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Star Wars : The Last Jedi- Movie review by Rouén Robinson
By Rouén Robinson
Dec 17, 2017 - 7:31:32 AM

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A solid entry into the saga that stands on its own as an episode.

A prodigy in a mystic art seeks out a master of the art in self exile to guide her in the ways of the art while fighting the lure of the master’s former apprentice. In space a group of freedom fighters must find a way to escape the might of an oppressive regime but to do so they must find a way to elude their pursuers with minimum casualties.

Rey is a extraordinarily gifted Force sensitive individual seeking a legendary master to train her in the ways of the Jedi in hopes of saving the galaxy from the rule of the First Order. Finn is a former stormtrooper for the First Order who defected to the Resistance and finds himself on a mission to acquire an asset that will allow the Resistance to stop the First Order from tracking them. Luke Skywalker is a Jedi Master who has become a recluse after the destruction of his training facility at the hands of his former students and is now reluctant to train anyone else. Kylo Ren is the former Ben Solo who is conflicted about his role as a servant of the dark side of the Force under the leadership of Supreme Leader Snoke.

Star Wars The Last Jedi is a visually stunning movie that takes you on a journey a long time ago in a galaxy far, far way. The story as it is presented cuts up the narrative in away that makes the motion picture easier for any watchers with ADHD to enjoy, but also alienates all the viewers who are able to handle a normally paced adventure. Carrie Fisher gives a strong performance as General Leia Organa and it is hard seeing her on screen without remembering that she is no longer with us and the filmmakers rightfully chose to dedicate this film to her. Rian Johnson is able to deliver a Star Wars movie that takes some bold turns within the saga that makes this entry stand apart from the others in many ways. Steve Yedlin is to be commended on his excellent cinematography that makes this on of the most optically striking of this space opera film series. John Williams gives us a score that retains the epic feel of the franchise and adds certain exotic instrumental touches that works with the unexpected tonal shifts of particular scenes. If there any negatives I would have to mention that there are some transitions from certain scenes to other scenes that are a bit abrupt with the way they end and begin and in parts of the film the humor feels crammed in instead of letting it happen naturally. This cinematic experience felt like a stand alone taste of the Star Wars universe with a beginning middle and end that made the one that came before it feel like a prologue or a catch up ‘last time on...’ part of a long running television show. Episode VIII's style of storytelling reminded me of some great space related programming like Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Robotech and Cowboy Bebop. I rate this theatrical release a rating of 4 out of 5.

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Star Wars : The Last Jedi

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