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Presentation: Rights of Women and Children: Human Rights Day 2020
By Joseph Darville Vice-President
Dec 18, 2020 - 3:47:02 PM

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Joseph Darville

How long the abuse of women and children has existed on the planet; hundred years, five, thousand…always been there. In society knowing it was here, suddenly it becomes more transparent; those with money cannot hide it any longer. The corruption attached to businesses, governments and the rich hardly ever made it to the newspapers. But a transparency is beginning to happen. We’re now seeing things that one never imagined could happen. Compassion is finding a home in the hearts of many.

It was said that could not happen; old axiom, if you have enough money, power, or influence, you can keep everything hidden or pay for it to go away. That has stopped in recent times. How many famous people are going to jail for what they have done in the past? The numbers are increasing daily. What has been seen in long past times is not acceptable now.

This year’s celebration of International Human Rights Day 2020 is a means not only to celebrate accomplishments on Human Rights fronts for many years, but it’s the marking of the turning point in this country, this planet. It’s the beginning of the clean-up. So many things will be seen all through this planet, exposing the horrors going on with the abuse of children; kidnapped off the streets, never to see them again; sold into sexual slavery. Some even bred for bearing and giving birth to other children. Some even used in demonic sacrifices.

What can be more horrible! Some have even had their stomachs ripped open to obtain the child they’re bearing to be used for medical purposes like stem cell therapy.  Again, I say,  What can be more horrible! It’s been going on for a long time right under the noses of the world, many times in the underground of the influential, or celebrities, or even the filthy rich, where no one can touch them.

Those who support this despicable action use their power and wealth and prey on our children. But now we have to  come together to expose perpetrators and secure our future, our children’s future, and our grandchildren’s future.  All shall be exposed. It’s in the field. The pure energy of Mother Earth can no longer bear it! When we follow the headlines, we learn that there will be a lot of famous and rich people who are the serious perpetrators and abusers.

Mother Earth can no longer tolerate the abuse of her children; the consciousness of humanity neither can allow such crimes against children and men and women. But especially our women and children. This is the beginning of the clean-up and the beginning of light across this planet; but this will take probably a generation before we can look back and see the dramatic results.

Along with Rights Bahamas, the organization, SANCTUARY with its community partners, have begun, and will be the catalyst to bring about resolutions to this age-old crime against the most vulnerable in our society. We wish to have these holy and bold places to which they can freely flee to obtain the care, love, warmth and solace they so deserve. Compassion is beginning to happen in our society. We all need to become aware, be courageous, fearless in pursing the demons who prey up our children and women.

In our nation we have only just RECENTLY passed into law the necessary instruments to deal with sexual offenders of our children, namely Marco’s law. However, we still lack the fortitude, or cohunes, to institute the accompanying tool of for the public listing of sexual offenders. This may be the next step of courage to be unmindful of those in high places who may have historically offended in this regard. This list can include pastors as well as political leaders!

I would be amiss, if I did not mention:

We need to be eternally mindful of the poignant warning given by Marian Edelman when she writes: “In-attention to children by society poses a greater threat to our society, harmony and productivity than any external enemy.” We are presently smack in the midst of this reality with the daily birthing of more and more internal enemies of the state. Yes, our children are the ‘darlings’ of the nation. But they can so easily become the demons unless they are properly nurtured and cared for. Call them ‘darlings’ only when we have done everything in our power to assure that every child in our land becomes an esteemed, proud, loved, cherished and cared-for individual. When we have made certain he/she is securely set on the path of self-esteem, self-worth and productivity, then and only then, can we claim them as our darlings. These children of ours are the citizens of this nation’s future. Seek them out, everyone of them and assure them a healthy, secure and wealthy life-style based upon the richness of this nations God-given natural resources.

Be soundly aware that our traditional GDP has never reflected the equitable distribution of our wealth. Take note that this truth has been historically reflected in the level of poverty; pre-Dorian the level of poverty ranged near forty percent of our people living at or below the level of poverty. At present, adding the dramatic impact of the Covid pandemic, it is estimated to be at a level of probably fifty-five to sixty percent.  This reality speaks to the fact that without equitable sharing of our resources, the poor will be with us for a very long time; their ability to reserve for any future challenges is practically none existent; and thus the stage is readily set for the opportunists to prey upon our women and children.

And I end with this powerful admonition of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who witnesses daily the scourge of absolute poverty in his country: THE RICHES IN NATURAL RESOURCES ON THIS PLANET.

“A church that is in solidarity with the poor can never be a wealthy church. It must sell all, in a sense, to follow the Master. It must use its wealth and resources for the sake of the least of Christ’s brethren.”

And, my brothers and sisters, who is the church? WE ARE THE CHURCH! Suffer the little children to come to me for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
Or will we continue setting them on a path of suffering and want, where no tender and caring hands reach out to them and lead them into the Arms of Jesus?
SANCTUARY…RIGHTS BAHAMAS,,,, holy place where even the angels find a home, a fortress to which our children and those much above child age can find refuge. It is a home of benevolence augmenting the metamorphosis of place where all children are safe.

Those who welcome souls into this abode are way showers, the bearers of the light of enlightened consciousness.

It gives me great pleasure and privilege to recognize the blessed and golden hands who have and who continue to build the golden and glistening halls of our SANCTUARY. The most productive, fearless and dedicate hands lead our constantly frontline Human Rights group in the Nation.

Joseph Darville: Vice President and founding member

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his/her private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of TheBahamasWeekly.com

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