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Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC Last Updated: May 7, 2015 - 7:57:38 AM
Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC Feed

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Backs do not "go out" - Jan 22, 2016 - 9:32:26 AM

Contrary to popular thinking by most lay and professional people, backs do not “go out.”  Spines are driven to become dysfunctional by some of our own energy transfer systems failing us.  Some of our systems at the very moment you wish to press them to work may be offline; they may be weak and overtaxed and resting; they may be in a recovery or protective mode.
Our own parts then fail to help us, they are guilty of letting down the body’s function as a whole, causing an inability of the nervous system and brain to correlate and properly control the needs of not only our organs but hundreds and hundreds of muscles as well...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
New Research for Chronic Pain - Jun 18, 2015 - 4:50:17 PM

For most of us, we stumble along ignorant of the exact state of health we are in. Then one day we go for a checkup and get the bad news.

Perhaps you are under the impression that you know best when it comes to monitoring your health. You may think you know best about you and your health because you are the one with the inside information, after all it is your body.

Indeed you are the one with the nod of the Lord that gives you the right to be just that, the one that is in charge, you are the one that knows best...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
The Crack in Chiropractic - Apr 16, 2015 - 2:26:46 PM

“Crack my back for me will you please?” Or someone will point a finger and say, “Doc I just need you to crack my neck right here.” I hear it all the time in and out of practice. Crack this or crack that and I think, “If I wanted to help someone go to the chiropractor and improve his health how in the world will cracking his bones entice them to visit one?” I wouldn’t want my bones cracked. And why and how do they make that cracking sound when they are adjusted?

First of all if we address the phenomenon of sound coming from manipulation of the body parts, it is not the bone that is cracking. In fact nothing is cracking at all.The noise of the manipulation comes from the surfaces of the joint itself. And not all of the body joints are capable of giving up the “cracking sound” when manipulated. Or as we say in chiropractic, the sound comes when the joint is “adjusted...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Dr. Brian Blower (Chiropractor) is ready to assist you with your back pain and your overall health - Jan 23, 2015 - 4:03:51 PM

Freeport, Grand Bahama , The Bahamas - Dr. Brian Blower, DC, with over 40 years experience in the health and healing profession is ready to help you with your back pain and overall well-being.  His office is located at the IAT Center across from the Rand Hospital (back street).

Founding member of Applied Kinesiology Canada.  Founding member of Bahamas Association of Chiropractic (BAC) ...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Why are you looking at my back when I have foot pain? - Oct 31, 2014 - 12:56:22 AM

I first met Lori in my offices where she looked at me with distress in her eyes and then began to tell her story. She recalled that the pain in her right foot suddenly came upon her while she was “power walking” just a few days prior. She apparently was a fair bit of a distance from her home and that by the time she struggled back there she had a distinct limp in her gait so as to protect the foot from further discomfort. She had made an appointment with her M.D. but a friend had intervened and had recommended that she first have a chiropractor examine her so as to get to the cause of her dilemma.

Lori presented as a forty-four year old solid individual. She regularly practiced yoga and assured me of her caution with her lifestyle and diet. She appeared to be living well enough so that she did not show signs of failing to thrive. (The hunched back posture of chronic adrenal challenges)...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Full of Beans - Jul 17, 2014 - 10:51:27 PM

I was examining a new patient the other day to determine why he had longterm back pain and I could sense he was just “not getting it”. He was simply unable to stay tuned in and follow along on the same page as me. His eyes were all over the place but mostly the floor. When I spoke with him he didn’t meet my eyes and the “yes suh’ answers from him told me lots about his background.

When diagnosing the cause of lower back pain for example, first I take a thorough case history and dig for events which may have happened in the past that although forgotten now, could still be having lasting functional implications. I wanted to give him one of my “Wow” exams showing him that I was a terrific physician and he was lucky to have stumbled upon me and my unique services. Ha, ha, ha it doesn’t work that way as we all know. This patient had come from a referral who had told him to go to me and get his very painful ongoing back pain resolved. I felt like sending him to the liquor store. I am a chiropractor, I don’t treat pain. Drugs of any kind are not in a working chiropractor’s utility bag...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Creepy Chiropractic Thoughts - Jan 17, 2014 - 11:11:48 AM

Mrs. Jones just left my office after having her spine adjusted. She has had upper back, neck and shoulder pain for a long time and has found that after just a few chiropractic spinal adjustments she feels a lot better. So she remarked to me, “Doc. I feel so much better, I think I will take a break from you and see what happens.”

