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Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC Last Updated: Jul 19, 2023 - 4:32:10 PM
Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC Feed

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
When to Start on Your Road to Health - Oct 6, 2011 - 11:23:01 AM

A mother brought her son in to see me a few years ago for he was experiencing pain in his lower back and leg.  The son was then only 11 years old and although he was a large boy for his age he didn’t differ much from the genetics of his mother.

After an initial consultation and exam to determine his cause of leg and back pain I suggested to the mom that her son will have ongoing problems with his legs and lower back unless she helps us by actively partaking in a program to solve and then maintain his lower spine’s strength and integrity.  I expressed concern over his immediate need for treatment through chiropractic adjustments of his lower back and also his upper spine too, right at the top of it as it is joined to the head...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
You are what you Eat - Sep 8, 2011 - 10:39:38 AM

I was walking towards the meat counter in one of our local food stores the other day and a woman that I didn’t recognize stopped me and asked if I approved of the steak she was holding and was wishing to buy.

I looked at it and thought “nice” and said the same to her, whereupon she promptly smiled and put it into her cart.  She then said “So you approve of red meat Dr. Blower?”  To which I replied “Not if it is ground.”
“Why should that make a difference?” she inquired.  And I told her of the unfortunate problems that happen upon us when we are not vigilant with our diets.  Ground processed foods, like hamburger, have given up much of their potential...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Health, is it worth the Journey? - Sep 3, 2011 - 10:57:07 AM

On our earth of billions not one of us is too healthy. In fact not one out of all of the billions is even healthy. To be healthy, we would have to have everything, all of our parts, working to capacity all of the time. If this were true, that some of us were healthy, then those people would not age, not break down nor eventually die. It just doesn’t happen and no one can claim that they are truly healthy.

Nor should anyone claim to be the master of health. Not while we are living this lifetime. Being a master of health would involve an impeccable track record of lifestyle, the ability to identify and sidestep all aspects of stress and we have seen that there are too many stressors to successfully avoid.

So we “roll with the punches” and try to do what is best-and-right for our parts, pieces and systems...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Chiropractic and Your Balance and Agility - Jun 23, 2011 - 6:02:00 PM

My neighbor fell on some slippery tiles in her garden and broke her fibula.  She is a woman of about sixty.  Over the course of the past several years she has been hinting that she had some issues and would like to consult with me about them.   She has suggested neck and hand pain as well as the inevitable struggle with her lower back from time to time.  

Being a bit of a teaser I suggested she had a “tacky chassis.”  She laughed but didn’t get the truth in the barb.  From observation of her posture and gait it was clear to me that she was off her healthy gravitational plumb, and was therefore being cheated out of her health.   

A yogi once said that our bodies are only as young as the oldest part, that we are as healthy as we are supple.  Stiff and sticky joint movement reflects a decreased range of motion (ROM) of the parts.  Youthfulness is suppleness...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Chiropractic and that Pain in the Neck - May 12, 2011 - 10:48:41 AM

Your neck pain may be of many types and varieties.  Many causes of neck pain are generally overlooked and when untreated then inevitably lead to degeneration of the discs, bones and joints.  Early arthritis and pain often ensues.

Knowing this and practicing as a chiropractor for many years I was more that just interested the other day by an article in a prestigious Medical Journal which revealed that the degeneration of the spine, particularly of the neck, is strongly associated with osteoporosis at that site as well.   

Osteoporosis, the loss or lack of calcium and bone density is a common finding especially among the north American populations...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Chiropractic and Chest Pain - Apr 16, 2011 - 7:19:11 AM

For most of us chest pain is pretty serious stuff, and indeed it may be a prime indicator of a disease process that is best rapidly identified and dealt with.  

However most chest pain may not be immediate “serious stuff” but many of us in our panic and knee jerk reactions to pain, spend a lot of time and money in the wrong office getting a wait-and-see diagnosis.  Then after an arduous course of EKG’s, x-rays, physical exams and a plethora of other avenues of investigation, “just to make sure” we are left alone to wait and see.

But most chest pain isn’t a heart or lung or other organ problem at all.  Most chest pain is due to physiologic bone and muscle pain... 

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
How to be Healthy, How to be the Best You Can Be - Feb 15, 2011 - 11:13:44 AM

Living to his mid 90’s Jack Lallane proved that his philosophy about how to get and stay healthy works for us.  He advocated that the ‘King and Queen” of health are exercise and diet.  

I agree, diet is the single most important thing you can become adept at providing to support your health.  

Only with the right components in our blood, the source of energy and repair for our strength, stamina and endurance, do we have a shot at being healthy.  Without those healthiest constituents within us we are not able to reach and maintain the lofty goal of health.  

