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The Predator - Movie review by Rouén Robinson
By Rouén Robinson
Sep 30, 2018 - 12:27:39 PM

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The Predator

The Hunt Has Evolved

The installment that takes the franchise in a comedic course that doesn't work well with the established lore.

When a lethal hunter from outer space brings its battle with a genetically upgraded version of itself to Earth, it takes a ragtag collection of soldiers deemed mentally unfit for duty and a renegade scientist to prevent an escalation of violence capable of engulfing the entire human race.

Quinn McKenna is a former Army Ranger who made contact with a Predator and was able to escape its clutches with some of its weaponized alien technology which he mails to a different location before his government captures him. Rory McKenna is Quinn’s genius son who suffers from a form of autism and becomes a key component in the battle against the Predators after he is able to decipher their language. Dr. Casey Bracket is an evolutionary biologist recruited by a secret government organization that has been collecting Predator artifacts for study in preparation for any potential interplanetary conflict. Will Traeger is the director of the Stargazer Project and responsible for jailing Quinn to keep him quiet about his alien encounter, but soon finds his assistance necessary when multiple Predators attack.

The Predator is a film that is full of ideas that should have made this one of the most fun entries into the franchise, but ended up making this one of the most nonsensical installments in the series. This is a movie that seems to fall apart around the middle with bad editing choices and a story that punishes its audience for trying to follow the chain of events which lead to its unsatisfying climax. The cast is wasted in this motion picture as they attempt to give performances that lend some kind of verisimilitude to the over-the-top chaotic mess that is this production. Shane Black directs this cinematic assault on the senses in such a way that leaves little doubt to anyone viewing it that this was not the film he had in mind for public consumption. The script by Fred Dekker and Shane Black is an assortment of action movie and science fiction tropes tied together with awkward humor that falls flat most of the time in an unprecedented display of bad taste. Henry Jackman’s music for this theatrical release feels like the temp score that Alan Silvestri rejected for the original movie and helps the entire affair seem like a parody of the franchise. I was really looking forward to seeing this installment apart from all the behind the scenes drama, but it was such a disappointment that it gave the impression that all the controversy was brought up to hide the fact that the finished product was a botched attempt to keep the brand viable after Fox Studios is absorbed by Disney. Fans of this franchise deserve better, but for now it looks like the best way to enjoy the lore is in the pages of the different comic book series it has spawned. I rate this movie a rating of 2 out of 5.

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The Predator

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