We all know she just gave me the “kiss of death,” the “good-bye I’m quitting... it's-been-a-slice comment.” So I asked Mrs. Jones what was troubling her about coming to my office for the correct or proper care of her health, her spinal column. And she replied “Doc., I don’t really like all this foolishness with my bones.” An honest answer and in this day and age too!

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
The last thing you want your spine to do - Nov 6, 2013 - 11:51:46 PM

Recently as I approached my offices one mid day, I noticed an older gentleman patiently sitting outside our clinic waiting for the medical doctor to arrive back from his lunch.  I greeted him cheerily, and asked him, “Are you all right?”which is a usual form of greeting to casually say hello here in The Bahamas.  He replied that he would be more 'all right' if he were a lot younger than his years.  To his remark I used my own flippant retort and said, “You may be feeling only as young as you are supple.”

Being loose like the young with their multiple bony joints and structures freely moving through a healthy range of motion, (ROM) feels great.  But the truth is that same free movement of the body parts is a “must have” to be healthy.

Most visits to the doctor are because of not feeling well; we go to his office...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
System Restore - Your Health - Oct 25, 2013 - 12:33:52 AM

My four adult children are all geeky. In fact most of us living in the modern world are geeks now. That isn’t a derogative, it is a fact.  When I was a boy beatniks became hippies, and the techies became geeks.  We are all hip now with the electronic world, getting it down pat on our phones, touch pads and computers, falsely indicating that we are intelligent and able to keep up-to-date in the rapidly evolving cyber world. That cyber world is the information highway, the cloud via the internet and the knowledge available through it to all of us may be easily and quickly overwhelming.

I am a chiropractor and I am a teacher.  Knowledge is king and for all of us to now be readily allowed unrestricted access to information via the internet is sort of like being given the freedom to raid the king’s coffers; we can be set free with information if we are astute enough to follow the data...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Back to School: What's for Breakfast? - Sep 6, 2013 - 12:21:40 PM

Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy!  The kids are back in school.  The roads are clearer until 3pm, the food stores are quiet, the house is quiet, and the family pets are resting too.  This annual return to pleasant days and ordered family times is habitually a welcomed time of year for so many.  I can understand that, having been around the return to school over the years with my four, now grown up children.  But along with the return comes the challenges too.  These will include the morning sleepy heads, the coaxing and cajoling to get them “up and at em.”

All children have their own needs, like their own wardrobe, their own books and carry bags, and their own preferences for hair and facial needs which require, in most households, a time of quiet for each of them in front of the mirror.  Sometimes when the morning is intense the quiet structured family life soon yields to the apparent chaos of...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
So what if you are “kinky”? - Jun 27, 2013 - 5:50:57 PM

Chiropractors love kinky patients.  We love the ones with their spines, legs and arms buckled and twisted up by stress.   We love it when they come into the chiropractic office in pain, hobbling in the classic bent over position that marks them as old, stiff and failing to thrive. Chiropractors don’t wish this debility on their patients, but they love it when it is presented to them, for the chiropractor knows that the suffering one is in the right office, seeking out the right treatment and advice.

Kinky is the word that comes to mind when viewing the disabled-by-subluxation patient.  Don’t run away here, these poor souls aren’t deviates, just physically deviated.  These poor patients are succumbing ...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Change your thinking, change your health - Apr 17, 2013 - 1:03:22 PM

I am going to retire some day.   All of us, if we are lucky with our health, get to a point in our aging when the energy out of us to do a job or work activity, soon becomes more than the rewards can justify.  Then it is time to look about and take in your surroundings, like where you have been working perhaps, and take a mental picture to remember it, even after you close the door for the last time.

Before I go and close my door though, it behooves me to continually try to help my friends and loved ones; and those that I come in contact through my business or daily life.  If people would just trust and then let me, I would like to help each and every...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Chiropractic and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) - Mar 1, 2013 - 9:11:15 AM

Rory McIlroy #1 golfer in the world withdrew from the Honda Classic golf tourney today (March 1, 2013). because of problems with his wisdom tooth.  He was playing very poorly at the time.  He may have what my son Nathen had.  Read on to decide.

My son Nathen, came to me the other day with a painful tooth on the upper left molar area.    He is a tall and aesthetic young man very active and gifted, especially in soccer which he plays midweek and coaches on the weekends as well.   

As his mother had already booked a dental appointment for the problem, my son came to me perhaps more to inform me of his pain and not necessarily to consult for the causes of the painful tooth syndrome.

