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So what if you are “kinky”?
By Dr. Brian Blower, DC
Jun 27, 2013 - 5:50:57 PM

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Chiropractors love kinky patients.  We love the ones with their spines, legs and arms buckled and twisted up by stress.   We love it when they come into the chiropractic office in pain, hobbling in the classic bent over position that marks them as old, stiff and failing to thrive. Chiropractors don’t wish this debility on their patients, but they love it when it is presented to them, for the chiropractor knows that the suffering one is in the right office, seeking out the right treatment and advice.

Kinky is the word that comes to mind when viewing the disabled-by-subluxation patient.  Don’t run away here, these poor souls aren’t deviates, just physically deviated.  These poor patients are succumbing to the disease of stress and are presenting themselves in one of the phases of subluxation degeneration; an ongoing progressive line of  breaking down and buckling over, that along with the horrible side product of the binding of the spine and extremities, the pain.

Chiropractors don’t treat pain so why would the chiropractor be pleased to have a patient in pain?  Because the chiropractor knows that the patient will be treated properly, they will be treated for the cause of the problem of pain, not the reaction of the human senses to the debility being presented.

We are all a little kinky every day.  It may be present in the morning, after an activity or just plain “out of the blue.” We may kink a joint reacting to a sneeze or from a reach into the back seat.  Of course we are informed of the “kinking” by the pain.

Billions and billions of us have pain on a daily basis.  Small pains are frequent and usually tolerated; sometimes they may even be helped by drugs.  Often over the counter NSAIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) like Tylenol or Aleve will do to mask the pain.  Most pain is present because of kinking of the axial skeleton, of the movable parts, the joints.  Kinked up joints are called “subluxations.” The misaligned “kinky” joints bind and may hurt locally.  About half of the joints are in the spine and ribs and the other half are within the hands and feet.  The feet, face and hand joints by moving thus allow electromagnetic energy to keep moving and flowing through pathways, the meridians.  We are presently attempting to know and then better regulate the meridian system; we erroneously have named it acupuncture.

Joints that are kinked or rather, subluxated, do not move well; some may be fixated and not move at all.  These subluxations, the kinky bones, cannot then move out of the way for the more important energy carrying tissues like the nerves.  It appears that our organism, our body, works energy through it via pathways that are many and they present with befuddling complexities. I know of no one that can describe and then explain them.  Indeed few are in the forefront of understanding and fewer still are able to delve into the systems, then guide effective corrective methods to re-establish health.  Health is the carriage of energy throughout, to and fro to all of the parts, all of the time. Those painful kinky bits and pieces of the over three hundred joints in our bodies, by not moving well, block the life giving forces needed by the parts to work, to be healthy.  When kinky and binding the joints cause pain.

Young and youthful bodies slither and slide along; they are loose at the joints and therefore healthier.  Older bodies get kinked up and then stuck into subluxation patterns; they get kinkier over time.

Of all of the possible things we can do to help rid our body of the ongoing subluxation degenerations, those that reflect kinking of the many joints of our spines, hands and feet, the most corrective and affective therapy is the chiropractic adjustment. Fast, painless and a must do for the health of the organism, chiropractic spinal and extremity adjustments move the kinky parts back to freedom; we move the parts to a more functional level.  We chiropractors, with gentle hands, help the bones move properly upon mobile joints throughout every piece of you.  This instantly allows more energy flow throughout the body.

So if you feel, and deeply know, some of you are kinky, call your family chiropractor and then buddy up to get these subluxations looked at and professionally dealt with.

About the author: Dr. Brian Blower has been a licensed chiropractor for over 40 years practicing Applied Kinesiology and has been in private practice on Grand Bahama Island for the past 15 years. He is a founding member of Applied Kinesiology Canada and was educated at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He is a founding member of the Bahamas Association of Chiropractic. He has treated many celebrities and also specializes in sports medicine.  He can be reached at 242-351-5424/ 727-2454.  You can also find Dr. Blower on Facebook HERE

Feel free to contact Dr. Blower with any of your questions or comments at BodyByBlower@yahoo.com

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