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Conflict Resolution Begins With Self!
By Michelle M. Miller, CC
Oct 28, 2008 - 9:16:28 AM

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“Many persons go through life without ever recognizing that their feelings towards other people are largely determined by their feelings toward themselves; if you're not comfortable   within yourself, you can't be comfortable

with others.”          

~Sidney J.Harris ~


It is said that you cannot give to another what you do not possess.   If this is true then we must also consider the thought that you cannot project anger towards another unless you are first angry with yourself.   Whatever you internalize is eventually materialized.  


When issues of aggression rise to the surface, it is merely the framework of a deeper inner wound.   But we become so caught up in the outer drama that we are oblivious to these serious inner wounds.   The reality is no matter how much attention we give to outer issues, nothing will change until we focus on inner-healing.


Effective conflict resolution is readily achievable when the focus of attention is driven towards creative solutions that resolve inner chaos.


Everything Begins Within   


Inner conflict has been described as an “Emotional disturbance resulting from a fight or struggle within one-self.”  


In my view, conflict is a sequence of internal prompting from your higher self, letting you know that there is a build up of toxic energy

that needs to be released in the most effective way.  


Unfortunately, because most individuals are either unfamiliar with or disconnected from this side of themselves, these promptings are usually ignored.   Thus, toxic energy soon swells into violent waves that begin to crash against the shores.


It is at this juncture that your willingness to bravely face the reality of what is going on the inside and stay cool, is crucial.   If you have taken the time to accept yourself as the incredible individual that you are on a deeper lever, you would be better able to find the courage and confidence to handle this inner turmoil; effectively resolving them one step at a time.  


Recognize that any form of violence against another, is an even deeper strike against your self.


Final Thoughts…

It is only when we make the decision to release negative feelings and avoid building toxic energy that we can truly overcome self conflict.


Remember – ‘no man is an island unto himself every man is a part of the same whole’.   At the most deepest level, you cannot physically hurt another without spiritually/emotionally scarring yourself.


Facing the man in the mirror and accepting yourself as you are is the first step in your growth to greatness.   You have incredible personal power; get up and make something better happen.


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Life-Coaching 2.0 - Michelle M. Miller
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