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In An Ever-Changing World, Are You Remaining Relevant?
By Michelle M. Miller, CC
Nov 28, 2008 - 8:52:23 PM

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With the constant speed of change and the rapidly shifting economic forecasts, remaining relevant is essential to both your credibility and viability.


There is no question that the world is transitioning through a major paradigm shift; moving from an era where we wait for change to happen, towards a new age where we instead happen to change in advance.


The sad part though is that because most people have outsourced there personal power, they are driven towards expecting a ‘hand out’ rather than seeking a ‘hand up’; essentially keeping themselves in a state of learnt helplessness.   And so any such wave of change meets them ill-equipped and unprepared to navigate life challenges.


Be certain that your ability to remain relevant in this ever-changing world is pivotal.   It is a continuous demand for you to thoroughly examine and assess your current capabilities and overall sense of preparation.


To Survive or Thrive?


When it comes to adverse challenges most people seldom take personal responsibility; opting instead to play the blame game.   I think the major hurdle in transitioning through issues any adversity is to constantly question whether you are trying to just survive or are you really seeking to thrive and do more than just get by.


Mediocrity, left unchallenged becomes an endemic.   You must find ways to do more – be more – live more; simply because you can but the quest ought to be an improved quality of life not merely improving your standard of living.


Your continuous growth and development better enables you to face any so called economic down turn; as you have found creative ways to remain relevant in a changing environment.


This speaks also to businesses; while many businesses have remained current and competitive, too many have fallen prey to a dinosaur mindset, eventually becoming extinct.


The bottom line is business is business; people want to do business with those who have something of value to add to growth and profitability.   As much as you want to do business with companies that are meeting your present needs; companies also want to retain those exceptional employees that they consider to be an asset.  


When major shifts happen it is critical to find ways to reinvent yourself, your ideas and improve your overall relevance.   It is simply begins with releasing old concepts and methodologies that are no longer useful and openly embrace new ideas.   This also speaks to your willingness to accept personal responsibility for your own development.


Essentially, the measure of your relevance directly depends on your ability to continue to improve; personally and professionally.


In this flourishing world of change, we can do more than just survive; we can actually thrive.


Final thoughts…


David Maister says ‘left unattended, knowledge and skills, like assets, depreciate in value.’  


If you find yourself on the same job, in the same position, making the same salary with the same benefits, you enjoyed 3 to 5 years ago; you are in the perfect position to ask yourself whether or not you are remaining relevant in a changing world.


Change not only refers to the changes that trickle down the media pipeline; but also refers to your ability to recognize the need for you to change yourself – your habits, behavior and or attitude in order to improve your relevance.


No matter your job function; skills and proficiencies are always being upgraded and reinvented to suit a changing environment.  


Remember – unless you are consistently remaining relevant, you will most assuredly get left behind.


Despite the many dismal forecasts; you have the power to make something better happen.


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Life-Coaching 2.0 - Michelle M. Miller
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