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The Fountain of Youth
By Brian Blower, DC
Feb 3, 2011 - 10:31:22 PM

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There, I’ve acknowledged it.  The elusive “Fountain of Youth.”  Does it exist?  Perhaps there is a way through “nourishing to thrive” that kind of mimics it.   Certainly Cortez and his band of rabble had misconceptions of how youth and longevity could come to be theirs.  We aren’t that far advanced to not have the same misconceptions of a “fountain” that will pour out an elixir which eradicates all disease, then giving us youth and longevity. Researchers are investing huge amounts of effort and finances into the prospect of finding the next “magic bullet” for eternal youth.  

It ain’t going to happen folks. There will be no Santa. No angel will swoop down in our hour of need and pardon us for our follies, restoring youth and vigor.  Billions and billions of us have come and gone and will continue to come and go.  We will not make a difference and our legacy to our children and their children to will not be too different from that of our forefathers unless we take action and change our attitudes.   

Time to get the thinking done.  Let’s leave for the children the idea and paradigm shift of being free and running happily down the trail of health with strength, stamina, endurance and longevity.  Let’s make a change in the way we think about our bodies and how we can drive them to thrive only by making our nourishing blood healthy.  Let’s look at the way it really is for us on the health trail and settle on a plan that will continue to swing thinking over towards behavior allowing us to grow and be protected as a species.  

I remember the days of fantasy, the days of “Big Brother” and thought how awful it must be to lose freedom.  I thought many years ago about us being treated as lab animals.  We would be caged and fed a precise diet.  A diet proven to consistently yield the blood chemistry supporting optimal cellular health would be nice.  How convenient to push a pedal and out comes reliable dinner and snacks.  A “Soylent Green” type of planet; again, it ain’t going to happen.  And yet if it did happen we would likely see and get a wake up understanding of so many things that are now causing us grief on the symptom side of health.  

Controlling the diet of a large enough sample of people could give us information to study that would help reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the human organism.  With this in mind, for the good of all, we could then tax or outlaw the manufacturing and sales of food like products shown to be injuring us.  Using the principles that guide taxing drugs, alcohol and tobacco, then food like materials that cause human injury and suffering could be weeded out and consumers and retailers penalized for their selfishness and greed.  We could then with education and compliance reduce much of the harm we are ignorantly permitting our society to endure.   

Thinking of the whole of the planet and the health of the residents upon it gives us common interest in the now and the future.  Asked of a legacy left behind from us we might think of some of the things we have developed for the use of our future generations.  We may come up with communication, entertainment, or the physical comforts and aesthetic remnants of our heydays here on Earth.  

Acting upon these thoughts, wouldn’t it be terrific though to look back and also see the beginning of a society based on Big Brain thinking for the benefit of the whole of the planet and especially our species?  That a new paradigm and healthy way of thinking got started with us, here and now could be viewed.  That prospect would be fantastic.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful legacy to be a founding contributor to.   Wouldn’t it be great to take proven ways and mesh them into a general way of thinking that would protect us from injury and early demise on the trail of our health, our longevity trail?  Ask yourself what you can do toward this goal, and then act upon it.   

Pretend you are on the journey to the “fountain of youth” but it is so long a trail that it will only be the future generations that may finally get there.  Like hibernation and space travel out of our galaxy and far into the universe; we may not be the ones to get there but we are integral to the success of the plan.  

Each and every day let’s go on planning and acting towards becoming the master of the health trail.  With this goal in mind we can free the spirit of us, we can all begin to turn our heads towards a common good, although lofty challenge.  Win, win, win situations will become the norm for us and our loved ones when we get closer to mastering the health trail.   

Taking up the challenge can only spark interest in others when they witness our advances in health and purpose.  Leave the legacy of health to your family and loved ones.  This path of action is for you too, add good blood making procedures to your skills of health and survival.  You may then avoid some of the premature submissions to stress that cost us our present time thinking and our longevity.     

Being in the “now” with thinking is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.  To really be “here” with our family in present time consciousness and capture snap shot memories that last greatly comforts us both to-day and in the future.  Being in the now is a marker of how healthy we are.  

