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Creepy Chiropractic Thoughts
By Dr. Brian Blower, DC
Jan 17, 2014 - 11:11:48 AM

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Mrs. Jones just left my office after having her spine adjusted. She has had upper back, neck and shoulder pain for a long time and has found that after just a few chiropractic spinal adjustments she feels a lot better. So she remarked to me, “Doc. I feel so much better, I think I will take a break from you and see what happens.”

We all know she just gave me the “kiss of death,” the “good-bye I’m quitting... it's-been-a-slice comment.” So I asked Mrs. Jones what was troubling her about coming to my office for the correct or proper care of her health, her spinal column. And she replied “Doc., I don’t really like all this foolishness with my bones.” An honest answer and in this day and age too!

Apparently spinal manipulation or “adjustments” were creepy to her. OK that in itself may turn someone off from getting the proper treatment for their ailments. Just like most of us robust males hate the prostate exam too, ...it's creepy, but it must be done for diagnosis. Knowing how she felt by her statement of “fooling around with the bones,” I asked her if she would be more comfortable with a female chiropractor. She replied “Heck no Doc. I just don’t have a lot of money and that is a problem as well.”

I can understand financial priorities and these have been challenging times for most of us. But I somehow felt that she was holding back, using excuses that were not firmly founded as a reason for dropping her program of better care. Mrs. Jones has the right, of course, to do as she pleases regarding parenting her own type of health care, but if she is such a good manageress of her health, then why did her neck and shoulder bind up in the first place and remain that way for over a year? Falling back to her old ways might be easier or her, turn a blind eye to the problem, but that won’t keep her as she is with her spine in line, and the symptoms minimized.

Something she has learned and puts value on is incorrect and misunderstood. Often it comes from parents when they tell children not to worry about their health for the Doctor will fix it. Creepy, but true, Mrs. Jones is thinking she is now fixed, after all she feels better!

As I will let my patients know, “In this office, you are the boss. It’s not like at home.” Most giggle at that, but the truth is your body is comprised of systems and they are all bossed into harmonious balance by your nervous systems. And whether or not the nerves are able to work properly, to boss the parts, depends on their ability to efficiently carry electromagnetic signals through and around miles of pathways. Creepy.

To make matters worse, the nerve current’s arrival and departure may not be felt by most of the body’s nerves. Therefore by not consciously knowing how inefficient our nerves are there, will be human mismanagement, and unless we test all the parts constantly, we are in the dark about their status, and their health. Creepy thing to say... we are in much more trouble than what we feel. When we manually test a specific muscle, and it doesn’t test strong or functional, we are only then alerted to the loss of control and strength. Our nerves failed to carry the brain’s instructions to the muscle. Now that we know about the nerves failure we have to be up to getting the weak muscle strong again by only using a chiropractic spinal adjustment. More creepy stuff.

Mrs. Jones needs the movement of her chest wall and neck parts improved to allow her to reach and restore a higher ongoing health status. Like all of us, Mrs. Jones breathes. To have the chest strength to breathe properly the hundreds of joints of the bones of the spine and ribs must all be moving as per their unique design. She has already showed us the sign of “equipment failure” with her ongoing shoulder and neck troubles. Her chest weakness couldn’t support them. Left alone she will quickly slide back to her old stiff and painful self. The symptoms will return usually within a few months. Then a lot of patients won’t go back to the chiropractor, due to the embarrassment they may feel for not following, or thinking about their initial treatment plan and advice for care. Can’t go back for fear? Creepy again.

But this happens all of the time. Patients may then say to themselves, “well I did try chiropractic, but since my pain is back it doesn’t work.” That is like saying, “well I brushed my teeth and now I don’t have to take care of them till they break down again.” Creepy thinking.