With healthy chemical components that yield energy, carefully placed within our blood, we will be able to do work.  We will also feel robust and virile...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Chiropractic for Conception and Pregnancy - Feb 10, 2011 - 7:41:56 AM

Over the many years of my practice of chiropractic both here in The Bahamas and in Canada the story has been similar among many of my female patients.  “Doctor Blower, my husband and I have been trying to conceive and cannot.  Is there anything you can do as a chiropractor to help us?”  

Often chiropractic spinal manipulation can help the processes of conception.  Many women in my practice were able to go on and successfully conceive after just a few months of chiropractic care.  

Our spine is a “pipeline” and a “lifeline” connecting the brains to every tissue cell of the body... 

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
The Fountain of Youth - Feb 3, 2011 - 10:31:22 PM

There, I’ve acknowledged it.  The elusive “Fountain of Youth.”  Does it exist?  Perhaps there is a way through “nourishing to thrive” that kind of mimics it.   Certainly Cortez and his band of rabble had misconceptions of how youth and longevity could come to be theirs.  We aren’t that far advanced to not have the same misconceptions of a “fountain” that will pour out an elixir which eradicates all disease, then giving us youth and longevity. Researchers are investing huge amounts of effort and finances into the prospect of finding the next “magic bullet” for eternal youth.

It ain’t going to happen folks. There will be no Santa. No angel will swoop down in our hour of need and pardon us for our follies, restoring youth and vigor.  Billions and billions of us have come and gone and will continue to come and go.  We will not make a difference and our legacy to our children and their children to will not be too different from that of our forefathers unless we take action and change our attitudes...  

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
How often should I go to my chiropractor? - Jan 26, 2011 - 2:09:19 PM

As a chiropractor with over thirty five years of licensed practice I have been asked this question many times.   For some of us spinal and extremity manipulation seems foreign and unusual.   Let me enlighten those of us that have this “generation’s old way of thinking” clouding our mind.


Our gifted body has over three hundred joints.   They may be of various descriptions but all of them are present for a purpose and all of them have function.   Function means to do work.   Remember that for us to be “healthy” then all of the parts must be able to do their work.   And to do work all of the parts must have an adequate nerve supply.

Nerves nourish, they nurture and enable tissues to work.   In our bodies muscles, nourished by nerves, do most of the physical work ...
Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
The First Chiropractor and Pain - Jan 19, 2011 - 8:53:49 PM

Chiropractic as we know it has been formally practiced in the north Americas for the past one hundred and fifteen years.  First administered by a man named Daniel David Palmer, a Canadian practicing magnetic healing in Iowa.   

D.D. Palmer was apparently looking to solve the upper back pain of a man named Harvey Lillard when he decided that the “bump” on the back of Mr. Lillard’s shoulder was from bones that didn’t match the placement of all of the others nearby.   

D.D. Palmer had Mr. Lillard tell his story about the painful bump on his back and about some of the other symptoms he had been feeling.  Mr. Lillard had pain, in the upper back, about the neck, and also had difficulty hearing since the bump appeared...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Chiropractic and the Runner - Nov 2, 2010 - 4:21:33 PM

We’ve all seen them on the roadways and most of us look but don’t really recognize what is happening right before our eyes.  Yesterday I was driving down the street and there was another one, a runner.  

Few of the runners I see are running well.  Most of them are spur of the moment “get up and off the couch and get in shape now” runners.  

Dressed in anything from co-ordinates to shorts and no tee they are out there trying to ignore us as we zip by doing our busy essentials.  

But take a look at some of the postures, the irregular strides and yesterday what prompted me to chat about the runner is that she was hobbling down the road with an attitude and a limping gait...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
You and Your Back Pain - Part 6 (Stomach Stress) - Aug 25, 2010 - 9:39:38 AM

The phone call the other day from my daughter away at college was wonderful to me.  Glad to hear about her youthful experiences I held the receiver closely pressed to my ear.  After awhile she said she had been ill and that she was so happy to now be back in the swing of things.  Then she passed me over to her room mate and we chatted along easily like old friends.  Finally the story of their “illness” came out.  

Apparently a few weeks ago the two of them were invited to a barbecue at one of their friends places down the hall.  Both my daughter and her friend are fans of mine and  have adopted their health paradigm centered on stress-less nutrition only for themselves.  However this particular night when they got to their friends apartment his patio barbecue was one of spicy peppery meats and sauces.  As young people will more often go along with the crowd rather than be seen as different they dug in and helped themselves to the fare. ..

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
You and Your Back Pain - Part 5 - Aug 18, 2010 - 12:03:24 PM

I glanced out into the reception area a few days ago and saw Laura there looking uncomfortable and waiting to see me.  She had acute lower back pain and I could see by her distorted sitting posture and her painful facial expression how agonizing the condition had her in.  

Laura is a woman approaching middle age but a real fitness buff.  In fact she is a trainer and has been helping others get fit for many years.  But her own health history has been terrible over the past ten years that I have known her.  She has greatly improved her health since we first started to treat and council her but she has her own ideas about lifestyle and diet choices and her improvement has been mostly made through wrestling with me and slowly giving up those stressors in her life that continually pull us all down.  

