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How to be Healthy, How to be the Best You Can Be
By Dr. Brian G. Blower, DC
Feb 15, 2011 - 11:13:44 AM

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Living to his mid 90’s Jack Lallane proved that his philosophy about how to get and stay healthy works for us.  He advocated that the ‘King and Queen” of health are exercise and diet.  

I agree, diet is the single most important thing you can become adept at providing to support your health.  

Only with the right components in our blood, the source of energy and repair for our strength, stamina and endurance, do we have a shot at being healthy.  Without those healthiest constituents within us we are not able to reach and maintain the lofty goal of health.  

With healthy chemical components that yield energy, carefully placed within our blood, we will be able to do work.  We will also feel robust and virile.   With the best components we will have the vitality and the vigor to exercise and procreate ourselves.  We will be well on our way to being “healthy.”  

To-day, as in the past, much of the talking and expounding on our health through diet is confusing and misleading too.  To-days thinking is in the right direction but does not by itself make the idea of what health is and how it works materialize clearly for us.  

Jack knew many years ago the time was right, that we were needing and looking for more sound information about what we are.  As a chiropractor he knew that there exists a “life force” within us that decrees how healthy we are.  He knew that the life force becomes altered, giving more or less health, depending upon how we are behaving within our environment, our “Garden of Eden.”  

Think like this with me.  Our blood can carry within it the jewels of health.  The proteins, fats, carbs, enzymes and cells necessary to support the ongoing life giving events of every tissue cell in our body, these are the jewels.  

Think of these blood components as diamonds, safire’s, rubies, emeralds and gold nuggets circulating within you making your tissues, your body, “rich.”  

The “wealth of health” prevails when you have the best quality jewels within your blood.  And like the sources of jewels on our planet, our sources of rich blood making components are also rare in nature.  

After working hard day in and day out most of us are rewarded with cash, with money.  Now that we have money do we go out and foolishly invest our hard earned rewards, our time and energy too, in left over depleted ore tailings from a mine that long ago attempted to obtain jewels and riches but failed?   

Few of us may be foolish enough to invest our fortunes in exhausted non producing businesses.  Most of us place value upon the rewards from our hard work and protect them from loss whenever we can.  Greedy by nature we want loss aversion.  We may even decide to cheat in order to avoid loss and to get what we want.  

Some of us though may seek out expert advice. That’s a wise thing to do and our good advisers expertise comes from experience.  Usually it’s a “wise old man” not a “wise young man”   

The wise old man like Jack Lallane has experience and we tend to listen to him for tips about how we too can get more value from our energy investments and protect our precious health from loss.  

Through listening and practicing his health methods we may soon become wise in the ins and outs of diet and exercise and are rewarded with improved health, a nice return for our efforts.  

So why is it that so many of us are so foolish with our diets, the sources of the potential riches of our blood?  Why do so many of us cheat ourselves by gobbling up spent materials as food?  Are we blind to the “snake oil salesman” selling us the sizzle and not the steak?   

Billions and billions are sold what?  Meat tailings?  Exhausted oxidized proteins and fats along with carbs and salt and we eat it and expect and assume it will yield riches into our blood, into our bodies?  

Big brain it with me here folks.  What do the “wise old experts” say about these ubiquitous products?  The wise old experts say, “don’t put ground up anything down your pie hole!”  That is what they say.  And if they aren’t saying it then they aren’t the expert you should be consulting and following.  

Jack knows that we are what we are.  He knows that we got here on the riches we gleaned from our abilities to catch, gather and prepare rich densely concentrated food sources.  Those sources that are rich in the un-oxidized proteins, fats, carbohydrates and enzymes, the jewels for our health.  

He knows that due to our unique functional anatomy we became the mammal with the largest brain to body ratio.  But he also knows we are the one with the smallest gut to brain ratio.  Our requirements for health are unique.  

He knows that as a species we are used to the high yielding rich sources of nutrition, that is how we got here.  That is how we advanced ourselves to become “top predator.”  

True too is that only by procuring and then digesting properly the highest quality and highest yielding foods will we stay here.   

By making greedy and foolish investments our money portfolio is soon exhausted.  By similarly making greedy and foolish nutrition investments we become rapidly exhausted too.  

We didn’t get here and won’t stay here by eating oxidized ground up meats containing putrid proteins and rancid fats.  By eating “whole” over our past we were able to provide more of the diet riches that then enriched ourselves to our health potential.  

Part of the cunning secret to our success is that by carefully pre-digesting whole foods with fire we enhance digestibility and obtain nutriment riches that are unavailable without such preparation.  We must use our big brain to guide us here.  Gentle is the order of the day with heat and our fragile food.  

Some of the old “YouTube” videos show Jack Lallane gently poaching fish in a double boiler.  He cautions about the use of high heat and stresses the use of the gentle oriental methods of steaming to preserve the flavors and the nutriments of the fish.  He was before his time here in North America.  

He also cautioned about the use of harsh and irritating caustic additives like pepper and hot spicy sauces.  As gentle as we can be with both preparation using heat and preparation using flavor enhancers lets us get more of the “jewels for life” from our precious whole foods.  

