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Change your thinking, change your health
By Dr. Brian Blower, DC
Apr 17, 2013 - 1:03:22 PM

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I am going to retire some day.   All of us, if we are lucky with our health, get to a point in our aging when the energy out of us to do a job or work activity, soon becomes more than the rewards can justify.  Then it is time to look about and take in your surroundings, like where you have been working perhaps, and take a mental picture to remember it, even after you close the door for the last time.

Before I go and close my door though, it behooves me to continually try to help my friends and loved ones; and those that I come in contact through my business or daily life.  If people would just trust and then let me, I would like to help each and every one of you alter your basic thinking about life’s length and energy; then with that new knowledge, help you find and enjoy a more successful and abundant life expression while able and alive.

Such a grand plan, is it too lofty a goal?  Perhaps not, our reaching out and then having abundance of health may even be very easy and readily possible for most of us by simply obeying the laws of physics where it is known that it takes two or more energy forms, items in different states to achieve entanglement; that bogged down strangled state where we cannot function to capacity.

Decoherence is a word that attempts to describe a state where energy becomes disentangled; it has been loosened and then mixed up with other nearby sources of energy that are in different forms, they are in altered states.  Decoherence is a state where the components of energy is no longer coherent, cohesive or together in form.  The end product of mixed up energy forms at the receiving end of the compromised system is less efficiency, less capacity to do work with the split up broken from ordered flow of energy.  When this tied up, mashed about energy is within our body systems knocking out functions as it tries desperately to get balanced, we then stress. When in this state of decoherence we get less balanced energy to direct toward our health.  And health is a state of being where energy is able to get home to the receivers in its proper and unique state thereby permitting the ability to do work to capacity with all of the bodily systems, all of the parts, all of the time.

Why me?   Why should you give of your time and spend the precious energy concentrating, reading and then daring to use my thinking, why me?  Pick me because I have a unique slant of thinking about our health and what we are.  I will share with you a never-thought-of-before concept about how we got to be here and what we are now routinely doing to negatively affect our time while here.

It is the ongoing degraded to poor quality interactions of energy movements, the entanglement of our body energy systems with our immediate environments both internal and external that pose the circumstances for illness, the stage for poor health.  When our body is in a state of entanglement, in decoherence, it is in a display of energy that we cannot get home, we cannot then harness its capacities for our health.

To put this in perspective, to help visualize how different forms of energy will impact us, did you know that when you walk across a carpet your footfalls raise miniscule particulate matter like dust and micro dander?  So small and light in nature are some of the raised pieces that they fail to fall out back to the surface of the carpet for more than eight hours after the event.  Did you also know that the forces behind the treads can transfer energy into the carpet fibers and the pile that imprints it with a signature that will be present in its affects for the life of that carpet?  Furthermore the dislodged micro pieces may billow out from the point of impact of the foot surface and then fall out to encompass a rather large in proportion area about the zone.  Such a micro storm may carry the ejecta out over and onto previously pristine environments leading to changes in their capacity to behave exactly as they did prior to the event.  Miniscule stuff that we may not wish to know but when viewed has a part of your environment being directly influenced constantly and not in a positive way.

For some like Howard Hughes the dust and dander thing became overwhelming and he futilely struggled with his fetish of needing to be in a pristine environment. He couldn’t accept the micro particulate world he had to live within.  Here is a scenario that suggests ignorance may be bliss for most of us.  Not knowing about the dust and the foot stomping ejecta rising environment contamination may have been a better thing for Mr. Hughes.  He may have been better off not knowing about the micro world.  Most of us don’t think of the micro worlds even if we know something about them.  And as science and physics progress we find smaller and smaller micro worlds to think about if we desire to bother.  Why bother, are they not the same frustratingly small unalterable phenomenon like the dust and dander in the carpet scenario?

In the world of health all of the dictating forces within our bodies are mini-micro small.  The currents of the nerve signals that turn on and off the functions which permit health are of an atomic level in size.  So small are they that the Howard Hughes dust particles are like skyscrapers when being compared and the atoms which are more like the thickness of a hair. And the energy of the atoms in motion through and around every one of our tissue cells can never rest.  The energy in our atoms cannot stop and will forever be in motion.  And they travel fast, at the speed of light.  And perhaps you are better off not knowing about them. Perhaps it is better to leave the thinking of your health to a health professional.

But what if your health professional isn’t so up to date regarding the go and flow of these currents which give the support of life within us?  What if he or she is still trying to treat the result of the failure of the forces to readily transfer about the body as designed? What if they are still just trying to treat pain? What if you are waiting for your body to break down from failure to thrive before you think and act upon its frailties? What would Howard Hughes do with this knowledge?  Would you laugh at him and his obsession with his health when thinking on a sub atomic level? What if he devised a plan for helping the miniscule charges of currents to get about his body in an improved manner?  What if he zoned in on the current carrying nerves and with all his wealth and knowledge devised a plan that helped his body keep his life giving energy more cohesive.  What if he figured out a plan that helped stick the bundles of his nerve carrying energy together in a more serving manner?  Would you listen and take action for your own self if Mr. Hughes were to share his knowledge?

No longer are we discussing dust here.   Now we are talking about your health, or rather your lack of or loss of health.  Like the dust and the fallout from the carpet your body is constantly billowing out clouds of energy that cannot get home but must keep moving.  Initially from and to the brain the electrons flow over a gradient, the stronger to the weaker, and the positive to the negative.  But when resistance to any flow occurs the energy cannot be held, it cannot be destroyed and when out of balance we cannot create more to supplement the gradient.  So when resisted then energy changes form.  Usually energy changes form when resisted into heat, light or a magnetic field.  Resisted energy then creates about us a radiant magnetic field of energy, some call it an aura and we see it with the thermograph and Kirlian photography. Others claim to see it or feel it and tremendous controversy exists about that.  But the fact is our precious energy leaks from within to without.  Resistance “decoheres” our tight bundles of currents; it breaks them apart and that altered form of energy then leaks out of us.  It leaks out mostly as a magnetic field, where it becomes entangled with other sources of magnetic fields creating chaos.  This is a one way event.  Energy cannot flow from a cooler to a warmer environment.  Once the energy is moved without of you it is gone forever.  Then we are charged with going out into the Eden and carefully selecting and processing food into more potential internal energy.  It is the only source of replenishment and most of us are in a failure to thrive mode.

So if you are losing more of the precious energy within than you can afford, look to your lifestyle and diet.

If you are losing more energy than you can afford and you have pain and debilities you want looked at go to your physical therapist.

And if you are losing more energy out of your body than you can afford and you have a desire to reduce the resistances that have been proven to be the source of most energy loss in our bodies then go immediately to your family chiropractor and ask him about the subluxation complex.


About the author: Dr. Brian Blower has been a licensed chiropractor for over 40 years practicing Applied Kinesiology and has been in private practice on Grand Bahama Island for the past 15 years. He is a founding member of Applied Kinesiology Canada and was educated at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He is a founding member of the Bahamas Association of Chiropractic. He has treated many celebrities and also specializes in sports medicine.  He can be reached at 242-351-5424/ 727-2454.  You can also find Dr. Blower on Facebook HERE

Feel free to contact Dr. Blower with any of your questions or comments at BodyByBlower@yahoo.com

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