More injurious is the self-talk that creeps into our incorrect thinking, like “I don’t have time for visits to the chiropractor” or “I’ll fit in another appointment when I get paid, for that chiropractic care is too expensive right now.” Wrong! That is creepy, because she is wearing fine clothes, getting hair and nails done,  driving a fine new car and living in a fine house, and travelling and enjoying the abundance in her life. Too expensive? That is a creepy thing to say about health care that really works.

My chiropractic practice experience goes back more than forty-five years. That time frame has given me occasion for observing intimately,  tens of thousands of patients, thoroughly testing the strength of dozens of individual muscles on every visit. From my wealth of experiences, I have learned that we are just what we are. We are not a something misunderstood, then learned and erroneously deposited as fact into our thinking. I urge you to give up learning, and start thinking, and then solving your own care needs.

If you are having back or any other body pain, and nagging symptoms, then go and consult the person you believe is an expert. If that expert cannot help you in a reasonable time frame, or if he sends you to someone else that is unable to help you, then you must reason with yourself about what you are doing. You must stop learning what the experts want you to think. Start up thinking, by stopping learning, and then you may begin solving.

Mrs. Jones got the symptom relieving results from her chiropractic care, she did feel much better, but that isn’t what chiropractic care is all about. Stop learning and start thinking here. Not feeling better is strapped to the back of medicine and the plethora of drugs for those symptoms. Not being better is Symptom’s partner. We all need to address the not being better side. I like thorough manual testing of the parts, the things necessary to do the work to be better. When the parts work better then the symptoms will be better too. Let us test the parts and then really see who the boss is, you or the muscle. That may be a creepy way to think if you have learned differently, but it is revealing and true.

If you think that doing the same old same old will get you healthy. and so far it hasn’t. then think again about who is the proper care giver, for it isn’t you. The snippets of information I read from so-called “health care professionals” are mostly a joke. The creepy things they blog and profess to be necessary for our health care are often detrimental and may be keeping you from getting opinions, and then the right care from your family chiropractor.

If healthy is the state of your body when everything is working, but yours isn’t, then get on to solving it. Find what has to be done and then fix it. Creepy, but usually the chiropractor is the only one that can do this with you.

Mrs. Jones like so many others is asleep at the wheel. The only reason she came to me was because of her ongoing pain, and to stop her daughter from nagging her about the benefits of chiropractic care. Mrs. Jones will likely never get the follow up care she so desperately needs, and her loss of a better chance of health restoration through chiropractic corrective care.

It may be creepy thinking but it is true that your nervous system cannot flow correctly when the spine or extremity joints are kinked, when they are in a state of misalignment. Less nerve current flow fails to activate the parts then less function of the muscles and organs prevail. Then there will come a loss of strength, stamina and endurance. Creepy.

Then will come the work of getting up the courage to go back to the chiropractor.

Your chiropractor may speak to you in a foreign language. He may question you thoroughly about your history of accidents or medical problems. He may be the nosiest Doctor you have ever been to. The intimacy of him may be creepy like the prostate exam, but the result of the spinal corrections impacting your health may be miraculous.

Expect the chiropractor to put his hands all over you. Expect him to examine your frame and muscles by touch until he finds the subluxations (mis-alignment). Then expect him to adjust the pieces that are not moving where they should be,  and you may hear the joints “crack.” Now that is creepy!

Health is 'every part working.' Think about your own precious wellness and give yourself the gift of health. Go to the creepy chiropractor and give him, and your health, a new chance. Or is that too creepy for you?

About the author: Dr. Brian Blower has been a licensed chiropractor for over 40 years practicing Applied Kinesiology and has been in private practice on Grand Bahama Island for the past 15 years. He is a founding member of Applied Kinesiology Canada and was educated at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He is a founding member of the Bahamas Association of Chiropractic. He has treated many celebrities and also specializes in sports medicine.  He can be reached at 242-351-5424/ 727-2454.  You can also find Dr. Blower on Facebook HERE

Feel free to contact Dr. Blower with any of your questions or comments at BodyByBlower@yahoo.com


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