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Joe Darville:Closure of shelters
By Joseph Darville, Rights Bahamas
Nov 29, 2019 - 10:47:32 AM

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HOMEWARD BOUND…Maybe not so soon?

Mr. Franke Campbell Minister of Social Services is a very compassionate and caring individual. I understand clearly his desire that individuals who are still housed in shelters need to get back to their homes.  However, what is the condition of those homes?  Most of the severely damaged  homes are still infested with mold, vermin and other disease carrying agents.  Therefore, we cannot in good conscience send them back to such. As Far as Grand Bahama is concerned, the situation is still untenable.  Even those who are aware of mold information sessions, do not have access to the necessary means financially to afford such kits. This was enunciated very forcefully in an NGO meeting, comprising many just last week. The greatest fear is for children who venture into these dwellings to sleep at night. This will bode severely health wise in the future.  Entering some of these homes, one is stifled by the foul odor and life devouring elements one has to breathe in.

Firm recommendations are that every single home flooded to a certain degree should be inspected thoroughly before occupants should be allowed to enter.  Some are even sleeping on dried out mattresses thinking all is fine, while the mold inside of them is on very fast journey of total internal infestation.

I understand clearly that those who have been dedicated to caring for others in shelters and elsewhere must be  given a break, but one does do have to be a rocket scientist to figure that the hundreds who are unemployed could find meaningful work in relieving the tired and worn out. Remember too that the churches who have accumulated riches from the tithing of the poor should have it in their hearts now to do the Lord’s work by caring even more his people.

The number of foreign aid organizations who have worked tirelessly to feed, clothe and water our people, in spite of the many challenges, need to be encouraged to stay as long as is possible.  This will only be possible if a much greater appreciation be shown them locally and nationally. The people who benefit so significantly should be reminded of the necessity for good manners and the honest way to receive and distribute the goods afforded them. Just to mention one organization, THE WORLD CENTRAL KITCHEN, with whom I had to honor to volunteer for five weeks after Dorian, deserves a medal of honor. They and other food serving NOG’s  have feed the hungry of this country at a level of nutrition and deliciousness hardly experienced by many.  Literally millions of meals have been lovingly prepared to be distributed among the hungry residents.

Now to see daily the hundreds standing in line for a little hand out brings tears to our eyes.  I pray the government, and especially my good friend the Minister for Service is allowed to make all necessary preparations so that when our sisters and brothers can no longer enjoy the safety and shelter provided since Dorian, their dignity is foremost in the arrangements to be made in accommodating them.

Joseph Darville, Rights Bahamas


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