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Your Weekly Computer Tips by WorldStart
By WorldStart.com
Jun 16, 2009 - 4:55:43 PM

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Quick Tips

Say Hello, Menu Key

I made a new friend today. It was there all along and I never noticed it on the right side of my keyboard between the Window Key and the Control Key. I don't even know it's true name, so I'll call it the "Menu Key". Why? Because when you press it, it opens up a drop-down menu for whatever program you're in. The menu includes all the information you would see if you right clicked, so I guess you could also call it the "Right-Click" Key.


So, next time you're typing away and need an edit menu or some other feature that you normally right-click to get, just head down to the Menu Key. Pretty soon it'll be your friend too.

Computers 101

All of my desktop icons are way too big. Can I shrink them somehow?

Yes. You can change the size of the icons and the size of the text beneath them, and not just by choosing Large Icon or Small Icon. Just right-click the desktop, click Properties, and go to the Appearance tab. Click Effects.


The Advanced Appearance window will open. Scroll down to "icon" and then you'll be able to change those icon and caption sizes at will.


Make your changes, then click OK. You'll return to the Display Properties window. Click Apply. Your desktop screen will gray out for a few seconds, then you'll see the changes on your desktop. If you like what you see, click OK. If not, click on Effects again and make more changes.

For Windows Vista:

Right-Click on your desktop and go to " Personalize". From here, click on " Window Color and Appearance". Click on the " Advanced" button and you'll be able to change your icon size from here.

Have fun with your new desktop look!

MS Office

The New Default

I'm sure that you've noticed how the default settings in Word 2007 have changed from previous versions - specifically, and most noticeable, is the change in the default font - but there's also been some changes to line spacing and space has been added after paragraphs.

If you're longing for the old Word defaults… or maybe even one that you had put together yourself, then you'll be happy to read what I've got for you today.

Changing these defaults is really a breeze - once you know where to they are, and… fortunately for all of us they're in a single location, so let's go find it.

You first need to open Styles pane. The quickest way there is probably the dialog box launcher located in the bottom right corner of the Styles section on the Home tab.

At this point we're looking to click the Manage Styles button. It's at the bottom and looks like this:

Once in the Manage Styles dialog box you need to click to the Set Defaults tab.

Here you'll find that you can change settings for font as well as paragraphs and line spacing.

Make the changes you deem necessary then make a choice at the bottom of where to apply the new defaults. (" Only in this document" vs. " New documents based on this template")

Once everything is exactly as you want it click the OK button.

Voila! The defaults are now your choices - not someone else's.

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Tip of the Day

Protect Your Computer

Have you noticed anything weird going on with your computer lately? Maybe it's been running rather slowly or you've been receiving several error messages. Various other things could be happening too, but if either of those two things have been going on, it sounds like your computer is not up to par. When those sort of errors occur, it means that your computer is not running efficiently and it basically just means that it's time to do some cleaning up!

I know we here at WorldStart have preached and preached about keeping your computer clean and safe, but I figured today would be the perfect day to remind you all about that. (You know, just in case you forgot!) A new year is almost among us and if you haven't been properly taking care of your computer all year long, it's time to start. You might as well make it one of your New Year's resolutions!

Okay, okay, I'll stop. You can do what you want, but just in case you do decide to listen to me, below are six common practices that you should do with your computer on a regular basis. There are obviously other things you can do too, but these are the most needed. They will help your computer to run at its best (for example, much faster) and error free. Let's go!

1.) Make sure you have the most up to date operating system that you can. No, I'm not telling you that if you have Windows XP to go upgrade to Vista. I mean to make sure you have the latest security patches updated on the operating system that you do have. It's very easy to check on this. Just go to Start, All Programs and choose the Windows Update option. This will take you to a Microsoft Web page where you can run a test on your computer to ensure that you have the most recent updates. This is very important to do to keep your computer as safe and protected as possible.

2.) This next one is meant to help keep the contents within your operating system safe. I know you've heard this before, but be sure to have an updated antivirus software program on your computer. This is extremely important to protect your system against any threats that may come along (including viruses, worms and Trojans). You also need to run updates on this regularly. Depending on the software you use, download the updates even on a daily basis if need be. Do whatever you need to do to keep your system secure.

3.) The third most important thing is to know what actually is running on your computer. If you have knowledge of everything that's there, you will be able to identify potential risks much easier. If you need to, bring up the Task Manager on your computer right now. (To open it, just press Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard). Once there, look through the list of programs that are running. If you know you don't need some of them, stop them. Most of those programs will be there from the time you boot up your system, so if you need to stop some of them, go to Start, Run and type in " msconfig." From there, click on the Startup tab and uncheck any processes that you don't think you need running. For some more help with this, read here.

4.) The next thing is to have a firewall on your computer. (Yes, I know you've heard this one before too, but it's so important, I just have to mention it again). A lot of the antivirus programs come with built in firewalls. You can also get firewall software and install it on your computer yourself, but in case you don't have one, you can always use the Windows firewall instead (and for free!) To get that, go to Start, Control Panel and click on the Security icon. From there, click on the Windows Firewall link to get it all set up and going. It will keep you safer, I promise!

5.) It's also important to clean up your toolbar. If you have some programs in your toolbar that you don't usually use, remove them. They don't need to be sitting there taking up space. Getting rid of a few of these will help your computer to run faster.

6.) Here's the last one! This is the one that includes several other things, but I'm just going to group them all into number six. You need to do complete maintenance procedures on your computer at least once a month, if not more often. These include such things as a defrag, disk cleanups and clearing out your Internet history files. Read here for just about everything you should do on a regular basis.

There you go! Hopefully this was a good reminder for all of you on what you can do to keep your computer as safe as possible. When you really think about it, you're helping yourself out right along with your computer. You'll both be happier in the end. Trust me on this one!

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Amanda's Coolsite

What a Lovely Name

Are you on the hunt for a name for your child? Or maybe you need to name a character in a story? Or maybe you have a new pet you’d like to name? Well thanks to this lovely application you’ll be able to search names in an interesting way!

To get started you need to select what database you want to use for your name search. Your options are:

Traditions – maybe you’d like a name from a certain tradition. Here you’ll select from traditions like English, Italian, Welsh, Greek, or Hebrew.

Dispositions – in this category you’ll select from personality traits like adventurous, brave, strong, wise, and quirky to draw your names from.

Celebrity Babies – here you can find out what celebrities have named their children, whether they’re hollywood, politicians, athletes, or musicians.

Other Worlds - use this database if you want to select a name that could be straight out of Harry Potter, Middle Earth, Narnia, Star Trek, or Star Wars.

Once you’ve selected the category you want to search in, you’ll want to decide if you’re looking for unisex names, or if you want only girl or only boy names. You can do this by un-checking either boy or girl at the bottom of the application.

Now select a trait under the database you’ve selected, notice that the tag near the bottom now says how many names they found for what you chose. You can narrow this down further by selecting another trait or you can check out what it found by clicking the tag.

That will take you to a list of names! Click on a name to learn more about it. You’ll learn where it originated, what names are similar to it, as well as, have the option to get more information by Goggling it. You can also add the name to your favorites (which you’ll now be able to see at the bottom of the page). Or you could make a logo out of it by using the editing buttons beneath the image of the name – you can then download the logo!

This is an awesome name finder site. I’ve bookmarked so that when I need a character name I can quickly get there and start the hunt. Check it out today or forward it to all the parents to be you know!



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