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What goals have you defined for 2009?
By Michelle M. Miller, CC
Jan 19, 2009 - 5:50:12 PM

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Here we grow again! It’s a brand new year filled with new opportunities and enormous possibilities, the question is how many will you take hold of, develop and express?   Will you continue with the same old concepts and achieve the same unfulfilling results?   Or will you shed the old and embrace a new approach that will enable you to experience the quality of life that you truly desire?


Believe it or not, you are always at choice to make the necessary decisions to improve yourself; but nothing will change until you change.   Defining specific goals for your life is a critical step in your journey; if you fail to plan, you literally plan to fail.   Moreover, if you aim at nothing specific, you will get nothing specific.


Each of us has a goal, dream or some sort of objective for our personal and professional life. While most of us talk about our goals, very few of us are actually doing something to make it happen.   How many times have you declared that you would like to improve your finances, manage your weight, go back to school etc., still you have not yet created any specific plan or you start but lose momentum after a while.


This is not because of the goal itself but rather your strategy (or

the lack thereof). There is a big difference between saying you want to achieve something and actually setting out a plan to get it done.  


‘Self’ Is Always First Cause


Recognize that you are always the first cause of everything that happens or fails to happen as it relates to your personal success.   Many people have goals but they do not want to change their habits or behaviors; instead they expect the world around them to change in order for them to achieve their goal.   To do something that you’ve never done, you must become someone that you’ve never been.    


Take a good look at your goals - how much do you really desire to achieve them? What degree of changes are you willing to make to make them happen?   You are the total some of whatever you believe and what you conclude is possible for your life.


Give yourself time to unravel your intuition and discern what matters to you most.   


Final thoughts…


The world is gently shifting away from materialistic ideals towards the appreciation the intrinsic gifts of empathy, gratitude and service.   So if you still believe that ‘things’ alone validates who you are or who you can become, you have completely missed the mark.


No matter how beautiful you paint a dilapidated building, it’s still a dilapidated building.   Sincere success is an inside job; it’s not about what you get, it’s about what you continue to do with what you’ve got.  


The good news is, despite the challenges you may be facing, you can take a different approach for 2009 and let this be the year that you not only ‘talk’ about it but also ‘be’ about it.   If you are serious about reinventing yourself, and are you willing to commit to the process of building a new you, then you are the ideal candidate for my upcoming No Excuses Goals Program. Please send an email to coach4ward@Yahoo.com or call 429-6770.   Seats Are Limited!


Remember - if you can conceive, you can achieve it - but you must first believe it. Take up the challenge to make it happen.


Be sure to register for – NO Excuses 2009.           
Send email to coach4@ward@yahoo.com

or call 242-429-6770  

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Life-Coaching 2.0 - Michelle M. Miller
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