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Replicas - Movie review by Rouén Robinson
By Rouén Robinson
Jan 20, 2019 - 10:31:34 AM

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A disappointing mess of movie filled half baked pseudo science leading to plot holes aplenty.

Some Humans Are Unstoppable 

A daring scientist working for a government-controlled laboratory on a tropical island decides to use the facility's experimental equipment to recreate his family members killed in a car accident. As he goes against the existing laws of ethical science to achieve his goal, he finds that he must face both moral and physical obstacles that he was unprepared to deal with prior to the ordeal.

William Foster is a research neuroscientist who is trying to transfer consciousness from a biological being to a robotic one when his life crashes around him due to a car accident involving his family. Ed Whittle is a member of William’s research team and a friend of his family who has been working on cloning technology as a next step in the consciousness transference research. Mona Foster is William’s wife and the mother of their three children who is a doctor at the local hospital and looking forward to a vacation on a boat with her family. Mr. Jones is William & Ed’s boss at Biodyne who has been waiting for them to show positive results from their research or he will have to cut their funding, dissolving their team.

Replicas is a movie that had a lot of different ideas which could have sustained different movies on their own with the implicated story potential, but crammed haphazardly into one narrative makes for a patchwork quilt of science fiction tropes badly stitched together with dangling plot threads galore. Paying attention to the motivations of the characters in this motion picture leads to disappointment as logic is quickly discarded from one scene to the next. The cast is sadly misused in this production from the adults to the children as they do their best to give some kind of truth in their roles, but it is clear that each part is only there to drive the story along and may shift at any moment. Jeffrey Nachmanoff directing of this film starts off interesting but quickly goes downhill as the plot thins and the viewer prays for a quick resolution to the dumpster fire they find themselves watching. Chad St.John’s screenplay to a story by Stephen Hamel is comprised of one plot hole after the next with one dimensional characters that are more worthy of a movie for a straight to dvd release than a theatrical one. This flick plays like a weak prequel to the 2000 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The 6th Day and the effects in that film are orders of magnitude better than the cheap looking visual effects in this Keanu Reeves led clunker. I rate this movie a rating of 1 & 1/2 out of 5     

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