachelor’s Degree programme.

While Jerchoyae’s experience was an amazing one - what teenager would not want to be half way around the world pursuing their passion, free of parental constraint and in an exotic location to boot – the focus on a world alien to all she knew coupled with a lack of field exposure caused her to reassess the way forward...
News : Local
US Army Brigadier General calls on Commander RBDF - Jun 8, 2017 - 10:56:29 AM

Brigadier General Richard Heitkamp, the Deputy Director of Strategy, Policy and Plans North American Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern Command, paid a courtesy call on Commander Defence Force, Commodore Tellis Bethel on Monday afternoon.

Brigadier General Heitkamp, who was accompanied by his staff from the United States Northern Command, met with Commodore Bethel at the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Headquarters, Coral Harbour Base where matters of mutual interest were discussed...
News : Local
ORG Commends Policies in Budget Comms – Urges Cross-sector Collaboration - May 31, 2017 - 9:45:08 PM

Though, Deputy Prime Minister K. Peter Turnquest painted a bleak picture of the current Bahamian economy and fiscal state citing a litany of gloomy statistics such as stagnant GDP, and a growing deficit, he looked to the future quoting new fiscal policies and other measures intended to mitigate and reverse these trends.

The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) a non-partisan, not for profit civic foundation aimed at good governance, stated it is hopeful for the promised changes however reminds representatives that to achieve meaningful accountability and transparency, they must commit to open governance and engage the input of civil society, the private sector and the public in these initiatives...
News : Local
Bahamas Insurance Association Re-elects Officers - May 30, 2017 - 10:12:43 AM

The Bahamas Insurance Association (BIA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 24, 2017 where Emmanuel Komolafe and Lyrone Burrows were re-elected as Chairman and Deputy Chairman (Life & Health) respectively, for another two-year term. Other BIA executive officers currently serving the second year of their term include Anton Sealy, Senior Account Executive and Director at Insurance Management (Bahamas) Ltd. (Deputy Chairman – Property & Casualty); Warren Rolle, Managing Director of NUA Insurance Agents & Brokers (Secretary); and Cardinal McCardy, President, Hope Insurance Agents & Brokers Limited (Treasurer).

This election comes following a change in government in The Bahamas and at a time when the insurance industry is confronted with a myriad of challenges which are expected to impact the business models of BIA members...
News : Local
Haitian Migrants apprehended in Eleuthera - May 19, 2017 - 10:36:06 AM

Over 4 dozen Haitian migrants were apprehended in the eastern Bahamas Wednesday morning during a joint exercise by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Royal Bahamas Police Force and Immigration authorities.

Shortly after 10:00 am, a Haitian sloop was spotted in the area of Bannerman Town, Eleuthera. When officials arrived to the scene, they embarked on a joint exercise to take into custody the migrants, some of whom had already begun to disperse. A search was conducted in the area and over 50 migrants were apprehended. The migrants were transported to the Capital aboard HMBS Kamalamee under the command of Senior Lieutenant Valentino Rolle and turned over to Immigration officials for further processing...
News : Local
Romora Bay Resort & Marina Has Best Season in Resort’s Nearly 50-Year History, Caps Off Best Year for Marina - May 17, 2017 - 8:57:32 AM

Romora Bay Resort & Marina, a Harbour Island landmark since 1968, reported the strongest season in its nearly 50-year history with all revenue streams – marina, rooms and restaurant – at peak occupancy and spend records in April.

“We could not be more pleased with the reception we have been getting, particularly among the captains and owners of increasingly larger vessels at the marina. What gives us the greatest satisfaction is that we are operating at our very best with all-Bahamian management and staff sharing that special touch of Bahamian hospitality,” said Joe Dargavage, Operations Manager, the sole non-Bahamian. Dargavage, who has a 25-year history in The Bahamas and has served as president of the Association of Bahamas Marinas...
News : Local
HMBS Rolly Gray makes 1000 lb drug bust - May 16, 2017 - 5:19:52 PM

Early yesterday morning, Royal Bahamas Defence Force patrol craft, HMBS ROLLY GRAY, made a hefty dent in the illegal narcotics supply.

While on routine patrol in the South western Bahamas, in the area of Cay Lobos, the Defence Force vessel intercepted a 28-foot blue and white go-fast vessel. The vessel was subsequently searched by Rolly Gray's boarding team and a large supply of contraband, believed to be marijuana was discovered on board.

The three males on board, 2 Bahamians and 1 Jamaican, were apprehended and their contraband seized. They were transported to the Capital where they arrived...
News : Local
The Evolution of Death and the Rebirth of Volunteerism - May 15, 2017 - 5:55:21 PM

THE EVOLUTION OF THE DEATH AND REBIRTH OF VOLUNTEERISM, a presentation at the American Women’s Club during the occasion of the bestowal of scholarships and other donations made on May 1st by Joseph Darville, Chairman, Save The Bays:

Long, long time ago, back in the late sixties and early seventies, before any of young people, or even your parents, were just in the mind of the Creator, I observed with much distress, the dying of volunteerism in our beloved Bahamaland. It moved me so significantly, that I, actually, established in 1978, at the high school level, a program called “obligatory community hours, to qualify for graduation.” And today, thankfully, every high school in this nation has that as a prerequisite for earning a diploma.
News : Local
Out Da Box on the 2017 General Election - May 15, 2017 - 4:48:58 PM

Out Da Box wishes to thank all the citizens of our country who, as an act of conscience, chose not to endorse a candidate in the 2017 general election, but instead chose to protest at the ballot booth. A Rev Media exit poll has suggested that up to 8% of voters cast a ballot but did not vote for a candidate. Voting tallies indicate that 47,000 registered voters (or roughly 26%) either spoiled their ballots or stayed away from the polls. This sends the strong message that a sizeable number of Bahamians are dissatisfied with the electoral system and the options for representation offered.

