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The Star - Movie review by Rouén Robinson
Dec 8, 2017 - 11:37:23 AM

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It Takes Many Tails To Tell The Greatest Story Ever

This is the story of a young donkey who dreams of joining a traveling caravan with his dove best friend if he can escape the miller who owns him. During a successful escape attempt he finds his way into the home of a young carpenter and his pregnant wife who he stays with in hopes of not returning to a life of milling wheat, but he soon finds himself on an unexpected adventure.

Boaz is a young donkey who finds himself chasing after the humans Joseph and Mary after he discovers a plot to kill Mary’s unborn baby by King Herod who has sent his head soldier to find them. Dave is a dove who is Boaz’s best friend and shares his dream of joining a traveling caravan allowing them to live a life of adventure in exotic locals. Ruth is a sheep who is following a new mysterious bright star in the sky by herself after her flock refused to follow it with her and ends up helping Boaz and Dave track down Mary and Joseph. Thaddeus and Rufus are the dogs of the head soldier sent by King Herod to kill who he believes is a future usurper to his throne due to his interaction with three wise men.

The Star is The Nativity story from a different point of view that is a good enough children’s animated movie. The cgi animation is simple but clean with a straightforward style that has the potential to appeal to young viewers without calling attention to itself in its presentation. The voice cast does an okay job of telling the story of that initial Christmas from a perspective not usually seen. Timothy Reckart is able to do a serviceable job of directing this feature length computer animated film but is not able to quite get the emotion across for certain characters the way he is known to do when working with stop motion animated characters. The soundtrack for this movie was slightly intrusive as the songs seem to be the reason for the scenes instead of certain scenes being the reason for certain songs. It is obvious that the studio decided to hedge its bets, so to speak, with the familiar Christian music pieces from different musical genres being sung by popular recording artists, but it made the pacing of the movie seem uneven in parts as a song would rush or stop the story at odd times. This was a quaint re-imagining of a well known tale from the Bible that felt like a longer version of Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey. I rate this movie a rating of 3 out of 5.

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The Star

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