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To the Country's Lawyers: Help the Family of the Man Killed in Police Custody
By Sharon Turner
Mar 6, 2013 - 12:33:09 PM

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Dear Editor,

Now that it has been ruled by autopsy that one of the men who recently died in police custody, died either by being strangled or being smothered to death, the family of the deceased will need a competent lawyer to defend their deceased loved one's rights at the Coroner's Inquest.

Whether the family can afford such a thing I do not know, but in the interest of justice and the overall stability of our democracy, those attorneys in this country who are considered as being among the best, should rise up and offer to provide the family their legal representation.

Just as some lawyers clamor to grab cases that can reap a lot of money, are there any among you in our country who would use your training and abilities in the cause of justice if the victims are not wealthy people or people whose case could yield big money?

If this man’s family cannot afford the best lawyer money can buy, can and would the best lawyers money can buy please stand up for and represent them regardless?

Sharon Turner

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