When her turn came she shuddered to rise to a standing position and I intently watched as she took the first few steps with a bent over body and a limping gait...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
You and Your Back Pain - Part 4 - Aug 10, 2010 - 1:50:03 PM

I was having a great morning in practice the other day when introduced to a man that presented with lower back pain.  “Just crack it here.” he said with his finger on part of the lower back.  “I just need a crack or two and that will take care of it.”

“How long have you been experiencing this type of lower back pain?” I asked.  He said it was here for the past few weeks but he gets lower back pain all of the time and has for most of his adult life.  Now retired he found that some of the problems were lessened since he didn’t have to use it much.  How I remembered that good looking shiny Chevy at the curb that we didn’t dare start up. 

Looking one way and managing to work is one thing but when we think we look and work in a healthy manner but on examination fail miserably that doesn’t cut it.  His most recent lab work showed elevated cholesterols and triglycerides and borderline diabetes...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
You and Your Back Pain - Part 3 - Aug 4, 2010 - 8:45:53 AM

At a cocktail party the other evening I had a conversation with an apparently healthy, aesthetic and mature-in-years man who’s job it was to run a local dive experience.  This is a daily tourist-oriented adventure out onto the reefs here around our island.  As the chat got going it became apparent that his experiences with people was extensive and he quickly brought up the subject of obesity in Americans. 

He especially bemoaned the large size and poor state of the health of so many of his country’s “tourists.”  Apparently their jumbo size demanded from him and his staff extra work and considerations to get them outfitted and in and out of the boats when on the reef.  He then proceeded to tell the story of one woman recently getting her hugely obese knee caught between the rungs of the boat ladder and then complained that there should be a lift available, or at least a ramp off of the stern, to allow her to enjoy the use of the facilities like anyone else.  And also, she complained that she needed assistance because she has “chronic lower back pain!”

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
You and Your Back Pain - Part 2 - Jul 28, 2010 - 9:14:57 AM

I had brunch the other day with two of our planet's most beautiful women.  They are both oriented towards obtaining natural health support from their lifestyles and seem to think about that wherever possible.  They are richly intelligent women and their quests for improved health are long term.  They readily show the accumulation of wisdom from those years of health pursuit in their conversational knowledge.  I do so enjoy that consciousness in our species.   

One of the mature but still young women was openly describing her thoughts on how to get and stay healthy when the other, I’ll call her Shannon, interjected and enthusiastically wished to share her finding of the single most important thing she had ever come across that helped her gain and maintain more of her health potential.   

Of course we both listened to Shannon intently.  Then she said that the single most important thing she does for her health is follow my instructions on what-not-to-eat...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
You and Your Back Pain - Part 1 - Jul 21, 2010 - 4:37:22 PM

Let’s broach the subject of “Back Pain” and be serious about it.  Ubiquitous lower back pain is the most commonly encountered.  We all get lower back pain at one time or another and while many only periodically struggle, some are continuously hobbled and compromised by it.  Hobbled and compromised by lower back pain doesn’t describe a healthy mammal does it?  It does sound like a mammal that is on the way out. 

There are several theories and many methods attempting to assess and then reduce back pain.  Huge businesses are built upon our suffering, and these industries are supported by fears.  The fears of the pain and physical disability returning right when we need our health the most make us comply with the many proposed “therapies.”  We fear the pain and infirmary that will hold us in compromise because it takes our freedom along with that of our family and loved ones...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Chiropractic, How to Cheat Entropy - Feb 10, 2010 - 7:43:15 AM

Human nature often leads us to cheat. Cheat literally means to “fall away from something.” Like when everyone is on a pathway and someone takes a side trail trying to get ahead of the others.

With our health we often use dubious methods which only appear to help us on our way. As we “fall away” from health we may suddenly wake up and become desperate for “loss avoidance” and we cheat. We take any and all desperate paths to get what we want back again, our health.

Just like in many human relationships, we have a friend or loved one and we may find ourselves cheating on them. We are falling away from them. We will frequently risk the relationship for some unrealistic lofty goal...

Columns : Body by Blower - Dr. Brian Blower DC
Chiropractic and Morton’s Neuroma: The Painful Foot Syndrome - Dec 20, 2009 - 11:40:13 PM

How many many times patients have hobbled into my practice with a painful foot.   Often the foot pain is just a few days present and the pain, in the ball of the foot is excruciating.

Our feet are an anatomical wonder and we take them for granted.   We take it for granted that they are what they are and will just do what feet do, always.

With foot pain it’s hard to keep up with the pack and that means an immediate solution to the pain becomes first on our list of priorities.

Towards this end, that of immediate relief of pain and restoration of foot function or foot health, we go and seek out an expert and willingly initially, comply with the suggestions...

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