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How Are You Improving Your Personal Performance?
By Michelle M. Miller, CC
Jul 30, 2008 - 7:45:32 AM

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The person that you eventually become is determined by what you believe about yourself, the kind of the people that you hang around and the quality of information that you absorb.


Not only are these factors critical in constructing who you become, they also weigh heavily on your ability to consistently become better.    Ultimately, improving your personal performance depends on your willingness to evolve towards a better version of yourself.


But - let’s face it – the idea of assessing our personal performance is foreign to most individuals and the notion to improve it, is simply not on our agenda.   This is because most people believe that their personal performance is calculated by the number of things they possess; when in truth, it is a measurement of the person that they become.


The acquisition of things is rarely a confirmation of an improved personal performance; that is because things can be acquired through so many mediums, legal and otherwise.  


A true assessment of your personal performance focuses on your personal equity; whether you are appreciating or depreciating in your personal value.


You must therefore deliberately devise a comprehensive formula by which you can assess your performance.


Living life not as it is but as you are


Whether you believe it or not your life shows up for you exactly as you see it.   One great speaker said – ‘people don’t live life as it is; they live life as they are’. Your life is really dependent on your overall state of mind; which means that you must find ways to constantly upgrade your mind.  


In many ways, life is simply a series of processes; everything that comes into manifestation must flow through a process.   No tree brings forth fruit until the seed has been planted, nurtured and cultivated.    


Too many people want to experience an improved life, but are unwilling to undergo the process; ignorant to the fact that success is a formula of time, work and personal commitment.


To improve your performance, wrap your head around building your willingness to go through the necessary process.

Final Thoughts…

In my personal pursuit to experience a success-filled life; I quickly recognized the empty space between where I wanted to go and where I was at the time.   My first step was to find incremental ways to improve my personal performance.  


Personal development was and still is the vehicle through which I make crucial steps towards my evolution into the person that I know I am destined to become.    The process of investing time and resources into my development - through books, seminars, CDs etc; has become an incredible pillar of strength in my growth to greatness.


Through this life changing process, I’ve learned that nothing in life really improves until we improve ourselves at the personal level.


In assessing your personal performance, take a page from the book of world class athletes; they are committed to continuous training and development and they surround themselves with a team of individuals who are focused on assisting them in the steady improvement of their performance.


Continuous improvement to your personal performance gives you the incredible power to become the person that you know you can be.

Remember – to do something that you’ve never done, you must become someone that you’ve never been’.


Take your performance to a whole new level; get up and make it happen.


 “In order to do something that you’ve never done;
you have to become someone that you’ve never been.”  

 ~Les Brown ~



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Life-Coaching 2.0 - Michelle M. Miller
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