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Columns : Screen Scene Last Updated: Apr 3, 2018 - 9:26:38 PM

Ready Player One - Movie review by Rouén Robinson
By Rouén Robinson
Apr 3, 2018 - 9:07:30 PM

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A film that is the modern definition of the term Spielbergian

Ready Player One

An Adventure Too Big For The Real World

In the future, the creator of an immersive virtual world leaves his immense fortune and control of that world to anyone who can win a contest he designed. An unlikely hero is able to figure out the first challenge and with the help of his friends in the virtual world he attempts to win the contest to keep it away from the evil corporation that wants to corrupt it.

Wade Watts is the young man known as Parzival in the virtual world of the OASIS who wishes to win the Quest so he can leave where he lives in the stacks in Ohio with a neglectful relative. Samantha Cooke is the young woman known as Art3mis in the OASIS who is a famous in the virtual world and wants to win the Quest to avenge her father and strike a blow against IOI. James Halliday is the co-creator of the OASIS and uses the avatar of Anaorak in that virtual world to congratulate the players who have beaten the challenges in the Quest to control the OASIS. Nolan Sorrento is the CEO of Innovate Online Industries aka IOI who seeks full control of the OASIS by using indentured servants and bloodthirsty employees.

Ready Player One is a fun motion picture that is able to dazzle with incredible special effects as it indulges with an abundance of nostalgic pop culture references from different eras of entertainment. The way this film presents a future online world where people choose to spend most of their life instead of their dreary existence in the real world is interesting. The cast is solid in their portrayal of the people in different class castes living in a dystopian future and how that shows in the way they choose to behave in the virtual evened playing ground. Steven Spielberg successfully reminds us why he is a legend in his own time among directors with a great entry in his directorial efforts that in many ways pays homage to a style of film-making he made profitable. Alan Silvestri is able to supply a strong score that adds to every scene it is used in while giving nods to his iconic musical interludes in the course of the film. Ernest Cline is adept at adapting the heart of his book perfectly in this screenplay with the help of Zak Penn in a way that keeps the essence of the material that works best in this particular medium. I know that there have been some complaints over the love story, but I agree with the way is plays out when you take into account that the main character has lived a sheltered life and his only example of strong relationships has been that of entertainment resources instead of real life interaction. This is quite simply a modern Spielberg theatrical experience of the highest order. I rate this movie a rating of 4 & 1/2 out of 5.

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Ready Player One

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