We again express alarm at the abnormalities reported to have taken place throughout the country on Election Day and at the blatant disenfranchisement of voters in the Family Islands on the day of the Advance Poll...
News : Local
Bahama Oriole: Fewer than 300 left in the world, and all on Andros - May 15, 2017 - 10:38:33 AM

The Bahamas National Trust is collaborating with the Omland Lab at the University of Maryland to determine nesting habitat for the Bahama Oriole on Andros - where fewer than 300 of these rare birds are thought to live.

Up to this point, orioles were thought to nest almost exclusively in developed areas, in non-native coconut palms. But initial research in 2011 observed adult birds foraging in pine and coppice forest.

Current research let by Dr. Kevin Omland of the Omland Lab, University of Maryland, Baltimore County discovered orioles nesting deep within the pine forests...
News : Local
Bahamas Spelling Bee Champ Headed to D.C. - May 13, 2017 - 11:29:37 AM

Bahamas National Spelling Bee Champion Jee'von Pratt is scheduled to arrive in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, May 28, to compete in the 90th annual Scripps National Spelling Bee at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center hotel in National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, just outside Washington D.C., May 28-June 3.

A 12-year-old 7th Grade Student at St. Augustine's College in Nassau, Jee’von is Speller No. 271 among the 291 spellers participating in this year’s competition. Although most of the participants are from the United States, in addition to The Bahamas, other champion spellers in this year’s competition are from American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Department of Defense Schools in Europe, Canada, China, Ghana, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea...
News : Local
BREA’s New President Invites Greater Participation, Consultation with Government - May 12, 2017 - 3:17:45 PM

The recently elected president of the Bahamas Real Estate Association yesterday called for greater cooperation, consultation and participation with the newly elected government, declaring “together, we can help drive one of the most important engines of the Bahamian economy.”

Christine Wallace-Whitfield, president of the 500+-member strong association of property professionals, offered congratulations to the incoming government, adding she hoped the organization and government could strengthen ties to promote, oversee and grow the multi-billion dollar industry...
News : Local
Save The Bays Congratulates New Gov't, Urges FOI Act as Priority - May 12, 2017 - 9:30:46 AM

Hours after the Free National Movement swept the national elections in an historic vote, winning all but four seats in a 39-seat House of Assembly, one of the country’s most popular organisations offered congratulations and urged attention to what it called “promises Bahamians want fulfilled as top priorities.”

Chief among those, said Save The Bays, was delivering on a long-awaited Freedom of Information Act that would enable the people to know the people’s business.
“Save The Bays congratulates Dr. Hubert Minnis and the members of the Free National Movement who now undertake the courageous and grave responsibility of defining the future of this great little country over the next five years,” said a statement by the environmental advocacy group..."
News : Local
U.S. Embassy Nassau on The Bahamas Elections - May 11, 2017 - 11:15:17 PM

The Embassy of the United States of America congratulates the people of The Bahamas on a successful election. Citizens throughout The Bahamas exercised their constitutional right and civic responsibility, further strengthening The Bahamas’ robust democratic traditions. The U.S. government looks forward to working with the newly elected representatives.

Earlier this spring, the Governor General invited the U.S. Embassy and international organizations to officially observe The Bahamas’ 2017 General Election. U.S. Embassy personnel participated alongside observers from the Organization of American States, CARICOM, and the Commonwealth Secretariat...
News : Local
Royal Bahamas Defence Force honours Fallen Comrades - May 10, 2017 - 10:15:58 PM

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force held a special ceremony this morning at the Coral Harbour Base in honor of 4 fallen Marines who perished in a tragic incident 37 years ago.

Special guests for the occasion included Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, Governor General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas; the Right Honorable Perry G. Christie, Prime Minister; Senator the Honorable Allyson Maynard-Gibson, Attorney General and Leader of the Free National Movement, Dr. Hubert Minnis...
News : Local
Young Bahamian activist invited to the U.N. - May 5, 2017 - 1:48:18 PM

The Friendship Ambassador Foundation in conjunction with the United Nations has invited promising young activist Jasper Ward to the 20th session of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations (U.N.)

The Youth Assembly at the United Nations is a unique platform for fostering dialogue and generating partnerships between exceptional youth, civil society, the private sector, and the United Nations.

Joseph Darville, VP of Grand Bahama Human Rights Association (GBHRA), said it’s “remarkable” to see “young, passionate activists” like Jasper being recognized by international organizations for their advocacy in The Bahamas...

News : Local
URCA's response to BPL SSRG application and interconnection - May 4, 2017 - 9:43:51 AM

On 13 December 2016, the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) published an Initial Decision and Preliminary Determination in respect of URCA’s Review and Proposed Revisions to Bahamas Power and Light Limited (BPL)’s Small-Scale Renewable Generation (SSRG) Plan. In that document, URCA made certain decisions regarding the implementation of SSRG in The Bahamas, and required BPL to revise its SSRG Plan and present the revised Plan to URCA for approval.

URCA has now completed its review of BPL’s revised SSRG Plan which was submitted to URCA by BPL in February 2017, and now issues its decision which incorporates the submissions received. URCA assessed BPL’s documents based on their compliance with URCA’s Initial Decision and Preliminary Determination, their completeness, and their clarity...

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