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So Many Faults in Our Mars
By Rouén Robinson
Feb 9, 2017 - 1:33:21 PM

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What’s Your Favorite Thing About Earth?

A teenager born on another planet finally gets to visit the planet his parents were from. While visiting he sets out to uncover the mystery of who his father was with the help of a friend he met online, but as he begins to react negatively to the new planet’s atmosphere it becomes a race against time.

Gardner Elliot is a 16 year old who was the first child born on Mars and while visiting Earth for the first time he decides to unravel the identity of his father with the help of a new friend. Tulsa is a 17 year old foster child who is having trouble making friends in real life, but has formed a bond with Gardner which is tested when she finds his origin hard to believe. Kendra Wyndham has been the closest thing Gardner has had to a parent since the death of his mother when he was born, but she is finding his behavior increasing erratic due to frustration over unanswered questions. Nathaniel Shepherd is the financier who owns the company that bankrolled the Mars mission and finds himself torn between protecting his investment and letting the world know about the first human being to be born on an alien planet.

The Space Between Us
is a typical young adult romance with a science fiction twist that takes the viewer nowhere special. An annoying thing about this movie is that it had the makings of a film that could have been quality science fiction with a touch of romance that would have made the experience endearing. What we get is a movie where everything is forced just to keep the story going in a way that defies logic and a twist that is beyond obvious once you see the type of movie you are stuck watching. One of the set ups for a good movie is that all the tools or skills that the characters are given or acquire will be useful by the end of the film, but in this flick once the story gets to Earth everything goes downhill in a mess of unexplained happy accidents. I expected more from the director of The Mighty, Peter Chelsom and the writer of 21, Allan Loeb. The cast of this motion picture do their best to make the plot holes less obvious, but this is a movie that runs out of fuel by the halfway mark and kind of coasts to the finish.

I rate this film a 1 1/2 out of 5.

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Rouén Robinson has been an avid moviegoer since childhood and has been critiquing motion pictures for almost a decade. He has been a film critic for The Cinemas on Tempo and was a judge for FLIFF On Location: Grand Bahama Island, an off shoot of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF). Rouén lives in Grand Bahama and can be reached at redr1976@icloud.com and on Twitter @thereelrouen

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