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The Truth Must Be Taken- Movie review by Rouén Robinson
By Rouén Robinson
Dec 6, 2017 - 6:05:02 PM

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A series that brings comic book violence into the real world with heart wrenching results.

A former operative for a special operations branch of the military is now a vigilante seeking vengeance for the death of his family due to his involvement in a large conspiracy. As he executes all those responsible for the deaths, he teams with a former intelligence analyst in hiding due to information he uncovered as they decide if a current government security agent is worth the risk of being included in their circle of trust as it may endanger her life and those she loves.

Frank Castle is the vigilante known as the Punisher who is believed dead but as his alias of Pete Castiglione gets wrapped up in a conspiracy he thought was behind him he seeks to kill the man responsible. David Lieberman is the former NSA analyst who assisted Frank in faking his death and is now working under the alias Micro to uncover the conspiracy keeping him from being with his family. Dinah Madani is a Department for Homeland Security agent who was stationed in Afghanistan when the conspiracy began and must now deal with the domestic fallout of it as she tries to find justice for one of its victims. William Rawlins is the current director of covert operations at the CIA who was an agent known as Agent Orange in Afghanistan who orchestrated the events the created the conspiracy and is now doing all in his power to keep it covered up by killing all who knew of his involvement in what occurred.

The Punisher season 1 is a thought provoking series of episodes that tugs at your emotions with the drama of soldiers dealing post traumatic stress disorder in different ways while coming through on the promise of action with brutal fight scenes. The thriller aspect of the series is heavy as each of the 13 episodes lead you deeper into the conspiracy, with the many who have been harmed by it in order for a few to benefit from it. Jon Bernthal gives a touching performance as Frank Castle as you go on the journey with him as he deals with the loss of his family and the constant reminders that he brought the danger back home with him that lead to their deaths. Steve Lightfoot as the showrunner for this series is able to get the grittiness right from the start and follows through on responsible television by making sure the audience sees the consequences to the violence. From episode to episode we are introduced to characters that are all broken in different ways and it is how they choose to mend themselves that informs on how they will impact the world at large. This freshman season is one of the most grounded of the Marvel Netflix series and brought to mind episodes of shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit to The Equalizer to The Unit and the interaction between Frank & David later in the season brought to mind the banter between Sam & Al from Quantum Leap. This is some binge-worthy episodic t.v. I rate this first season a rating of 4 & 1/2 out of 5.

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The Truth Must Be Taken

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