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Even God Can't Hide Anymore
By Joseph Darville
May 17, 2008 - 3:24:56 PM

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If one were to believe in Divine Providence, then the last election would fit into God’s intervention into human affairs.  The fact is though, because the Divine has created us with free will, there is really no interference into man’s actions on a daily basis, otherwise the ‘gift’ of free will/choice would be a falsehood.  Whether it’s an election won by the PLP or the FNM, the phenomenon is really the result of the individual and collective consciousness of the populace.  It is for this reason that we always get the government we deserve. It is not that we are being punished by our ill choice, but rather we elect the course of action dictated by what we can perceive as being our lot in life or  the level of our deserving power.  This fact is brought out very dramatically by the results in our recent general election in which approximately fifty percent of the population side with one faction and fifty with the other. 

There are really no ideological differences between the two political organizations, since the level of perception in the nation runs pretty much in the dimension of ‘comme ci comme ca.’  The problem really is related to the fact that we do not hold our political leaders accountable on an objective and nationally based level.  They are usually allowed to operate with stark  indifference immediately after their election. Then it’s only after a period of utter frustration with them that  the electorate deems it fit to readjust their thinking and allow a bit of divine wisdom to seep into their usually closed and politically myopic vision.  By then five long years have passed and politically hungry and power thirsty individuals have already wrecked massive havoc on the psyche of the nation.  This state of affairs is allowed to exist based upon the widely held perception that the divine right of kings still applies to elected political officials.  However that political/religious  fallacy has long been gone into happy oblivion.

Already there is a crescendo of hues and cries about the mismanagement of the national affairs by the present administration.  Therein, the political and social pundits  have given their various views on the performances of various ministers and ministries. Some have been objective and believable in their assessment, while others, obviously guided by their individual political bias, have given us  a totally skewed view of the status quo.

After the campaigns of basically seductive and mesmerizing speeches, grandiose promises and questionable personae, the election takes place, and then individuals are catapulted into unfamiliar territories, faced with the daunting task to immediately rejuvenated the nation.  However, virtually seventy-five percent of our leaders’ time is spent in personal vendettas to the extent that the honorable men and women send a drunken message of hatred, malice, hostility and rancor which reduces parliament to a hall of paralysis.  I maintain my long-held and expressed view that twelve to eighteen enlightened and spiritual (not religious) business persons, reflecting a new consciousness of human dignity,  could run this small country extremely efficiently, like a business with human/divine vision and intelligence.  In any event our democracy  is a misnomer since the people have little or nothing to say about what good or bad is done in their name.  We hire individuals to run our business and they, in short order, assume personal ownership of it, often with grave and irreparable consequences.  Their energies are tied up in a desperate attempt to lay an firm foundation for their personal and selfish power and control.

Thank God, we can carry out this game every five years, thus maintaining the hope that sooner or later we will get it right.  The problem, though, is that we will not do so until we recognize  the grandeur of our own nature and not accept anything simply because we perceive it as being imposed upon us by the good-for-nothing devil or our angry God.  Political leaders, as well as many religious ones have duped us into denying every level of goodness within ourselves, thus creating a basis of power upon which they can perpetuate their domination and manipulation of the consciousness of thousands of individual citizens.  You take away the divinity within us and implant aspects of demonic subjugation and fear, then absolute control becomes the ultimate result. It is no stretch of the imagination to know that the two most powerful forces in the land, religious and political,  have so fine tuned this deception that thousands believe the gates of heaven and hell are under their control.  In this manner, they can so easily seduce, rape and violate the gullible with impunity.  But sooner or later these monolithic and hellish institutions, based upon deception will come tumbling down and what will remain forever is the essential essence of our Godly heritage.  One may enslave the myriad of aspects of the human condition, but the fundamental purity of our soul will eternally abide intact.

It is in this context that the ‘controversial’ remarks made by Madam Justice Sawyer recently would indeed prick the conscience of many religious ministers.  Bless her heart for expressing a truth, about religious freedom which has degenerated in pure license to propagate one’s own mis-directed version of God and dogma.  These so called leaders have damned so many long before the compassionate and loving God could welcome them into the bosom of divine grace.  Ignorantly,  they have done so in the very name of this benevolent being about whom they know little or nothing.  Indeed they do know the weaknesses of the human condition and ceremoniously  manipulate that to their political, religious and monetary advantage.  Their systematic abuse of persons constitutes the greatest violence to the human spirit and creates the fertile soil in which irreparable damage is done to individuals and society as a whole.  It is in this regard that the name of God is taken in vain as it is used to systematically and viciously attempt to rob the human/angles of their value, worth and divinity.  Even God can’t hide any longer as a myriad of these nine ninety-nine(dollars) and nineteen ninety-nine self-ordained ministers (Reverend ‘Doctors & Bishops’) lay claim to a direct and  exclusive  uplink to God all over this nation. Unfortunately, the communication is usually one-way and shrouded in a mixture of human concoctions.

If these good gentlemen, and progressively more gentle ladies, would stick to the unconditional love of God, the compassionate and forgiving nature of the God portrayed in the story of the ‘Prodigal Son,’ then violence could and would not be so dramatically prevalent in our so called religious nation.  Spirituality is simply the awareness of and the connection to our divinity.  This level of consciousness, unfortunately, is abominably absent in too many of these so called leaders which results in the blind leading the blind.  True vision of our divinity comes through a heart that’s pure and open to the wisdom of God, without any agenda but to love and be loved.  It seeks no power, no status, no monetary rewards, but simply yearns for the grandeur of the consciousness of God’s abiding presence in all of us.  This divine entity, ‘hiding’ silently and deeply within all of us yearns to be felt, experienced and embraced without the polluting interference of any other human grandiose aspects.

About the Author: Mr. Joseph Darville is a native of Long Island, Bahamas and a resident of Freeport, Grand Bahama.  

·           Teacher [English, French] at St. Augustine’s College in Nassau.  

·           Teacher [French] Senior School Coordinator and Guidance Counselor a Queen’s College in Nassau.     

·           Past Vice-President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers  

·           He is a founding member and past President of the Bahamas Counselor’s   Association  

·           Past President of the Grand Bahama Mental Health Association  

·           Past Vice President of the Caribbean Federation of Mental Health  

·           Founding member and Chairman of Operation Hope, [volunteer drug prevention, education & rehabilitation program]  

·           Co-Chairman of the Bahamas National Drug Council  

·           Founding member and Past -President of Grand Bahama Human Rights Association  

·           Founding member of the Caribbean Human Rights Network  

·           Administrative Vice-President of the Freeport YMCA for three years  

He is an Advanced Master/Teacher in Reiki training, a natural energy healing method, as well as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation.   Presently, he is Director of Workforce Development at the Grand Bahama Shipyard. He has received many awards for outstanding service and achievement in teaching, communication,  and citizenship.  

Joseph can be reached at jdarville2002@yahoo.com

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Who is in control? - Joseph Darville
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