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HAITI: A Cataclysmic Catastrophe or a Global Jolt?
By Joseph Darville
Jan 14, 2010 - 2:52:41 PM

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Over the period of a few shorts years, humanity has witnessed and experienced a number of massive and catastrophic events: ‘911’ and the destruction of world’s symbol of financial control; ‘the Tsunami’ and consequential loss of thousands of lives and now the greatest of the three, “Haiti.’   

Following ‘911’, the global meltdown occurred indicating the necessity for yet further normalization and equalization within the world economy. However, following that event too much energy and time were spent on retribution. ‘The Tsunami’ elicited a greater heart and mind response to the plight of a  significant sector of humanity; and now the saga continues with ‘Haiti.’  Will this island in the sea then become the catalyze to finally awaken humanity and draw focus on the need for greater equity for all peoples on a global scale?  

These situations are not visited upon us as retribution for some sins we may have committed; they come as natural results of human mass consciousness and thus are not interfered with by the Creator God.  They are not the actions of an angry God. They are rather humanity’s free-will way of bringing back into focus  our own angelic / divine nature and its role in establishing ‘God’s Kingdom on Earth.’  As goes the consciousness of humanity, so goes the Earth.  The scenes out of Haiti, almost too horrific for human eyes to behold, can only be viewed as  redemptive acts on behalf of Divine Order.   

Will this disaster in the series of events be sufficient to fully awaken us to the reality of our purpose / role here on this Earth.  Amidst all the scenes of misery, pain, loss of human lives and property, is there a greater story being told? As former President Clinton so rightly says, “Haiti is not a lost cause.’  Indeed, she is THE cause to resurrect in the heart of humanity that spark which will  enlighten the way to a new, glorious and harmonious world. So brief and sudden was this momentary cataclysmic event.  Just as sudden, but forever lasting could be the jolt into an enlightened  mindset of all humanity and a new world order.  

It may be  eons of time before the human tears are dried which will be shed for the thousands, especially the children, who have so willingly opted to go back Home for the good of all humanity. Such a little while these beautiful angels spent among us.  But it should not be difficult to imagine, sense and feel the glowing lights of these precious souls as they commence their heavenly lightsome  task to restore Haiti as an enviable  jewel in the Caribbean. One of the most powerful responses  evoked from humans is that of compassion  when innocent children  suffer loss of life.  Imagine then the crescendo of passion and compassion emanating from the heart of humanity at this moment in time.  

Haiti will arise glorious again with the energy, light and focus of the entire world community.  Her people are noble and proud beings, endowed with incredible intelligence, talent, beauty, grace and charm.  Thus she has been chosen as one of the special nations who will  catapult humanity into a new awakening of consciousness for a whole new order globally. A leading nation in the recognition of the universal and  inalienable rights and dignity of every human being, Haiti set the standard for humanity long time ago.  

In the meantime the Bahamas has a unique  opportunity to play a significant role in this event, for among all the nations in the world, proportionally, we have the largest population of Haitians and Haitian Bahamians outside of Haiti.  We certainly should expect this number to increase and should not be hesitant to permit such.  Indeed the wide world will be looking at us and judging our spirit in terms of our accommodations in this regard.  However, since this event has occasioned a global response, we should not be afraid, for indeed we will earn and receive the necessary financial, technical and infrastructure assistance to do our part.  

Haitians and Haitian Bahamians have struggled side by side with us to build our Bahamaland, and thus have earned the right and privilege to share our good fortunes.  We should never be unmindful of the universal fact that we are just stewards of God’s Earth and no owners thereof.  

Therefore, when the exodus out of Haiti begins, we should not panic, but rather be prepared to do our part in a humanitarian and godly manner.  Undoubtedly, as this present situation is of gigantic proportions and attracting world-wide attention, then we will benefit from the United Nations protocols in whatever we are called upon to do.  It is indeed very easy to call upon the compassion of our Bahamian people; we have proven it time and time again.  Thus our hearts are laid wide open at this critical moment.  

Today we may very well say: ‘The Haitians are coming,’ but tomorrow, Florida and the US may very well be sounding the warning: ‘The Bahamians are coming.’  We know not the day our own migration may begin. The mere threat or warning of a possible tsunami rolling across the Bahamas  should be sufficient to alert us to the fact of our own vulnerability for a similar massive event as has descended upon our sister island nation Haiti.  

Our sentiments of love, shared sorrow and appreciation go out to all our beloved Haitian brothers and sisters at this time of their extreme pain and untold loss of so many and so much.  

Joseph Darville

VP Grand Bahama Human Rights Association

About the Author:  

Mr. Joseph Darville is a native of Long Island, Bahamas and a resident of Freeport, Grand Bahama.  

·           Teacher [English, French] at St. Augustine’s College in Nassau.  

·           Teacher [French] Senior School Coordinator and Guidance Counselor a Queen’s College in Nassau.     

·           Past Vice-President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers  

·           He is a founding member and past President of the Bahamas Counselor’s   Association  

·           Past President of the Grand Bahama Mental Health Association  

·           Past Vice President of the Caribbean Federation of Mental Health  

·           Founding member and Chairman of Operation Hope, [volunteer drug prevention, education & rehabilitation program]  

·           Co-Chairman of the Bahamas National Drug Council  

·           Founding member and Past -President of Grand Bahama Human Rights Association  

·           Founding member of the Caribbean Human Rights Network  

·           Administrative Vice-President of the Freeport YMCA for three years  

He is an Advanced Master/Teacher in Reiki training, a natural energy healing method, as well as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation.   Presently, he is Director of Workforce Development at the Grand Bahama Shipyard. He has received many awards for outstanding service and achievement in teaching, communication,  and citizenship.  

Joseph can be reached at jdarville2002@yahoo.com

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Who is in control? - Joseph Darville
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