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Goals, Dreams, Purpose: How Well Are You Prepare?
By Michelle M. Miller, CC
Sep 8, 2008 - 9:51:06 AM

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Achievements demands that you be prepared or at least have a plan of preparation.   Many are stuck in the mode of “fitting to go”, when in actuality they are not even close to getting out of the gate, due to lack of preparation.  

Just as poor performance is the result of inadequately preparing, exceptional performance is the product of proper preparation.


Question – How well am I prepared?


Real preparation travels beyond the mundane process of a tick off list; but calls for an expansive meaning of preparation, focusing on visualizing yourself already successful.


Wayne Dyer says – “see it from the end”; successful performers are pros at honing this ability.   You must visually believe it before you can physically see it; this may seem backwards because most accept that “seeing is believing”.   Yet faith is said to be substance, which means it must already exists.  


Visualization calls for a sincere degree of faith.


Faithfully Speaking

When it comes to our achievements we tend to disregard the role that faith plays.   And although many may hold ingrained religious beliefs, when it comes to the subject of faith, very few possess an appreciation of its essence.


As such, when life pays a personal courtesy call on their doorsteps, bringing about setbacks, most completely fall

apart; either unable or unprepared to flex the muscle of their faith.   


As such, their personal effectiveness is handicapped; believing that their personal power comes from another human being.   It is this form of ‘dependent thinking’ that keeps most individuals disengaged and disconnected from their own potential.    


Nobody can give you faith; created in the image and likeness of the Master Creator, we are each carriers of inborn faith.   Hence, it is not that we necessarily lack faith, but rather we lack awareness of our faith.


It is your personal responsibility to determine what faith means to you; understanding that you cannot buy or borrow faith, you either have it or you don’t (i.e. you are either aware of it or not).


When it comes to your achievements, it is imperative that you develop a genuine awareness of faith big enough to produce the evidence of things that you hope for.

Ask yourself Big Questions:


1.         What does my preparation entail?

2.         What is the value of my faith?

3.         How will I stay focus?

4.         What is my personal effectiveness?

Why Do You Want It?


Before any undertakings, be clear of your intentions, as it guides authentic pursuits.  


Too many are swept away by waves of greed and mindless materialism, trying to keep up with the Jones’s. An empty drive, which leaves goals, dreams and life purpose unfulfilled.  


Forget keeping up with the Jones’s, last I heard, they were broke, ducking everyone they owe.   Expending time and money to get something just because other people have it is really pointless; recognizing that you don’t know how or even why they got it.


Authentic living is not about phony pursuits; it is about your sincere intentions to experience the life that you were born to live.

A simple approach:


a)         Identify your objectives & your why

b)         Write them down

c)         Figure out where you are now  

d)         Pinpoint your first step

e)         Find a purpose driven program to help you to stick & stay

Final thoughts...


“Achievement flows from clear intent and focused effort over time.   In order to achieve, we have to start where we are, find out what we need, have a plan, and follow it through, persisting through difficulties until we reach our goal.” Dan Millman ;


Remember proper preparation is built from the ground up; it is a step-by-step process designed to take you to your desired destiny.  


Find the personal power to broaden your vision and allow your life to happen.


For your personal copy of the booklet ’52 Ways To SkyRocket Your Success Booklet’

 – contact to www.coachmeforward.com

Questions/Comments are welcome -

Website: www.coachmeforward.com

E-mail: coach4ward@yahoo.com or call

429-6770 P.O. Box CB-13060

Nassau Bahamas

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Life-Coaching 2.0 - Michelle M. Miller
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