Heavy hands with pepper and hot sauces in the kitchen the way “Grammy” used to do, especially here in the Caribbean, is literally killing us.  Chronic inflammation of the gut wall is fundamental to poor digestion and we lose the nutritional jewels of our food.  

Dragging along our exhausted, malnourished body speaks volumes about the inexpert selections and preparations of our foods.  The poor souls, driven by premature hunger through failure to provide the riches in the blood from good diet selection and preparation.  Their failure shows in the high rates of diabetes, heart disease, cancers and inflammatory sclerosis.  A sharp eye sees the stress on the individual as “poor posture.”  

Sugars, spices and salt abound here and throughout the western and European world along with cheaper but exhausted sources of proteins and fats.    

Unwilling and resistant to change, much of our adult population is greedy and hyper motivated to re-supply exhausted blood with inappropriate sugars.  They are constantly eating and cheating desperately to shore up chemistry and avoid loss from unsuitable blood borne energy.  

So motivated to achieve the goal of quickly adding blood sugars they force fast but poor yielding foods upon themselves at the expense of something that is more valuable in the long term, their health, their vitality, vigor and virility.  

And these adults are busy readily assuming the role of mentor, that of the “wise one” to the children.  Through poor choices and poor preparation there is evidence of heart disease in first grade as well as higher and higher blood sugar levels in our very young.  Obesity abounds in both adults and the children.  Directly related to the obesity are soaring rates of diabetes.  

Exercise would help all of us but how do we exercise when we feel weak and are exhausted most of the time?  Without the jewels of health in the blood the muscles and nerves cannot function well and the oxidative stress along with the lactic acids shut the body down.  Its easier to just sit and “chill.”  

Continuously loading a body that cannot do work with more and more exhausted calories stimulate fat cell swelling and the swollen fat cells produce proteins that cause inflammation.  Inflammation is the number one killer of our children and loved ones.   

Hot, swollen, leaky thin walled tissues from chronic inflammation break down and allow transfer of chemistries across barriers that then contaminate areas and zones within our body that must be kept pristine to function in a healthy manner.  

The results of self pollution alarms the immune system and immediate further chemical inflammation ensues.  Soon the body is so compromised that it falls like a house of cards.  Then most of us take drugs to stupefy us and dull the nerves alarm response of pain, until we expire.  

Feed a thoroughbred race horse scraps and trim from the dumpster and soon he will be exhausted and out of the race.  So by what premise do we think we can behave poorly with diet and be exempt from the inevitable outcome of loss of health, loss of richness and blood vigor?  

To thrive as a species we must continue to do what got us here in the first place.  We must only consume whole, clean, unadulterated naturally occurring foods, just like “in the wild.”  Insist upon it.  We must also use a gentle and sensitive hand to prepare our precious hard to get whole foods.    

Our brain cortex cannot feel the inside of us so we must think for our insides.  It is our responsibility as to-days stewards of our species to realize what we are.   And we must work with that to curb the inevitable loss of health that is ensuing within our readily-willing-to-cheat “fast food” society.  

The crap and crud we are feeding our military is appalling.  Have we forgotten that “battles are won on the stomachs of the warriors?”  Who is inspecting the rations and mess halls determining the bio-availability of the calories slopped on the mess plates anyway?   

How about the prisons and their relationship with violence and the blood-brain link to nutrition?  Whole foods provide whole brain and nervous system nutrition which in turn “takes the edge off.”  Less of better would cost the same but would show in less waste and perhaps more health and contentment.  

Put that kind of nutritional thinking boost towards the children and their schooling and memory challenges.  Put that thinking towards the worker in the factories and in service industries.   

More robustness throughout our species would show overall in our alertness and present time consciousness, it would be a better planet to be associated with.  A healthier place to be and to live our life amongst others similarly healthy in body and thinking isn’t too much to ask for is it?  Surely if we can think our way around the stars we can take a few moments and straighten out some poor and decaying situations here at home.  

Start with your own home.  Clear up your own diet.  See and feel the ongoing positive difference it makes to you and your families.   

Jack Lallane found out early in his life that a tremendous difference occurred when he paid attention to his diet, he was about fifteen then.  Since that time he has relentlessly pursued for himself his whole food naturally instinctive diet.  He too has tirelessly worked to help change thinking in others and is still mentoring healthy nutrition choices.  

I say that we should select Jack and his way of thinking, his knowledge and attitude as a guide for us to mimic.  I say he should be elected the “modern man model” and held up as a friend to all mankind.  I say we should endorse his “King and Queen” of health theory and eat a whole food gently prepared diet and enjoy the strength from it as we too enjoy the returns from an active physical lifestyle our blood riches will more readily provide.

About the author: Dr. Brian Blower has been a licensed chiropractor for 35 years practicing Applied Kinesiology and has been in private practice on Grand Bahama Island for the past 10 years. He is a founding member of Applied Kinesiology Canada and was educated at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He has treated many celebrities and also specializes in sports medicine.  Dr Blower is currently in practice at the Family Wellness Center across from the Rand Hospital, Freeport. He can be reached at 242-351-5424 or 727-2454.    You can also find Dr. Blower on Facebook HERE

Feel free to contact Dr. Blower with any of your questions or comments at BodyByBlower@yahoo.com

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