Having had a long history working alongside many fine dentists in the Vancouver area during the 70’s and 80’s I was su spicious of the pain syndrome and the clinical course of his dilemma.  During the period of time I was undergoing crown and on lay restorative work for my own mouth I had the good fortune to be linked up with one of the most prominent oral surgeons and teachers at the University of  British Columbia in Canada...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Like Your Spine - Sep 14, 2012 - 11:28:07 AM

This picture is an interesting look at the triad of supporting structures our vertebral column mimics.  In our spine we mostly have two facets and one disc at each motor unit, a triad. 

Suppose one or more of the small pebbles in this picture are softened or moved off line even very slightly; now we have failure to stack. 

Subluxation reflects stresses upon the joint structures and leads to an ensuing precarious inability to move that motor unit further through its normal range of motion (ROM).   When a spine is subluxated, weight transfer and load bearing on...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
FEAR, False Evidence (education) Appearing Real - Sep 6, 2012 - 3:09:38 PM

Billy, my chiropractic office assistant came to me the other day a little disconcerted.  She related to me how she had booked an appointment with a new mother for her infant daughter.  The mom had just called to cancel the appointment, for the second time.

Apparently the mother has scoliosis and Herrington rods surgically implanted into her back to reduce the distortions.  Further the infant daughter had been diagnosed with scoliosis too and the mother wanted the child to have a chiropractic spinal examination and second opinion. Then possibly have manipulation of the child’s pelvis and spine if necessary in an attempt...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
His Posture Showed his Pain in the Neck - Aug 30, 2012 - 12:37:12 AM

It was so great to have the kids home for the summer! My two youngest were with me for a month or two, and with them came all of their friends, along with the driving, the sleepovers, the dishes, the shopping and more washing and cleaning than should be allowed.  But I love it and give it all for the children, my daughter and son are 16 and 18 years of age. 
I know full well they won't be coming down from Canada as often in the future.

I live and work on Grand Bahama Island, one of over seven hundred islands in The Bahamas.  Weather is great, beaches are perfect, the sea is gorgeous and the livin' is easy here.  Traffic is light and usually moves briskly...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Lost Among the Living - Eating for Life - Jun 20, 2012 - 6:14:15 PM

Recently I was appalled at a situation I witnessed in a supermarket parking lot.  In a car parked lackadaisically askew in the slot beside me were a mother and her friend sitting in the front seats.  They were grossly overweight, and there were two small children unbuckled in the back seat.  That wasn’t the show.  The entertainment was the mother behind the wheel feasting on her box of French fries, gooped with sweet ketchup, making sure she was wiping the cardboard clean and greedily pushing the fries into her mouth. She did not seem to be chewing them, just stuffing and swallowing furtively as she sucked and licked her greasy fingers.  

The two children in the back seat, not unlike apples falling far from the tree, were busy following suit.  One of the children had the dregs of a hamburger in its wrapper and appeared to be smearing her face with it.  The other younger child had ice...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Chiropractic and that Pain in the Neck - May 30, 2012 - 11:14:35 PM

Your neck pain may be of many types and varieties.  Many causes of neck pain are generally overlooked and when untreated then inevitably lead to degeneration of the discs, bones and joints.  Early arthritis and pain ensues.

Knowing this outcome is inevitable and practicing as a chiropractor for many years I was more than just interested the other day by an article in a prestigious Medical Journal which revealed that the degeneration of the spine, particularly of the neck, is strongly associated with osteoporosis at that site as well. 

Osteoporosis, the loss or lack of structural integrity from a loss of bone density is a common finding especially among the North American population...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Children and Chiropractic - Jan 24, 2012 - 11:20:18 PM

As the sapling is bent so grows the mighty oak.  

Taking it for granted that our children are growing well and will   be attaining the full potential of their bodies may be foolish.   Look at their posture, others do.

If you find yourself constantly reminding your child to “sit up straight” or poking your finger in their back with the “quit slouching” command, maybe it is time to seek out a professional’s opinion about their growth progression.

Chiropractors are trained to evaluate posture and are experts at measuring and grading your child’s growth.   They can also do something positive to stop and change many of the shortcomings which lean the body over and cause slouching and poor posture...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Down but not out - Nov 24, 2011 - 2:13:04 AM

A young woman arrived outside our clinic the other day and couldn't get out of the car for she was having acute lower back muscle spasms and pain.  That in itself isn't too uncommon here on Grand Bahama Island for like anywhere back muscle spasms and lower back pain are ubiquitous in nature.  But what made this case of immediate interest was that she was crying out and shrieking loudly as her husband tried in vain to help her.  We don't get that much vocal screeching with our patients and their pain so I was paternally alerted.

Somehow her husband got her to stand and by holding on to his back she was half carried down the short hall to my treatment room.  No case history, get that as we go along, this girl had ...

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