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Religious Confusion vs. Spiritual Simplicity - Awakening Within
By Joseph Darville
Jun 24, 2007 - 5:45:59 PM

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Today, man / woman has fashioned God in their own image. God has become a fabrication of all the negative attributes and qualities of human condition.   Incorporated in the human God are the sentiments of hatred, prejudice, condemnation, anger and revenge. The sum total of these traits create the wars, rumors of wars, abuse of the vulnerable, rape of innocent children, brutal murders, and general violation of the rights of the born and unborn.   Yet in the midst of all this we still proclaim our religiosity and hold fast to the belief that we are indeed carrying out the wishes of the Divine.

Recently I stated that society, we, prepare the crime and an individual commits it.   Why then can’t we see that with the twelve year old girl child incarcerated in our prison, we have symbolically condemned and imprisoned ourselves?   The quality of mass consciousness determines the state of our nation.  


For certain we have affiliation with God, bearing that image as a natural result of our angelic and divine origin.   However, this birthright has nothing to do with the multiplicity of religions and religious beliefs which have become as confusing as the Tower of Babel.   This insane state, therefore, is a natural outcome, resulting from the cacophonous   chorus   of so many who scream out and lay claim to a direct line to God.   Thus more and more are becoming the individually indisputable interpreters of the all things godly.


How God must smile from that lowly throne within the hearts of men and women. Therein abides the truth, sanctity and bliss of the Divine, nestled   within a gift of potent silence.   It is all so simple: “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.” God is without definition (‘sans definition’, ‘ein soph’); but from what can be perceived and felt within the heart, we know the Divine to be simple, pure, without agenda, non-judgmental.   The Divine is oh so simple, simply Divine and Divinely simple.  

All these qualities are found in every revelation Jesus shared about the Divine.   The most potent example was the story of the Prodigal Son. What a simple image of God, so Divine, so loving, so forgiving, so prodigal with compassion; indeed, this is the quintessence of a pure heart oozing with spiritual radiance.


Within the maze of religions, however, some still happen to find the true and genuine path to spirituality.   For that glow still illumines the heart of each man/woman.   So while religion literally drives one up the wall, and sometimes with a rope in hand, due to its proliferation in the thousands, fortified by tens of thousands of rules and regulations, the Spirit simply calls us to open our hearts   to the Divine always dwelling within.   Dear Jesus, who wrote not a single word, other than scribbling a few indecipherable characters in the sand on one occasion, must bleed over and over a thousand times when he sees what is being done with and in his name.


The human being is indeed built to search for God, for Home. He, however, has complicated the process.   The Divine Essence is not found externally.   God is within.   And true spirituality, enlightenment, is discovering   that truth inside; it is cradled in a reservoir of infinite love and compassion. There is only one core truth: God’s love.

Divine simplicity supersedes the abundance of all religions, words, books, tapes, television evangelists, religious programs, etc., etc.   Thousands of self-serving religious pundits have totally confused humanity, plunging millions into a quagmire of depression, fanaticism, self-condemnation, fear and all the other human traits which march totally contrary to the simple spiritual connection to the Divine. The majesty and simplicity of God’s Kingdom is so warmly expressed in Jesus’ admonition: “Suffer (allow) the little children to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” What a joyous, simple, Christ-ed gift, to maintain the innocence and purity in heart of a little child!


It should not be lost to our vision that with the ever increasing multiplicity of churches and religious ‘fervor’, that the moral, ethical and social degradation of society is expanding exponentially.   This is the natural result of   the profusion of non-authentic individuals with an agenda not at all related to the spiritual enlightenment of the populace. They are just spewing   forth venomous and dark vibrations in the environment. And there is no end in sight, when for $9.99 one can purchase a certificate of ordination, giving oneself the title of ‘Reverend’ and the right to   set up another church.   For just $19.99 one can become ‘Bishop.’   Then for only $39.99 the ‘Reverend Doctor Bishop’ is the prize. (If only they would sell salvation so cheaply).  


Thus our society is fast becoming a fertile ground for religion mercenaries. This state of affairs is certainly the epitome of ‘taking the name of God in vain.’   If I read my Bible correctly, all priests and prophets were CALLED, not self-appointed.   Religion ministers are made today ten times faster than physicians, lawyers or teachers. Religion has become the opiate of the people, mesmerizing and brainwashing   the masses as did the Scribes and Pharisees in the time of Jesus. These monolithic man-made institutions,   which have held hostage the consciousness of mankind for far too long, are beginning to crumble and their rate of implosion will increase tenfold over the next five years.


Just recently on a visit to a major city in the United States, I encountered a group of religion businessmen/women, who offered me ‘a golden and lucrative opportunity.’   If I were to submit to a brief non-denomination ordination ceremony, I could become a certified Bishop with all the qualifications and accoutrements   to perform marriages, baptisms, etc., etc., in the United States.   And to boot I would even be endowed with the right to ordain other ministers.   Of course, it was an offer I could and did very easily refuse.


There is now, in our land, such a need, a critical time, to go back to basics, basic simple spirituality.   Reconnecting to our divine origin is expedient, crucial, if we are to obliterate the dark forces in our midst.   But no matter how hard we try, the man-u-factured images of God will only result in perpetuating   what is sordid and destructive in our land. Exercise discernment.   Search the HEART; therein lies the truth.   (In the Roman Catholic tradition, the heart of Jesus   is the only organ in his body which is venerated).   We’ve just forgotten that we all have the key to open that door to Divine bliss, having been created in the image of ALL THAT IS.

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Who is in control? - Joseph Darville
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