A poll of seniors recently revealed that the greatest fear for most of them is the onset of senility.  They fear loss of the capacity to think and discern events in present time.  Alzheimer’s disease comes to mind and it too has recently been linked to a problem with the production and use of insulin in and by the brain’s nerve cells.   

Apparently this newer research suggests that the brain’s nerve cells have their own insulin production.  Failure to respond by cells becoming resistant to insulin leads to the inflammatory degenerative conditions that disrupt our consciousness and eventually creates sclerosis in our nervous tissues which further alters thinking.  Studies reveal a similar resistance to leptin may occur.  Leptin is a hormone that sets our sensations of satisfaction, of being full.  Leptin controls our hunger feelings, it controls our desire to eat through our fat metabolism.  Apparently by reducing the overwhelming amounts of sugars and fats commonly eaten we can in only two weeks begin resetting the “thermostat” of both these metabolic hormones.  

Stress upon our brain and body systems, resulting from chronic gut inflammation, again from overeating and especially poor food grade choices, seems to lie at the base of many diseases.  One more reason to think with our Big Brain and avoid the disparities of chronic inflammatory bowel disease.  Think for your life and get on to better choices now, before loss of health functionally disarms our abilities and capacities to recover.  Most disorders seen in my practice eventually reveal a fundamental cause of an ongoing failure to thrive.  

My granddad died relatively early in years.  I remember him liberally shaking black pepper on his dinners and snacks.  He was a consumer of spicy sauces and processed foods as well.  He didn’t know any better and went with the taste bud bashing of the times.  My father was somewhat better than Granddad but I do remember one of the gifts he gave me was a very large electric pepper grinder.  Perhaps that tells volumes of his relatively early death too.  

I hope to outwit that early turn of event and get a little more out of my own carcass.  I have four children.  Let’s call them “Brian’s Brood.”  Their Mother calls them “Robbin’s Nest.”  None of our four children have ever had to eat ground meats or pork.  They avoid spicy gut irritating chemicals too.   Our children understand the sensitivity of the body inside and somehow, I guess by association, they all respect and control what they eat.  Even with some of them away in school I find myself quite comfortable in knowing they will only use wise choices for their nutrition.  I wish I could know how well they will do in their futures and how it will compare with mine and my Father’s and Granddad’s.  

Another recent research shows that the cells of the body have a long memory.  This study found that by having just one binge of sugar, the cells were compromised in their health and energy functions for the next two weeks.  How many of us go two weeks or more between sugar fixes?  Is this the same type of cellular feed back and response to other chemical “food like” stressors such as hot and spicy gut irritating curries, salsas and pepper?  

Our cells go through apoptosis (self destruction) when they become glutted and overwhelmed on the inside with too many junky remnants from poor and overwhelming cellular metabolism and its waste.  Periodic and especially long term caloric restriction (eating better but much less) is beneficial to the cells of our body and self denial isn’t necessarily self abuse.  

More is not better.  Leaning out the metabolism and ensuring that foods eaten are only of the highest quality makes sense to our Big Brain.  If it does then doing what is “best and right” will seem easy, natural, instinctive and innately correct to us. If we wish to be an “apex mammalian predator” then we must eat like one.  

As for the “fountain of youth” count your calories, skinny out your cells and place yourself up on the vacant health pedestal you may have created.  Strive to stay up there monitoring your own health first and then that of others.   Don’t let someone or some mental or emotional urgency come along and push you over.   

Stick to healthy Big Brain attitudes and ideals tenaciously.  Use the thinking found in these pages and write new pages as you get your own health experiences going.  Dare to share with others.  Listen carefully to what they have to say.  Use informed reasoning to go over what  others may be saying and tear it up mercilessly with the razors of your enlightened thinking.  Then discard any nonsense and keep only the jewels of information that will support you on your health trail.  Make the effort and the investments needed to succeed on your personal journey and insist on freedom from the ignorant and unhealthy predators around you.   

Walk with pride and honor to be here in the now, able to have success on the trail of health, that’s your legacy, that‘s your “fountain of youth.”

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